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Original title: Film review ︱ is wild the road that seek to live on, life limit is challenged, such nevertheless also

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Stage photo has some of person, took 5 steamed breads, just feel full. Some people, saw a lot of movies, what still regret to some of film looks is late. This is both between concern without what it seems that, one is satori is too late, one is discovery is too late. If be contacted constrainedly, spend in the dimension of time on, stick every bits of bit edge seemingly. Good, gibberish did not say more, a film that will talk to had looked recently ” wild hunter ” , after looking, have unripe rational shock really. It is a good movie really, those who regret to look is late. The director of this film and leading role, also famous. It seems that, do not talk about them, as missing a regale before before course is general. First for say to direct Yalisangdeluo the graph in Yi Na of * of Rhys of * ridge Sa. It is Mex, it is a director, also be playwrite, film cutter. He hold a lot of films that guide, I am to had listened merely, had not looked, be free to search to look certainly. Basically have ” love is dog woman ” , ” tower of exceeding lofty or great ” , ” beautiful fault ” , ” bird person ” wait. To a film character, the director is in as jolt the captain of the regular boat in the sea. Had good director, even the star that weigh a pound is pressed blast. This individual, it is Hollywood giant star Laiangnaduo * Dikapuliao, say again ” small plum ” . Do not say he has many outstanding, the movie that should see him once had acted only ” Romeo and Juliet ” , ” peaceful calm Buddhist nun restrains number ” , ” pilfer dream space ” , ” marvelous Gaicibi ” , ” the wolf of wall street ” , what prove this person with respect to enough is great. Of course, the classic that brings tremendous glory to him should belong to this film ” wild hunter ” . Before, had heard of it seems that, lack curiosity probably, look actually without search. Still be a friend spoke of this film, I talent search will look. Do not look not to know, look really too cruel heart perhaps say to be shaken. Even, I am automatic check the number is entered, him imagination is abandoned to be in in that way wild, how can you choose? Unripe with dead, it is very hard the choice with anguish, if be you? How do you choose?

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Stage photo invades cutout story time: Happen in the hero at the beginning of 19 centuries: Cease, glass profession: Leather careless hunter has some of history is written with force. Also can say, all wars are for contention live resource. Have oppressive, have naturally rise revolt. The story happens in that special period, the war between American white man and aboriginal Indian, live for contention resource, blood is splashed wild a few like common occurrence. Here does not talk about a viewpoint, also not judge dispute. Say merely, leather careless hunter rests * Glass’ story. He married an Indian woman to be wife, give birth to next son Hawk. The wife is killed by the white man. In catching hunt activity, he and his associate is killed by the ejaculation of aboriginal Indian, casualty is disastrous. The person that leave, pop-up desert of a boat. Later, to avoid bigger loss, they abandon ship to disembark, the decision walks, be on the way home… (unfinished, to be continued)

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Cease * Glass and wife, network plan invades cutout

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