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Original title: ” Xindele’s list ” : A short while life, it is life after all ” Xindele’s list ” : A short while life, it is life after all. ” Xindele’s list ” by described as a film about the massacre, but the massacre provided setting for the story merely, is not a theme. This film is character research actually, bilk the Oscar of the 3rd empire – Xindele, this person that trains by warlike good luck.

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Sipierbaige is in the unique ability in his earnest film is artistic quality and epidemic union rises- – if thinking with a kind of millions person audition kind speaks him to want to say. Be in ” Xindele’s list ” in, the most prominent role is by Liyamu – the Oscar that Ni Sen acts – laborious heart carves this part, he did not admit to anybody till finally what he is doing truly. The accountant Yi Za Ke that Xin Dele lets him – the thing that Stern goes to understanding these hidden: Xindeleli serves as a fraud with his factory, he wants to save Jewish life, produce a goods that cannot use- – be in at the same time of his expensive blackmarket Western-style clothes turndown on wearing Nazi party badge.

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The key of his disposition depends on the first his big play, in officer of a Nazi often in the nightclub of patronage. We know, his resource includes the clothes that the money in his pocket and he stands up. He walks into a club, send one desk best bubbly before advanced Nazi official, very fast, nazi official and their cummer seating is by his table, and sit on his table full the person that reachs late. Who is this person? Why, it is Oscar of course – Xindele. Who is that? The empire never makes clear the answer of this problem. As a cheater, xin Dele’s strategy is: Always appear have definite idea very much, look very relative, come with gift and bribery prodigal the Nazi that has power and influence, and stand high above the masses, stride ground crosses those meetings to allow the condition that the person breaks down. He still mastered the hang of cheater, can mask real fraud target. Nazi people the bribery that accepted him, think his purpose is to pass a war to make he gets rich. They do not object, because he also lets them,get rich. They never think of, he is to be in actually save a Jew. Have an old story, those who say is how beefeater ransacks everyday the barrow of thief, cannot make clear what is he stealing. What he steals is barrow. The Jew is Xindele’s barrow.

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A few the most dramatic setting in the film show, xin Dele is the worker him actually grab from inside dead mouth come out. He saved Stern from dead train come out. Next, he turns one car male industry to his home town in the Czechoslovakia from Aosiweixin. The train when needlework by erroneously change its course arrives when Aosiweixin, xin Dele walks into dead camp boldly, bribery commander, let them carry again piece. The opinion that he is here is, if he is not true, do not have a person to be able to walk into Aosiweixin to execute such mission. His bold the shield that is him. Of course, stern discovers very quickly, xin Dele’s real play is not to get rich, save life for save however. However, this let Stern list one portion general is carried the ability when the list of about 1100 workers toward the Czechoslovakia is come to by roar till Xindele. Stern tells him: “This list is a good thing absolutely, “. “List is life. The brim region in it is chasm. “The ending of this film lets me burst into tears. When the war ends, be by the Jew of Xin Dele rescue on a new land roam about. A person mentions: “Be to there is a small town there? “Next they go to horizon.

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