Fri. Sep 30th, 2022
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Original title: ” fashionable times ” of the endurance of human spirit cannot oscillatory belief ” fashionable times ” of the endurance of human spirit cannot oscillatory belief. A lot of films are lasting allegedly, but somehow, in them immortal in cannot attract an audience however. They are in of filmdom a kind of half-dead life is lived in reviving, appear from time to time in evening program. They are classical, everyone agrees, but this word is in ” classical ” film respect has become very cheap. Its application is so wide, so that you can be affirmatory now about ” film the only thing of classical ” is, it was not in actually issue at present.

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And Charlie – one of a lot of amazing things of Zhuo Bielin are, his film is maintaining continuously, attract and please audience. More or less has been Zhuo Bielin done not have year after year truly active in filmdom, we do not go computation. But the number that cheers for him in his small hobo times with 1 million plan epigone and vermicelli made from bean starch were not decreased enthusiasticly as before. However, ” fashionable times ” it is last his silent cinema. In fact, this is a completely breathed film far from, because result of conversational harmony sound was included in former vocal cords. Dan Zhuo fastens Lin Buxi joyous sound- – especially he feels his small hobo part, conversation also cannot produce effect at all. Piece in exclusive talker is that commerce magnate, he passes his the screen of a TV on the wall comes to luxurious office surveillant his employee. This kind of suggestion is self-evident.

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The hobo itself that Zhuo Bielin acts is a gear wheel that has a problem, of he and system interactive the trouble that caused it. Zhuo Bielin lost the job after malfunctioning on conveyer belt, the machine that he is operated by him was gobbled up.

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I went seeing a lot of movies, after I do not remember hearing an audience to pay fee last, applausing truly when the movies ends is when. But this film was accomplished. The talk of the person that after the event queues up in corridor, hall and parking lot is real excitement; Perhaps these philtrum have a lot of people to had not seen Zhuo Bielin before, perhaps be gladly discovery only, the elapse and did not reduce this individual special gift of time.

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