Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: “The letter listens too ” too beautiful general regression! 17 days are issued normal only music of 3 collect go ahead of the rest ” Can ‘ T Control Myself “ 20220111060420 61dd1de45205bToo beautiful ” Can ‘ T Control Myself ” premonitory according to Dispatch of Sohu Han amusement ” the letter listens vocal queen ” girlhood member too beautiful general with new music ” Can ‘ T Control Myself ” regression. Too beautiful general on January 17 afternoon at 5 o’clock (Beijing time) through QQ music, cruel dog music, cruel my music domestic and international each old music website publishs only music ” Can ‘ T Control Myself ” , expect to cause a song to confuse people enthusiastic attention. New music ” Can ‘ T Control Myself ” it is to plan what will issue in Feburary too beautiful is normal the music of go ahead of the rest of 3 collect, premonitory every pieces of emission special loves with colorful vocal and symphonious happy colour by people too the new music of beautiful, predict more cause people to feel to recursive expectation. Additional, too beautiful has combination and contingent activity not only, still created a lot of and popular song as SOLO singer, for example ” I ” , ” Rain ” , ” Why ” , ” Fine ” , ” the four seasons (Four Seasons) ” , ” scintilla (Spark) ” , ” Happy ” , ” Weekend ” wait, became unique singer, the active equipment that because this is passed,this special develops suffers fix eyes upon. In addition, too beautiful will be issued in Feburary normal 3 collect.

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