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Original title: ” in parting company now ” ending, body revealed the choice that reality of Song Hui tall lives, be worth fine article ” in parting company now ” EP.16 big ending closes inspect pick up! Song Hui tall chooses a career finally, still be worth with Zhang Jilong’s love fine fine savour ~

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See this drama also be saw life 100 condition, love, friendship, close affection and career each respect, a lot of extract very urge a tear ~ . Drama of TAT SBS Han ” in parting company now ” eventually at going up to receive EP.16 big final result Saturday, although title and gut brief introduction let a person think,be what discussing Guan Wuai situation is parting, but in fact ” parting ” or ” part company ” these vocabularies, on close affection and friendship, also have very rich gut and resonant place.

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Viewing rate also from originally EP.14 dropped on January 1 4.2% (because,estimation is adjoining stage ” sleeve red edge ” with day big ending sows two collect repeatedly adscititious sign off for many times and affected result) , EP.16 picks up 6.7 – 6.8% ending. Next the gut of refer EP.15-16, do not think by the word of thunder, do not want again downward collect! Beautiful kind and gentle (Piao Xiaozhu is acted the role of) die finally, daughter of the church before leaving accomplished a lot of things independently, during the husband absorption all the time also take care of a wife, with small 3 part company wind up, recursive family takes good care of the daughter in growing.

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Ying En (Song Hui tall is acted the role of) final choice leaves a company, but she is not to decide to mix in the country (Zhang Jilong is acted the role of) gallop Paris, establish oneself brand however, continue to hit in Korea spell a career.

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Road of Dan Yingen that do poineering work however everywhere be rebuffed, some earlier nevertheless year of person arteries and veins that she accumulates and once the friendly feelings of comrade-in-armses, helped Ying En resolve a lot of difficulty later. Return Korea because of the job once more in the country, chance encounter Ying En, two people each other talked about each other recent situation, the new brand that Ying En expresses to he founds is called ” Hwa answers ” , ying En is used with the agreement below is made in the country, the love that relies on him was on this road bravely, this choice is her answer.

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Two people encounter again, stare at each other smilingly, whether to meet as at the outset the agreement is general, meet again hind also does not let go again! Left the outcome of this open mode. After everybody is chased after, feel how? (partial plan article comes from a network, invade cutout) think the United States to go up beautiful

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