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Original title: Han drama ” 9 end fox is passed ” after the CP of Li Dongxu, Cao Baoer makes work, come again! Han drama is recommended now — ” 9 end fox is passed ” Han drama ” 9 end fox is passed ” after the CP of Li Dongxu, Cao Baoer makes work, come again although ~ says TvN Han theatrical work ” 9 end fox is passed ” already ending pretty became long, but see Li Dongxu and Cao Baoer this pair of Cp, after make work to me again, I or very of knock, you?

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Li Dongxu gives filming the Cao Baoer of new theatrical work serves should aid coffee car. The banner is writing: Treasure ah! Do not fall ill, do not get hurt, weather is very cold, want to notice heat preservation. Hear the director’s word well, get along happily with actors, you originally very act in a play attentively, maintain it is good to go doing. Feel sorry, my word is very much. . . Enduring.

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And Cao Baoer also updates trends on Ins, upload attestation to illuminate. Article table: Wow, see the coffee car of word so much for the first time, ou Ba is the most marvellous, I meet what enjoy well.

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” 9 end fox is passed ” it is the teleplay that Li Dongxu, Cao Baoer cooperated together 2020, this drama up to now ending already a year many. Want in those days, I most idea is bad smooth is ” 9 end fox is passed ” in, almost everybody is HE, only bewitching the little brother Li Lang that Shuai Youke loves (golden model is acted the role of) it is BE. Hope the 2nd in, li Lang still can live together with them!

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Although say ” 9 end fox is passed ” had ended more than one year, but Li Dongxu, Cao Baoer still is managing good impression situation! Before this, li Dongxu, Cao Baoer returns Cengwei to filming extensive serves the gold of new theatrical work to answer aid coffee car.

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Bright ah! Very delicious meal fastens stir up trouble over! We still float (name of golden model for painting) requested, ” consummate law / Law School ” the play staff is cheered! On Xu Jing of Lidong of Cao Baoer & .

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Additional, ” 9 end fox is passed ” already affirmatory meeting films pass an imperial examination of the 2nd season 3 season, altogether of the 2nd season 16 collect, predict to broadcasted first half of the year 2022. Allegedly the gut of the 2nd season and the gut of the first season do not have any correlation, li Dongxu, gold model can continue to act. But female advocate not certain however, be in because of the group that make the heroine person selected with new choose.

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I expect ~ of toot of Li Dongxu and Cao Baoer 2 build, if still do not have person selected of firm feminine lead now, that ” is 9 end fox passed 2 ” can you still struggle again fall?

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On the other hand, the Han drama of the main actor such as Li Dongxu and Wei Huajun, Han Zhien ” Bad And Crazy/ is evil with insanity ” heat is sowed. The rhythm on this drama gut is light, impressions exceeds frank, and every collect has light extract high, be worth hole!

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Above, do you feel ” is 9 end fox passed ” after the CP of Li Dongxu, Cao Baoer makes work how? Welcome everybody to leave a message in comment area together discuss! The article forces disease to be achieved formerly by drama confusing, welcome to pay close attention to, take you to grow knowledge together!

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