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Original title: Guo Jingfei and Tan eminent are in ” adversary ” in proof: Good performance does not need ” scamper is cracked “

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Teleplay ” adversary ” receive an official, network grading house does not fall high. Outside the factor that removes a play, the performance also adds cent for this drama many, especially Guo Jingfei of main actor of the men and women in drama and Tan Zhuo, the act that outstanding evidence has understood does not need ” scamper is cracked ” . The audience likes the person with bright feature, but Guo Jingfei and the challenge that this secondary faces Tan Zhuo, slanting is two die out like that at marketplace and the person that attribute the hide of hostile power outside the condition. Become the condition with an emissary the largest staff and feature, it is you repeat encounter him (she) 3 two hind, will surely not remember this piece of face. Lose a person in caboodle, more absolutely a kind of won’t conspicuous person. The person sets the tremendous contrast with actor itself, posed not small challenge to the performance. If say each kinds of part having one’s moment is unripe meet meantime, so instantly, the middleaged male part that funeral lights again became TV screen to go up it seems that ” just needed ” . And Guo Jingfei’s figure, appear with this kind of part natural match. In realistic performance the style is mixed ” low pressure ” in middleaged crisis, guo Jingfei is that can be accomplished sink already, can bring an audience again ” fly ” remove comer. Hear Guo Jingfei encounters Li Tang this character is excited very long. He feels clearly, oneself opportunity came! Above all, this character is written extremely exquisitely, the creation space that gives an actor is large; Next, the partner that he is informed himself has Yan Bingyan, peaceful manage, Tan Zhuo… can arouse each other between actor of come to an agreement or understanding, well_matched adversary had, can be he promoted how act vigorously? We speak highly of an actor usually, can say normally ” very joint performance ” ” act very to reach the designated position ” , but Guo Jingfei and Tan eminent just are the sort of cannot use ” act ” the person that will evaluate its capability, because you often cannot see the mark of their performance. Look in Guo Jingfei, “Good performance does not need scamper to crack ” , the actor just becomes a part, live in work. The surface is flat, the performance with aftertaste long continous also reflects two in this drama fine actress to go up personally. The man of the Duan Yingjiu of personate of colour third swallow and Tan eminent personate is beautiful, they are countries bring case team ” cat ” , one is to bleach ocean to cross what the sea comes ” rat ” , “Cat ” the son is ” rat ” student, “Cat ” subordinate is ” rat ” little brother, but ” cat ” had stared at went up ” rat ” , asked one desk then ” grand door banquet ” . This is ” adversary ” the first play after Xiamen switchs on the mobile phone, also be a play that makes Guo Jingfei impression the deepest, it is the engage in a battle of first time front of Li Tang, Ding Meixi and Duan Yingjiu. This play is undercurrent billowy and unusual wonderful, actor’s lines is just as pare bamboo shoot, of Duan Yingjiu explore layer upon layer go forward one by one, each paragraphs of word seems to have the news outside the word, each problem meaning point to somewhat. The setting of gut is, ding Meixi is drinking all the time on dining table, she should borrow drink much, malty, falsehood of will true word is mixed talk, and Duan Yingjiu observes in the dark ceaselessly… allegedly this play was patted have 67 times, face ” after 8 makings shadow ” add body, acting very old hot Yan Bingyan, tan Zhuo not only catching of trick firm quietly, still receive beautifully. But audience people not know the inside story, she is lifted every time cup those who drink is true wine. Play is patted, tan Zhuo goes down to him fill several jins of wine, a person is in corridor wow wow cry greatly… astonish, guo Jingfei faces rival the performance of life of this kind of go ahead regardless, worry to feel very sentimental again already. In fact, ” adversary ” Lidingmei ” one person 1000 ” , twinkling ” ” the 10 thousand identities that change, have difficulty to the actor, expressional refresh of Dan Tanzhuo we are right the acknowledge of her ability. According to ” adversary ” producer discloses, it is early when the play is still half-baked, they find Tan Zhuo, creation group thinks, the Ding Meixi in drama suits her very much. Because do not have,see full play at that time, tan Zhuo’s response is not firm, she knows very well drama of movie and TV is the art that cooperates with all possible means, as the actor can cogent the choice that those who hold is text. But later, she became the earliest decision to join the actor that act. Go out up to now, from ” Hello, tree gentleman ” ” cruel crack breathed ” ” chase after fierce person also ” ” I am not medical god ” ” manslaughter ” ” silent truth ” , go to this all the way ” adversary ” , tan Zhuo has acted to rot hardly piece, investigate its reason, the likelihood depends on her for many times speaking of, the play is her is important think. Want a notebook only good, group is excellent, tan Zhuo does not care about him show share how many, remuneration how. ” adversary ” medium Ding Meixi is right Tan Zhuo, it is natural ” acting is admired greatly ” . At ordinary times day of element look out does not apply powdery black, she is one everyday housewife; Once receive the job, the amorous feelings of one second suddenly turn hostile 10 thousand kinds in, the firm that can show one share secret service now and then is powerful. This share firm is powerful, hide to go up in her body all the time actually. Film ” I am not medical god ” , she can drill on steel tube 3 hours do not issue dance one day come, hand and leg grind the haemorrhage that defeat a skin, form chrysalis again child. The film is patted, tan Zhuo’s ankle is soft however bone dust is broken. 2013, tan Zhuo Wei joins the stage play that performs Lai Shengchuan ” the dream that is like a dream ” , pushed almost all jobs, just when rise,this is opposite period actress, not be a well-advised choice, but her enjoy sth bitter as if it were malt sugar. She won’t arrange herself very completely. Last year a year, tan Zhuo has a few months resting, besides company family, in odd time, she is used ” comb, think, read ” will finish a kind of inward communication, this also is why the outside almost cannot accurate, comprehensive ground describes this actress. The particular mystery on her body feels, belong to instantly only. On the life limb that everybody does not know her chairman gives what kind of new shoot. Origin: Article report

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