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Original title: ” on the west travel notes ” red child already 44 years old, suddenly change one’s identity becomes doctor of Chinese Academy of Sciences, social status passes nowadays 100 million ” on the west travel notes ” kept too much memory to us, especially 6 small age 86 edition of Tong Yan, till today still be drama of countless movie and TV what cannot surmount is classical. In this version, not little minor role also left deep impression to us. For instance that lets the red child that Sun Wu has a headache for nothing, although the age is small, but be infinitely resourceful. Also can bring avalokitesvara a term applied to a kindhearted person only for nothing with respect to Lian Sunwu, just overshoot this robs. “Red child ” the person that act is depending on masterly acting, became in those days the Tong Xing of widely known. But ” red child ” the person that act, patted it seems that ” on the west travel notes ” hind, he disappeared. How is this to return a responsibility after all?

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This period child Tong Quming’s person observes the tooth to take everybody to understand from when red when exit recreation to encircle directly, act in a play no longer ” red child ” where does Zhao Xin Pei go to? (one) 1977, zhao Xin Pei is born in Beijing, parents is factory worker. Zhao Xin Pei lives in Wang Fu with the grandma as a child in the native place of the well. Well of king government office is at that time the place with Beijing the most bustling town, high grade education natural resources also is centered hereat, zhao Xin Pei goes to school in nursery school of a well known around. 1982, zhao Xin Peisheng enters the top class in a kindergarten. Of the same age, little subject matter teleplay ” thrive ” pat, the group that make needs the children actor that looks for an age 5 years old or so. Play staff staff member goes to Beijing each are big nursery school picks part.

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One day, the play staff arrived the nursery school of Zhao Xin Pei, the top class in a kindergarten has nearly 40 children, attend the choose of the play staff. At that time the title trying lens of children is: Conflicting of two children each other grabs a toy. In one’s childhood Zhao Xin earths up ancient clever essence to blame, look very naughty, this performance is his instinctive quality to go out namely simply act. He is nervous without a bit, expressional nature, before going up one grabbed the toy from inside classmate hand come over. The director is stupefied, this boy is quite audacious, really congenial. On the spot clappers, with respect to him, from the back need not reelection. such, entered muddleheadedly in Zhao Xin Peixi perform art circle. The remuneration that the play staff earths up to Zhao Xin at that time is 500 yuan, touch on the wage income of his parents half an year.

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Zhao Xin Pei is in ” thrive ” during filming, the mother is in all the time a field take care of him, still log of a play staff also likes him all the more. This log is Yu Hong, she is in on the west the queen that day of Zhu Guo acts in travel notes, become later 6 small age child wife, she also is red child the Bai Le of Zhao Xin Pei. This drama films finish, after the play staff is disbanded, yu Hong went again ” on the west travel notes ” play staff. 1983, classical teleplay ” on the west travel notes ” had left took several part, be about to take red child of son of bovine Prince of the Devils soon the show share that come on the stage, the actor has not reached the designated position. “Red child ” the person that act, the play staff tried several children, dissatisfactory.

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The glad of young actor Zhao that before log thinks of suddenly at rainbow, encounters is earthed up, she takes the photograph of Zhao Xin Pei and work director Yang Jie. After trying lens through, red child the part gave Zhao Xin Pei surely. 86 edition ” on the west travel notes ” the means that uses an edge to pat an edge to sow, zhao Xin of 8 years old cultivates before looking a few market. Can mix ” Sun Wu is empty ” pat fight each other play, he feels too interesting. Accordingly, when taking sport, he is particularly good, special if listening to a director. Actually, filming red child at the beginning of, still have a small episode.

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Mention red child, the first impression in our head is bag of that red abdomen. Already went up at that time the Zhao Xin Pei of elementary school, privacy of boy knowing a place, after the show that sees he wants to wear is taken, although he audacious always and lively, also can’t help bashful rise. How doesn’t he also agree to wear bag of that red abdomen, abdomen bag goes be not being dropped, he asks to match a trousers again. Direct Yang Jie finally personally go into battle, below everybody’s channel, zhao Xin Pei eventually not affection does not wish the ground agreed, nevertheless, when filming, he still asks all females are evasive, just film smoothly. Zhao Xin Pei is a brave child, film in remote at that time, the skin is hanged several times by wood bramble, year only he 8 years old never has had cried. (2) as ” on the west travel notes ” broadcast, “Red child ” give an audience people the impression that left profundity. Zhao Xin is earthed up also because of this part, one drama becomes famous.

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Very fast, again many play staffs are invited make an appointment with him to take sport, still ad business wants to look for him to make product acting speech, remuneration is very tall. The decision of Zhao Xin Pei is surprising however, he leaves thoroughly recreational group, returned to normal study life. His parents also represents the choice of preferential esteem son. Original, because Zhao Xin Peijiao is gotten,agreeing to act in a play before is amused, because of red child the thing that have one’s moment, also be a bagatelle that concerns a bit with interest only to him just. Perform play, return the school, he discovered new interest is liked quickly. The historian elementary school that Zhao Xin Pei is in is Beijing key elementary school, what this elementary school pays attention to education child very much is curious be about to mix exploration spirit, going up century 80 time, the school with respect to open the course such as the computer, Beijing opera, ancient building.

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Although these course are put in present junior high school, high school, the student is differ will surely bring into contact with, how does the learns the integrated quality that proofreads the child education that visible Zhao Xin Pei reads take seriously. Since computer of bring into contact with, zhao Xin Pei was enchanted thoroughly by this magical machine. The interest that takes sport alls gone already, so he rejected all patting directly play is invited about. The parents of Zhao Xin Pei also hopes the child can spend this age well paragraph normal life, see him like the computer, still signed up for computer interest class to him in Children’s Palace.

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Elementary school 4 grade when, parental firm is cruel-hearted spent a large sum of money, bought to the child in those days the computer of newest money. After Zhao Xin Pei gets the computer, with joy be elated, his after school time is almost on research computer. The director that once looked for Zhao Xin Pei to had taken sport will make an appointment with him to give the role that performs a green theatrical work, be earthed up by Zhao Xin a decline, disinclination, do not work. Indulge the computer while, his literacy class achievement is very outstanding also, each section grade carries grade van.

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Because achievement is outstanding, elementary school graduates, he is recommended to learn Beijing in Beijing key directly 2 in, first, high school is read repeatedly. Be in Beijing 2 in, he encountered the friend of a few be congenial to, they research computer technology together, still ran to capital division to organize class of interest of a computer greatly. Zhao Xin earths up what to the computer one kind is obsessed with to love, and the study that also did not delay him. Parents bears his study interest very much, can step down in computer domain for the son, at the beginning of 90 time, ask a concern everywhere, flower 6000 multivariate Xin Pei giving Zhao was changed ” 286 computer ” . “386 computer ” after coming out, new fund upgraded to him on the horse again. 1995, zhao Xin is earthed up with distributing success high, one’s deceased father went up science and technology of Beijing University computer is.

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After entering Beijing University, zhao Xin earths up bring into contact with more professional more computer knowledge of the system, he simply feel just like a fish in water, will total energy is thrown in the study of the computer and research, his achievement is be among the best of candidates all the time in the department. After 4 years, he with outstanding achievement, recommend the Chinese Academy of Sciences, direct large rich is read repeatedly. Read during grinding, he encountered himself the wife later, two people are in love because of learn and be acquainted, graduation hind married. Until before marrying, zhao Xin Peidou had not said to the wife he goes out act ” on the west travel notes ” part red child experience, because of him already will oneself and ” Tong Xing ” this word comes off thoroughly. Meet later from time to tome the friend alludes actively, his wife just knows he was married see as a child big ” red child ” .

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(3) 2014, zhao Xin Pei and partnership of a few friends established farming limited company of chamberlain science and technology. Because his computer technology is excellent, by the chief technology officer of appoint company (CTO) , basically be in charge of all technical business of the company, developed farming chamberlain App, will traditional agriculture and Internet union rise. Its platform includes finance, farming endowment, produce is current the content that waits for a respect with farming ability. This APP becomes modern farmer very quickly people the mobile phone software that likes generally. Because of good operation mode, a few years of time, the company realized gain, make a trade in ” leading sheep ” . The company still obtained 30 million yuan A 2016 annulus financing. 2019, the company realized the ten million on profit yuan. Zhao Xin Pei still invested the enterprise of many domains, explode according to media makings, his under one’s name is associated 52 enterprises, body home crosses 100 million yuan.

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Nowadays, zhao Xin is earthed up already 45 years old, his face and figure are apparent grow stout. The netizen says, in the heart ” red child ” already not answer exist. Zhao Xin Peiting arrives however very calm, he does not rely on Yan Zhilai to have a meal again, to life, he prefers to do bit of thing that he feels significant. Apparent, zhao Xin is earthed up chose route of a clever far-sighted, be far from recreation to encircle temptation, recursive Everyman, he relies on the person that actual strength became the success of some domain likewise. This becomes famous compared with those teenagers, in recreation the circle struggles hard ” Tong Xing ” , much more freedom and joy, be? Welcome everybody to leave a message in comment area discuss. If you like my article, the welcome pays close attention to me, nod assist transmit for me, your encouragement, will be the motive force that I make better text.

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