Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: JOY goes out perform new theatrical work ” one person ” send out with skirt of intense bright pink formal attire foudroyant atmosphere! 20220111061351 61dd201fab683JOY ” The One And Only ” stage photo 20220111061352 61dd20209fdcaJOY ” The One And Only ” stage photo Question of Sohu Han amusement happens perform new theatrical work ” one person ” JOY of Red Velvet member was shown to installing with luxuriant clique perfect fine-looking. JOY enrages teleplay in JTBC person ” one person ” in personate ” into the United States ” (transliteration) one horn, with extremely candid straight travel glamour and oneself distinctive lovely, make a role more prominent, get attention fully. In the photograph, JOY wears the skirt of bright pink late ceremony that has overwhelming visual sense more than any moment, although be in alone when look very alone, but the bright smile that fills lease of life is shown before people, there is what kind of story below all sorts of circumstances, stimulated the curiosity of the audience. Be worth what carry is, JOY is centered in the drama that broadcasts last week, by ” provide annals young tiger ” (transliteration) the happiness that feels after confess also is temporary, narrow gradually as the investigation limits that concerns with homicide incident, cannot conceal insecure look, showed racily ” into the United States ” the feeling of polarity, the investment that increased an audience is spent, what show centrally in the drama that broadcasts today is active more cause expect. In addition, JOY goes out act ” one person ” before telling about 3 women that encounter in mortal consideration courtyard to be in dead, want to take away only ” a rascal ” , but in encountering life however truly precious ” a person ” softhearted teleplay. Every week one, Zhou Er is late at 10 o’clock (Beijing time) broadcast in JTBC.

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