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Original title: The second that resemble battle cuts a part, gu Yiye becomes ace tall light, double male advocate gewgaw Record Xiao Zhan, everything related record and him. — little well note is had deep love for can touch years endless, let us become nicer person together.

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Recently, ” ace army ” the play staff is entire member build up — gather activity was started on platform of some nearsightedness frequency, caused not small discussion fever, at first, it is the Zheng Yuan that acts the leading role by Li Youbin first cry piece ” complete member build up ” , it is each part character salute answer later ” arrive ” , no matter oneself are lying what hour, be in what condition, doing what business, all be the job that drops a hand to go up for an instant, the part in reincarnate drama, stand at attention answers ” to ” . And Xiao Zhan is the second cuts a part likewise, changeover identity, cut Gu Yiye from the second that resemble battle directly, peremptory one second changes outfit.

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But, actually, we know, he did not change any dressing up, also did not change even dress, modelling, it is dinkum expression and movement had change only. But even if is such, still showed Gu Yiye to everybody this some is abstruse and temperamental. And this also is the most prominent place that we can see. More interesting is, in the course that cuts a part in this second, xiao Zhan is to serve as those who press an axis to appear, in other words, the actor of the others and part already all were reflected, the Gu Yiye that is like battle place personate only is the last appear, from this, we also can know, in this drama, who attracts general collect masses most.

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Same, in this drama, gu Yiye also can calls ace Gao Guang, his every time comes on the stage always is to be able to move many audiences, also can cause many topics, heat and acting coexist, especially the elapsing that a lot of people feel time from the body that resemble battle feels, that is to say, the part spans 40 years, xiao Zhan also explained changes of 40 years likewise. The show that just carries oneself merely can very wonderful appeared, those who be not makeup look reflect.

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And, the sort of responsibility righteous cause that place of Gu Yiye itself has, more those who revealed his body to go up is Thespian with in all affection ability, former be a part, and latter is test actor itself. Very apparent, xiao Zhan very outstanding finished. That shoulder of faint pain, na Zhao showed life to choose transitional camphorwood station, it is these idiosyncratic epitome.

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Additional, those who need a specification is, since be double male advocate, need the connection with bilateral constant presence so, the connection that can reflect dramatic tension, Thespian clash especially is best — this also is wide audience love to look most — but, do not know how to return a responsibility, reflect in this drama however not very is apparent, and this is hind word, also need to open an article additionally to was elaborated in detail. Little well takes notes: Good person must have sacrificial favour to must have price, and I am that cost. — Gu Yiye (Xiao Zhan personate)

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