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Original title: ” ace army ” those medium is familiar with unforgettable soldier group picture By playwrite of Zhou Zhifang, Liu Yan, Hu Jian, ji Daoqing holds the position of total producer, liu Yan holds the position of total director, Tian Yi to direct, huang Jingyu, Xiao Zhan, Zhong Chuxi presents as leading role to act the leading role (by surname initial sort) , li Youbin, Mao Linlin does not go out especially those who act is contemporary army brigade is epic drama ” ace army ” loving to surprise art, Jiangsu is defended inspect heat to sow. This drama is provided with holding concurrently realistic the narrative gimmick with revolutionary romanticism, the success modelled broomcorn, Gu Yiye, Changjiang Delta ask forring, Qin Hanyong, the Song Dynasty construction, Zhang Fei, Han Chunyu, Zhao Gongying, Niu Mancang, Chen Dashan, Xia Lin. In the process that seek theatrical work, ground of surprise of a lot of audiences discovers, bin of a surname of Fu Chengpeng, Xu Honghao, Sun Xun, Zhao, Xia Hou, Zhang Jin these had performed many military roles, make a person impressive ” familiar face ” be in this ” ace army ” in exhibit military glamour again, personality of figure of their deductive soldier is distinct, give prize particularly, unforgettable.

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Qin Hanyong: Love arms is like brother, company commander of the Qin Dynasty of clank iron bone ” a suit martials attire, a faithfulness, the heart did not change first, oath does not forget. ” this is best to the Qin Hanyong that get right on the job takes on portraiture. ” ace army ” in, it is to be without complaint replace no matter ” broken bits child 9 connect ” Qin Lianchang, ruthless still, organize the Qin Lianchang that recruit devil trains, still counteract soldiers in the test of blood and fire life and death and in all Qin Lianchang, be agreed by the audience reputably. “Qin Lianchang is responsible, have take on, love Cai Xicai ” , ” Qin Lianchang’s extract always lets me burn with righteous indignation ” . Especially drive of company commander of the Qin Dynasty of the 9th collect officerses and men clang strong speech, “You are a soldier, want inappropriate broken bits child, only a route can go. Military dignity, hit, this is hit, not be to fight, compete however. In warlike time, compete with the enemy, who is faster, stronger, more accurate, more agile, who can come down alive; When fighting, come from training, who is faster, more accurate, stronger, more agile, who can be become the first! ” this paragraph of word not only respecting in the 9 the bottom of one’s heart that join a soldier, also respecting in the bottom of one’s heart of the audience, “Qin Lianchang is 9 connected pillar ” , ” without Qin Hanyong, do not have 9 even ” . The personate of Qin Hanyong of clank iron bone person Fu Chengpeng, there ever was wonderful show in drama of subject matter of many army brigade, shaped numerous soldier part, be called by audience affectionately ” army brigade one elder brother ” . He is not only ” line of snipe life and death ” medium special alarm ” Shan Ying ” Han Guang, or ” I am special type arms ” medium ” prairie wolf ” strong child, ” the sharp of the country that I am special type arms ” medium pathos hero Wang Yadong, ” the igneous phoenix that I am special type arms ” in of long-term conceal enemy’s rear area special battle element assistant team leader ” day wolf ” Chen Yingtian, also be ” fall in love with special type arms ” Rao Feng of medium header of punishment detect detachment. Image of his deductive soldier is true and dramatic, composed fully medium move scholar is elegant, modest and in showing lofty and unyielding character, suffer an audience to love fully.

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Song Jian sets: Impartial and incorruptible is exquisite also and warm ” ace law sea ” in drama, 234 division A army construction of the Song Dynasty of military affairs section chief, highly disciplined, impartial and incorruptible, be called by the audience ” ace law sea ” , even its personate person Xu Honghao also speaks in barrage oneself ” have bit of iciness really ” . Especially that play that A Xiusong fastens Zhang Fei, chinese brave is in company commander the Qin Dynasty to be striven for for husband and wife of this pair of newly-married leave finally opportunity, song Jian sets black however face to let a soldier pull open them: “Do you want to disobey military discipline? The letter did not believe me to remove you! ” . The audience is in succession in barrage querulous, “Song Jian is set, ask your goodness ” . But character of place of big grand of Xu of no less than, “Construction of the Song Dynasty also has when the heart is flimsy ” , see Zhang Fei is crying greatly ” I will be living come back ” , a Xiuchao catchs fire the car bows deeply, all along earnest Song Jian sets a face to go up or revealed cannot bear. And in be called by the audience next ” the most romantic leave ” in sending occasion off, song Jian sets hair, cap to be blown pell-mell by wind, still do not forget to helping A Xiu up closely however, prevent her to decline, this one act makes many audiences straight breathe out ” Song Jian sets good pattern ” , ” I am set to Song Jian changed ” . At fair, construction of the Song Dynasty did not make Zhang Fei bad army custom; At illicit, he gave this pair of newlywed to leave finally again opportunity. Song Jian sets modelling is stereo, full, on the major issue that affects army discipline, he is having his principle and bottom line. But at the same time, he is having the heart of a faithful humanitarian, exquisite warmth again. Similar Song Jian sets so stereo, complex soldier form to model, to Xu Honghao not be first time. He is army brigade drama ” permanent actor ” , modelled numerous the military figure that makes an audience impressive. He is ” DA division ” Jing Xiaoshu of medium computer software expert, be ” recall day ” in Ma Jun of soldier of the New Fourth Army led by the Chinese Communist Party during the War of Resistance Against Japan of clever, academic, heavy emotive, be ” photograph of life and death is followed ” peak of medium horsepower of secretary of subterranean party county Party committee, be ” I am special type arms ” medium Chen Paichen Guo Tao, be ” the sharp that I am special type arms gives scabbard ” medium political instructor Gong Jian, be ” the igneous phoenix that I am special type arms ” medium foreign horror organizes head black cat, also be ” fall in love with special type arms ” medium surgeon Zhang Yichi. This, he is ” ace army ” inside and outside is firm inside construction of soft the Song Dynasty.

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Zhang Fei: Best monitor, ” ace army ” if tear bomb asks, ” ace army ” in who makes you most ” is idea bad smooth ” ? The viewer that exceeds half the number can respond ” monitor Zhang Fei ” . 9 monitors Zhang Fei, honest and kind-hearted, serious situation is serious justice, fulfil one’s duty responsible, come on the stage get an audience with respect to equipment reputably, screen is brushed to nod assist in barrage ” the monitor has really take on ” , ” the monitor is too close ” , ” the monitor is very kind-hearted ” . Even if recruit people piquant make trouble, each have each difficult canal, he also from without complaint, to keep an eye on of their meticulously ground, offer very tall hope to them. What he has a good-tempered heart and person of a pair of knowledge is a mind which perceives both past and future. He admires Gu Yiye, regard him as oneself good brother, be willing to protecting oneself soldier with life; His willingly bear the burden of hard works, do not seek get one’s own back, be informed oneself to be absent carrying also is regretful only in dry list; He is true to the love of lover A show, pure and exercise restraint. Good quality too numerous to mention one by one of Zhang Fei, of his life ” last attack ” let an audience cry one, “The head that the monitor’s hand still is protecting Gu Yiye ” , ” cry get me cerebral benevolence aches ” , ” best monitor ah ” , ” the squad leader is too great ” the comment brushs screen ceaselessly. The success of monitor Zhang Fei is modelled, with its personate person Sun Xun’s masterly acting and intention experience are not divided. Sun Xun with distinctive temperament and the show that have individual distinguishing feature extremely the manner is playing the develop a school of one’s own in art circle, shape part of villain in drama not only very give prize, by audience coronal with ” inland the first villain in drama is small unripe ” title, he also has the show with colourful Jing making a person in drama of martial subject matter. From ” my brother makes arrange smooth ” in 3 battalion commander go to the New Fourth Army led by the Chinese Communist Party during the War of Resistance Against Japan of antrum of a Hubei ” final go on an expedition ” medium expeditionary officer Yang Zhong, from ” captive arms ” medium ” additional kind of liberation army ” arrive ” cryptotaeneous cinquefoil hero ” medium bandit 8 Qiao Jishan, the lifelike of these heroic characters models all without exception to show a Sun Xun to exceed to all sorts of soldier parts control by force ability.

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Niu Mancang: Honest and simple and honest soldier, the epitome of ten million soldier ” Niu Mancang is the part that makes me feel distressed most ” , ” full storehouse this part is too actual ” . Be in ” ace army ” in, personate of Zhao a surname a gallant and simple and honest and honest, dauntless soldier figure — Niu Mancang. This is an unknown to public, receive the military part that sufficient ground enrages. He belongs to Song Jian to set ” tall tower is talked ” in the sort of the most rock-bottom arms, he does not have pattern awareness of Gu Yiye, he joins the army may be for satiate meal only, have a better workable method. Because this is in the posthumous papers before attending a war, what others writes is ” die for own country ” , and what he writes is ” subsist ” . But be a such ordinary average soldiers, rush out in oneself comrade-in-arms broomcorn however hind, overcome dead fear bravely, the call out in the mouth is worn ” woman, child disobedient, leave all one’s life, issue all one’s life to wait for me certainly ” , resolutely resolutelyingly choice stays for broomcorn provide cover for. Their brother two fight side-by-side, go through fire and water, be unexpected rescued from a desperate situation, did not know to experience how many affliction, so that he went up in battle future trouble,answer badly stimulate response. His every time raises a gun asply, tear of the hold in mouth or eyes in the eye is hallooing ” handle is raised come ” when, invite an audience especially anxious, “The edge looks to brush a tear by the side of me, niu Mancang is too difficult ” , ” saw this paragraph, mood for a long time cannot be pacified ” . Taking forever ” cure a department ” the Niu Mancang of simple and honest smile, be two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two common the epitome of brave soldier, be the figure of basic level soldier with such fresh guileless, just make ” ace army ” true all the more, have the appeal of shock popular feeling extremely. Before Niu Mancang, zhao Xunye depict numerous soldier figure, for instance ” I am special type arms ” in the Chen Xiwa of simple and honest honest and frank, ” the sharp that I am special type arms gives scabbard ” medium ” farming 2 generation ” Li Erniu, ” fall in love with special type arms ” Sino-British brave is tenacious, not be afraid of sacrifice ” lie bottom ” Tian Yong, very vivid lifelike, every time part is modelled make a person kind, photographic.

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Chen Dashan: “Dialectal edition ” a tough guy colonel, happy feeling and sense of responsibility fly together ” Chen Dashan’s accent listens more familiar more ” , ” still can hear Chen Dashan one day of oral speech soundvoice tonight ” , ” Chen Dashan is like Hahaha ate, easily with respect to scamper ” , see not hard from the comment of the audience, the Chen Dashan of personate of place of summerly Hou Bin is one has figure of comedic colorific soldier quite. In the meantime, regard 720 groups as colonel, chen Dashan is having the impartial and incorruptible, other one side that negotiates line of principle, know how things stand and feel confident of handling them again. In the event that undertakes to Gu Yiye and broomcorn retreat is handled, he stands fast the discipline of army iron, strict obedient superior commands; On battlefield, he is gritty, play not Jing, keep one’s countenance, it is officers and soldiers people the backbone, can weighs a vivid, happy feeling and sense of responsibility hold concurrently, fill the officer form of human temperature. Before Chen Dashan, xia Houbin also shaped the image with numerous disparate disposition. Be in ” iron walnut ” in, he is the big boss of pure man; In ” redness of skin confuses condition ” in, he is cynical, wanton Ceng Qingcai; Be in ” my special one battalion ” in, he is quick-witted the Zhou Tong of decisive, head of a county that is not afraid of sacrifice. He exceeds strong part plasticity, your audience not by exclamation, “It is to perform what to resemble really ” .

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Xia Lin: The investigation example of high aspiration of courageous and resolute and firm and persistent, grand ability ” Han Ban is long, have radio, make not bad radio? ” this painful ground flaps radio box, the soldier that ground of lose one’s mind is repeating this word is the summerly deputy company commander that your audience uses a facial expression — Xia Lin. Xia Lin, he is the hero that climbs from the dead caboodle, the spy that he brings encountered brunt group of the enemy repeatedly, enter big mine field again then, xia Lin wants to send radio ask for help, but radio by scamper bad, remained his person finally to rush only. Look at helpless, anguish of Xia Lin, the audience also can’ts help an extensive tears in eyes, “I by the knife foolish ” , had now, the motherland is powerful now ” , ” understood eventually ” ace army ” science and technology is powerful army theme ” . Personate is courageous and resolute high aspiration of firm and persistent, grand ability, the actor of Xia Lin of investigation example of horse and foot is Zhang Jin. Before this, he also has shaped the military image of numerous success, for instance ” wave handsome ” in the captain Zhao Zhijiang of seasoned, resourceful, ” my special one battalion ” in mature and sedate, serious situation is serious justice Sunjia of deputy battalion commander is sought, ” the thunder fire of special type arms ” medium ” falcon ” Cui Hua Dun, figure lifelike, glamour is very. Bin of a surname of Fu Chengpeng, Xu Honghao, Sun Xun, Zhao, Xia Hou, Zhang Jin, part of their fictile soldier, vivid, personality is distinct, what have each each is wonderful, consequently the audience sees they appear in together ” ace army ” in, times feeling is familiar with and kind. Be in this ” ace army ” in, they had new breakthrough again, they accumulate what their come for years in blending in a part with experience, model gave construction of unique Qin Hanyong, the Song Dynasty, Zhang Fei, Niu Mancang, Chen Dashan, Xia Lin, your audience for a long time is recalled, hard dismiss from one’s mind. ” ace army ” these medium soldiers group resemble be being provided extremely representative. They come from all corners of the land, bearing the weight of however same military honor and dream; They are the epitome of soldier of two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two China, “Assault of brave of one antrum Gu is advanced, 1000 hill 10 thousand block never dread ” ; They use their passionate warm blood, irrigate the Tie Xiejun the lofty spirit of a nation that builds ace unit. They are in, the motherland and people set his mind at. We should remember forever, it is them ” life and death is together ” , warm blood is consecratory, just had us present peace lives!

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