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Original title: Ace army: Broomcorn likes, it is Changjiang Delta ask forring after all, be still Gu Yiye’s girlfriend? Believing these days is one of lives with the happiest vermicelli made from bean starch that resemble battle, although be the part of the personate that resemble battle,married in drama, but also block up not the heart of jubilation of vermicelli made from bean starch, return to subject nevertheless, the Gu Yiye of the personate that resemble battle parts company with Changjiang Delta ask forring in drama, after the choice follows Axiu marriage, ” ace army ” the main actor is to should begin to start a career at long last, this is everybody to expect long already, nevertheless partial netizen always feels where to have incorrect interest,

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According to normal circumstance for, the broomcorn of Huang Jingyu personate likes Changjiang Delta to ask for so, be in knowing perfectly well her to follow Gu Yiye is Yue of two affection photograph and when be together, also tangle to death as before sodden dozen do not abandon, gu Yiye exited the biggest now driving rival, should be him on spare wheel inning, and, gu Yiye can abandon Changjiang Delta asking for, have actually very big one part reason, because he is in by the side of the brook when the talk,also be, see Changjiang Delta ask forring is when refer broomcorn, the meeting in the eye has a ray, had been in in the heart that also understands her imperceptible in the place that had broomcorn, believe after part company she can be walked out of very quickly part company shadow, begin new amour afresh,

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The result is in face support of the people of climate favourable geographical position, the opportunity that goddess is before, broomcorn hesitated to move forward instead, began to start the career of several collect, when when time of his put apart runs to look for Changjiang Delta to ask for, beside goddess however much a new hunter, that is Hou Jian, the Changjiang Delta when those is asked for, had known oneself liked to go up in the heart broomcorn, waiting for the other side to be gone after actively,

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But do not know everybody has discovery, actually the broomcorn of instantly, solemn to follow to notch in those days Gu Yiye is same, and the Hou Jian nowadays, it is junior and flighty broomcorn, just the current situation still has a bit to differ, that is: In those days Changjiang Delta ask forring can be willing to put down figure, go after Gu Yiye bravely, but after experiencing on one paragraph of amour, she has not been willing to go after broomcorn actively, with the conversation of herself, because had loved to had been hurt,that is, can fear so, but hear the Zhao Gongying of this character however straight from the shoulder, express: Your not reconciled to is married this broomcorn beggar, activity of this one psychology, actually a lot of girls can understand, because real life is medium quite common, in people look, gu Yiye is everybody the male god in the heart, be opposite not only the schoolgirl is charming, his outstanding also can make countless schoolboys admire,

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To Changjiang Delta ask forring, gu Yiye is Jing admires the male god of her girlhood, and broomcorn is a beside male fellow student stops only, male god this kind of level, schoolgirl nature is willing to be gone after actively, even if final regret can be swung by male god, want to once had been together only, had the proud memory that other people cannot have after all, after even if passes more, schoolgirl already no longer so be infatuated with male god, but male god is the Bai Yueguang in the heart as before, look nevertheless in ordinary person heart, although,be together with male god very proud, but very painstaking also, do not deserve to go up in him concern all the time the other side, cannot count on male god to abandon a career for oneself again, then him care of meticulously, had wanted all one’s life really so, it is a choice normally average male fellow student is good,

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At this moment you think the person of broomcorn is set again, just left in teleplay when sowing, the person that a lot of netizens say broomcorn is set too cut apart, he is careless root the delegate also is orphan, what pass as a child is not happy, later because of the elder brother’s sacrifice heart gives birth to Yu Jie, but every time he can become one with with everybody, because he can come really,be on one hand among them thing,

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But on the other hand, feeling him is to be in to prove oneself are very welcome, will mask the self-abased feeling of in one’s heart with this, every time when he has little to progress, the heart can speak with the elder brother: Elder brother, am I done very well? He is using this kind of means all the time, will search self-identity to feel for oneself, build oneself self-confident heart, every responsibility that how he acknowledges to he is done then is right? That imitates Gu Yiye only, like Gu Yiye, e.g. , he is when the diversiform-leaved poplar of green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse that sees Gu Yiye, also can cannot help hold up,

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