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Original title: National army spy 10 thousand nations are powerful, male play the part of Shanghai of female outfit conceal 6 years, with the sweetheart by day sister in the evening husband and wife Mention the Asia’s most handsome man, honour dragon always is a list of names posted up go up famous, even if says he is the first beauty of Asian male, also do not have a person to be able to be oppugned, can feel solid to return to the name only. And honour dragon in Yan Zhi peak peak period has performed work of countless classic movie and TV, besides the broading appearance of the last emperor of a dynasty that destiny free and easy rises and fall, the part of another take delight in talking about making a person is butterfly madam, Song Liling. The Song Liling that honour dragon acts can make a person impressive, besides acting masterly, it is him male the Jing of the appearance of an actor that plays the part of female outfit is day person, even more enchanting than the woman enchanting, have female temperament and charm quite, raise one’s hand is cast sufficient between all be a female idiosyncratic.

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The emissary identity of together with Song Liling, deal with is between the man, so wonderful unsurpassed, the story that free and easy rises and fall makes a person photographic more. However reality often surprises even than work of movie and TV and novel unreal, it is playwrite also is not made up those who go out is labyrinthian and bizarre. No matter spy identity is warlike time or peaceful time, always have lots and lots of the spy is concealed in the society, it is even beside us, information of state of filch of wait for one’s chance and important information. They to be not discovered, often can pretend various identities, avoid with this find out and obscure the identity.

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Liberate initial stage especially, many spy is escaped toward the Kuomintang of Taiwan to stay in motherland mainland, proceed espial, harm national interest, airy some day kickbacks return. Because this is in,found a state earlier, public security and people captured a large number of in the spy of all trades and professions concealing. And there is not to give a shop sign by constant manage in these spies, the Song Liling that also acts with honour dragon is same, choose the identity that expect making a person is less than to pretend actually, try delusive the everybody beside. The spy that this spy disguises as a man namely 10 thousand nations are powerful. Likelihood somebody can’ts help wanting to ask, why should choose unluckily male play the part of female outfit? Everyman is afraid of is to want to want to be less than such ” extraordinary ” camouflage method.

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Still be in what is more,the rather that emancipatory initial stage, after all the people in those days is more conservative, the thought is relatively backward also, it is a spy to also do not need such handle matters for camouflage. Hero of this 10 thousand countries can not be average special agent, and to pretend the identity, male playing the part of female outfit to also be not is affection have to already, however he originally with respect to some fondness for. Be in early before liberating, hero of 10 thousand countries is being held the position of ” Chinese student signs up for ” during the president, like male in distributive dormitory play the part of female outfit, put on cheongsam and high-heeled shoes, prettify, learning the accent pose that the wife says, to the mirror self-affected.

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Want unless,the person does not know personal Mo Wei, still be the newspaper office dormitory that person bearer goes to what is more,the rather that more, also can have naturally when be being met by chance, once be discovered, pretending prepare to the girlfriend. The person most of that time is conservative, nature also won’t think more, as time passes also was believed. And hero of 10 thousand countries also is in second male the marrow that camouflage mastered gradually in playing the part of female outfit, and how can just let oneself look more resembling is a woman. Also become a special agent in the future for oneself, conceal the identity to bury played a hint foreshadowing later developments in a story. To be not discovered the identity, as it happens used him this one specialty. Woman of true and false on December 7, 1949, kuomintang government be defeated, must announce the government organization heads for Taipei, about 600 thousand leftover army cross the sea to escape toward Taiwan. Although Kuomintang exits chinese mainland arena thoroughly, it is evil intentions does not die however, will many enemy spy personnel places in a certain position was in individually city, each industries.

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Hero of 10 thousand countries serves as a piece that is kept by Kuomintang government, it is the identity with female reporter mixes mark to be in first Guangxi, guangxi is liberated thoroughly later, bad to continue to obscure the identity again. He is have to to ranking ask for instructions, upgrade sea continues before the spy acts. Be in Shanghai after all this is metropolitan, population is numerous, personnel setting is complex, the hiring that a new face appears in neighbor neighbour guest also won’t fetching suspicion. In that time, come to big Shanghai denounce the number of the life to be counted deeply, obscure the identity more easily in lively city. The place with the cleverest hero of 10 thousand countries depends on, if,he knows himself hall and the ground of emperor appears inappropriate instead, without foundation appears a person always should arouse suspicion, it is a single woman what is more,the rather that more. Because this pretended the female undergraduate figure of a weak force, look does not have him close by deliverance of cathedral of holy Ma Liya.

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Church of Liya of Ma having emperor blesses, the identity of hero of 10 thousand countries also did not arouse suspicion, these a few situations that lunar time also understood Shanghai mix his have the aid of information, and on contact new contact person. After all preparation are proper, hero of 10 thousand countries feels the opportunity is mature, decide to move cathedral of holy Ma Liya. Although cathedral can be in certain moment can help him obscure the identity, also be a safe place, but also be a hindrance to makes explore information information morely at him. The identity exposes sagacity of discretion of male humanness of 10 thousand countries, although moved cathedral of holy Ma Liya, but to conceal the identity better, he still carried an umbrella, Chen Jun is white.

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Chen Jun’s white average woman identity, as it happens is OK and promiscuous his identity, conceal better. And Chen Jun also wants to move cathedral of holy Ma Liya in vain, him how money is insufficient, as it happens has a join as a partner, and hero of 10 thousand countries is willing to bear more cost. Two people chime in easily, move toward Shanghai wild goose to swing 55 lane together. The alley person bearer of Shanghai is gone to, an alley often stayed in hundreds of more even, the street is peddled numerous, as it happens can deceive the public. And hero of 10 thousand countries gives evening early also to return, besides to the newspaper office draft sending a book is mixed enter a few necessary activities, major while also is He Chenjun waiting for in the home in vain.

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What hero of 10 thousand countries and Chen Jun hire in vain is a cell, day and night opposite, the identity is concealed again well, total also meeting give the show away, a few unusual move and behavior still caused Chen Jun’s white attention. The day that two people live together already also had several season, and no matter hero of 10 thousand countries is what season, what weather, it is aba grows sleeve dress to wrap a body, collar obscured high neck, till chin. Even if is weather pole heat, also do not agree unlock a button is cool, and never also take off before flour of old skin of the bamboo change clothes. That age person is much more conservative nevertheless, maybe is hero of 10 thousand countries dresses only conservative and dignified, do not wish to appear, bai Ye of old skin of the bamboo did not think more. Discover till her this is conservative inadvertently ” elder sister ” standing to go up actually toilet! A variety of couplet before together with remember come, chen Jun feels the thing is not simple in vain.

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Miss Chen direct place asks the place in the heart to want, hero of 10 thousand countries also hides the truth from no less than going to soon, admitted oneself are a man simply, to her honest the identity. In getting along daily, two people also produced feeling, before knowing hero of 10 thousand countries is a man, miss Chen maybe just regards him as sister. Once this knew the true identity of hero of 10 thousand countries, one is born however instead in Miss Chen heart another sincere feeling. More what is more,the rather that oneself Gu does not have one person painstakingly to be in Shanghai to drift according to the ground, still be inferior to living together with hero of 10 thousand countries flexibly, accordingly she decides to continue to help hero of 10 thousand countries conceal the identity. Two people also the sister from by day, became the husband and wife in the evening.

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Originally such day goes down too live in peace with each other, pasts, 10 thousand nations are powerful of flawless having counter-revolutionary activity. 1953 the beginning of the year, an impeach that comes from Chengdu is believed, disclose the identity of hero of 10 thousand countries thoroughly. Because hero of 10 thousand countries lies in Shanghai,this impeach letter is bottom 6 years during, feel oneself identity is impeccable, state of mind also is loosened gradually, because this gives far a letter was written in the family of Chengdu, be his identity exposes this Feng Xinrang. No matter 10 thousand nations are powerful male the spy identity that plays the part of female outfit is concealed again well, wanting the business that you do only is harm state interest, endanger people interest, eventually will by the country, by people place disgustful, also be met finally and the end like hero of 10 thousand countries, reduce a captive, become by the malefactor of historical engrave.

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