Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Law admits Liu Xin is wrong, it is best to Jiang Ge explain! Perhaps the begin of a lot of stories always is such, happen to be present at the right moment, abrupt is prevented not as good as, resemble Jiang Ge, Liu Xin, Chen Shifeng, the encountering of Tokyo, like getting acquainted with, it who ever wanted to be able to become a deadly disaster is difficult that who ever wanted to be able to become a deadly disaster!

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Seeking to live on is the person’s instinct, we are understandable Liu Xin is closing a Menlaina’s flashy weakness, but cannot excuse her however in nearly one year of time after the accident disappear from the scene. Regard Jiang Ge as the crucial figure of the case, liu Xin pursues the silent when the truth not to make a sound hard in river song mom, changed not only name, very hot hair, play rose to be patted oneself, new open years is static good new life is vivid, it is suddenly change one’s identity more, become ” small gain big V ” , right on the network fleer of river song mom, have assault and battery even! Must believe really occasionally, some people his day is born with bad, they lack the acknowledge to human nature, lack opposite life awe-stricken, if not be Liu Xin, jiang Ge does not receive a visitor dead an alien land; If not be Liu Xin, river song mom also won’t white hair person sends black hair the person… if do not have that,kill bloodily, she also will be entered and stand year, had married probably parturient, became an outstanding Japanese to translate personnel probably, anyway, after all is met and we every Everyman is same, live ordinary and average life, enjoying insipid and simple happiness.

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Someone ever said: The person’s oldest mercy is to give life a chance that helps atone for. But regrettablly is, without human biology, how can he cherish such opportunity? We know apology cannot make up for reality for certain, but tear of crocodile of the hidden below that baseball cap and the hypocrisy that wear red pants of raw meat or fish had been shown, cannot see confess of a silk and ashamed remorse already, we cannot tolerate the person that Liu Xin is benefited as however such immoral! 696 thousand yuan, to river song mom, this compensation is finite after all, it cannot change the life of a daughter. But important is law admitted Liu Xin is wrong, this is right Jiang Ge is accused best in Tian Zhiling comfort! What also river song mom goes after the content that keeps in judgment all the time: Jiang Ge’s sincerity is altruistic and worth while v&v compliment, more worth while get law relieve; Of Liu Xin look on indifferently, family of farther exciting victim has after the accident violate constant manage human relationship, ought to be condemned, assume responsibility.

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Get attention fully to one picket and for the dimension authority case of prolonged, the meaning of such court decisions is great. Place of People’s Daily of no less than judges: The person that let break the law puts fear, the person that let do good works has power; Be apt to of punish evil raise, drive out evil and usher in good, be the value that law exists!

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