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Original title: Does Yang Zi act again big female advocate drama? Male host chooses can to weigh male god level, this kind of battle array stays up late to also want to chase after A work that was worth to expect most 2022 is Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan’s main actor ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” , this drama is made 2021 fail to meet with the audience tardy after Guan Xuanzhi, two cooperative it may be said that flow when red top are condole sufficient audience appetite. OK nevertheless and affirmative is, this drama is made on after the line, can come true very quickly close inspect broken new tall.

20220111061955 61dd218bbdf4a

Make in this drama nevertheless on before the line, of the main actor that resemble battle ” ace army ” , yang Zi acts the leading role ” female psychology division ” the public praise that took bright look and heat expression, the appeal strength that sees two people still driving. Xiao Zhan from ” Chen Qing makes ” later good resource takes be irresolute when firmness is needed, yang Zi is not exceptional also, ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” and ” dear has deep love for ” what two drama make is hot, let Yang Zi enter the range of female star of a gleam of.

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The drama that has broadcasted besides these is made besides, xiao Zhan still has ” jade bone Yao ” fail to meet with the audience, and Yang Zi also has ” agalloch eaglewood is like bits ” . Nevertheless the net passes Yang Zi to act again big female advocate drama ” the north of canopy ” , what visible Yang Zi’s person enrages is tall. And be in this ” the north of canopy ” in, will the male host of the partner is chosen also can weighs male god level.

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Of focusing spaceflight subject matter thematic drama

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Besides still many thematic drama are made, although be on heat expression goodish, but innovation sex is had extremely however on subject matter, for instance Chen Kun acts the leading role ” peaceful boat ” and Ling Xiao respectful acts the leading role ” ask a day ” , these two drama make the biggest hotspot depend on focusing an audience is familiar with already new field.

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Can look from story outline reach, ” the north of canopy ” it is a thematic drama is made likewise, spaceflight subject matter is having powerful appeal all the time to the audience, it is only from ” the honor that you are me ” in of Yang Yang personate come out at what way can look, because be spaceflight engineer and equipment is welcome. Include ” ask a day ” this drama is made, also took bright look close inspect achievement, apparent audience or hope can see the work that represents this group industry.

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Partner Zhang Yi promotes Yang Zi, discharge has actual strength from ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” begin, the actor Ga of Yang Zi partner often make the same score together to it, besides ” agalloch eaglewood is like bits ” partner Xin Jinding sheds Cheng Yi besides, no matter be plum show or be Deng Lun, it is audience familiar to the ear already can the male actor of detailed. And Yang Zi is had by audience big favor originally ” flourishing husband constitution ” , because this is in ” the north of canopy ” in, the male actor that cooperates with Yang Zi also gets attention fully.

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The net passes personate ” the north of canopy ” what this drama makes hero is us familiar Zhang Yi is promoted, although he does not need those who rely on Yang Zi ” flourishing husband constitution ” the person that will raise oneself is angry, but OK and affirmative is Yang Zi and Zhang Yi the cooperation that encourage is what people’s expectations puts in ‘s charge. Early before two people are in program of put together art having good Cp sense, the cooperative nature in this drama also is sweet degree explode watch.

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Although Zhang Yi is promoted,be discharge star, but undeniable he has acting talent, cooperate with Huang Bo ” a good fun ” let Zhang Yi promote those who took Hua Ding prize is optimal male match. Although Zhang Yi is promoted acting experience is done not have so rich, but face Zhang Yi of actor of stage of emperor of one numerous shadow to promote also none timidly.

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And 2021 explode money theatrical work is made ” sweep black storm ” in, the young police officer that Zhang Yi promotes personate is to let a person take the place of to feel dye-in-the-wood more, give the appearance that raise, the disposition of unruly, the acting that Zhang Yi promotes is more natural, dinkum. Have in drama many with Sun Gonglei, the adversary of the actor of play bone stage such as Liu Yijun makes fun of, but the acting that Zhang Yi promotes still is worth to be affirmed.

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Such part is promoted to Zhang Yi for relatively unfamiliar, nevertheless the figure of spaceflight engineer takes filter looking glass oneself, what Zhang Yi promotes is handsome appearance plus wonderful acting, can bring an audience a role giving a group again necessarily.

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Besides, the actor that sends the form after there still is a picture in the message in the net is aided blast, she is being depended on namely ” my before half a lifetime ” , ” years drifting gold ” wait for work to greet a career the 2nd spring Yuan Quan. The joins in nature can be made for drama acting level of actor of this the stage after the shadow provides double safeguard, such battle array stays up late to also want to chase after!

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