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Original title: ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” rank of 10 women role, jing just admires absolutely she the first, yu Youwei pays a copy ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” the first season has neared end, come on the stage in drama the woman is numerous, world child Xu Feng year beside it is warbler swallow surrounds more. To numerous woman role model, also be drama of movie and TV in inventing a process a crucial, this if be finished well, that is to give whole department leap Guang Tiancai, if model bad, be afraid will become a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting, then presses the standard of low drama anthology.

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Role of the woman in drama tens of people, among them some parts come on the stage Jing is colourful, left deep impression to the audience, your person strikes the table and shout bravo, because choose horny failure,some parts are however, special pull break down, offend controversy is ceaselessly. If judge ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” a list of names posted up of rouge of woman role impressional, in your heart who but force presses beautiful women or fragrant flowers, rank head of a list of names posted up?

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Might as well today will look, the impression of these woman roles is ranked. Rank the 10th: Yu Youwei, jia Ze personate, spend chief little aftertaste, words and deeds too give play complete theatrical work most a part that allows a person to give play is Yu Youwei. She is the daughter of serve of sword of Xi Chu palace originally, be good at sword dance, be used assassinate Xu Feng year after failure, by Xu Feng year take Chinese parasol to enclosed ground for growing trees. After encloseding ground for growing trees into Chinese parasol, with be on friendly terms of mud of ginger of princess of a conquered nation. In Xu Feng year in the itinerary process that heads for Wu Dicheng the 2nd times into all corners of the country, yu Youwei is followed together with Jiang Ni row.

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Xu Feng year be in with Jiang Ni Long Hu leaves after hill group, blurt out asked Yu Youwei: “The cat also is being taken. ” just was defeated by Cao long Qing Dao just now she also likes Xu Feng year idea, yu Youwei instantly expression is awkward constraint tunnel: “Do not follow my gibberish, the word says with highness. The word says with highness..

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Xu Feng year after going, yu Youwei says to Jiang Ni: “Say so a few ah, the admire sword that he leaves him his woman sends you, you also are done not have express. ” Yu Youwei this word, why is to should be become a secondary attack or how, the expression that this hold back does not stay in and speech, let a person minute minutes give play.

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The Yu Youwei of Jia Ze personate, the Bei that reduces Hua Kui without daughter of a conquered nation already is cool inspect already feeling, the expression when expressing mixed feeling flows at the surface again, actor’s lines is very modern also, optional and straight white, some speech are put on this part body, set with its person big not conform to. Nevertheless, when she gives looking glass every time, I shine at the moment, the feline Mi that because of her Huailina calls Wu Mei the woman only is too too bright look, lovely. Yu Youwei’s play is bad, also blame that cat in her bosom too upstage.

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Rank the 9th: Pei Nawei, sui Junbo personate, worldly still have Pei Nawei? Can hit a reed austral interrogation a surname only this part comes on the stage not much, controversy reputation is very big however. The colour value of the Pei Nawei in origianl work is next to south Gong Pu is shot, press a world child Xu Feng year view, that can be hit. Pei Nawei is in memory of origianl work party, that is I see still the stunner of pity, ever let Xu Feng year help a wall up and go out, because this in the bookshops still is circulating ” Xu Feng year be not really inapproachable, worldly still have Pei Nawei ” view.

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This part goes out by Sui Junbo of 42 years old act, the actor’s Yan Zhi and temperament, match with origianl work degree not tall, and expression flatly, be in with Xu Feng year the expression in adversary play is onefold and inflexible. Bulrush swings one battle, of Pei Nawei piece act to also do not have what window, the whole that gives a person feels even if she always is sufferring from piece of face, and without show Pei Nawei this some is fine-looking with charm.

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Not only did not present the moving female glamour on this part body, when expressing character feeling, expressional strength also is not worth apparently, this character, pull a bit break down. It is probably, does everybody let a world this to Pei Nawei child did at hand to be defeated will does the part expect the cost is too high?

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Rank the 8th: Jiang Ni, li Geng hopes personate, princess of a conquered nation too girl, acting is ethereally receiving play ginger mashed vegetable or fruit is ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” the first heroine in, also be boreal Liang world child Xu Feng year the official matchs. The Jiang Ni in origianl work is an extremely beautiful beauty, the Jiang Ni of rare personate can not give Li Geng the person this kind of feeling. Li Geng hopes the Jiang Ni of edition, act particularly to resemble a little servant girl, when seeing what Li Geng hopes interview my suddenly be enlightened, original Li Geng hopes to Jiang Ni the understanding itself of this part has deviation: “Actually she slaves girl namely ” . But Jiang Ni or a heart high morale are proud, the princess of a conquered nation that home of foe of body negative state hates ah.


Li Geng hopes really show the Jiang Ni in her memory — the feeling of servant girl, but the feeling of the princess of a conquered nation that has extremely beautiful appearance without the show. Xu Feng year send Jiang Ni off to make fun of one paragraph this, here Xu Feng year parting mood brews very thickly, but arriving over there Jiang Ni is buoyant however, do not receive show completely. Plum Geng Xitai resembles a little girl, do not reach the designated position not deeply to this part understanding of Jiang Ni, more the Gu that does not act to give ginger mud in one’s heart is tall stubborn the implicative affection that wears with the depression.


Allegedly the actor of mud of ginger of the 2nd season substitution. The Jiang Ni in the first season still is the phase that is in to did not blossom, in Xu Feng year beside do servant girl, had not moved toward her destiny and journey. Next this part comes on the stage again, be afraid will be the Xi Chu queen that drills through all previous, return the fierce part that will make female sword mind, that is temperament and demeanour another. If be told from this angle, li Geng hopes to give this too puerile still Jiang Ni that act, it is her girl period only, put in the story of all corners of the country with whole time big span to tell, also be understandable.

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Rank the 7th: Ah breathe out a girl, liao Huijia personate, when killer comes on the stage, the mystery that rides giant panda to carry helianthus breathes out the murderess that breathing out a girl is a mystery, in Xu Feng year all the way in itinerary process, she is close to Xu Feng for many times year be about to kill, but did not kill him truly every time, and the consequence that cause is pair of Xu Feng year the situation here is favorable. Xu Feng year also feel already, this keep on saying wants those who kill him to breathe out breathe out a girl, seeming is not to want to kill him really, helping him all the time however instead.

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Wu Dicheng one battle, ah breathe out a girl to show a body more in time, zhao Xuan element guides Xu Feng year the gas movement inside body arrives on him body, saved Xu Feng year one life. Breathe out so breathe out a girl to be being hit kill Xu Feng year name, real purpose is to kill those to want to kill Xu Feng truly year person, protect Xu Feng year. She year young when, xu Feng year with his woman close Wu Su has at her favour, she will pay a debt of gratitude.

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Personate breathes out Liao Huijia of 24 years old breathe out a girl, this girl filled clever air, riding a Biao Han’s feral giant panda, pickaback a huge helianthus, the eyes is clean settleclear clear, humanness is pure, military accomplishment is gotten high however fearsome. Breathe out when breathing out a girl to come on the stage, tonal often clear warm color, rhythm is lively, according with breathe out the temperament that breathes out girl efficient, this part is good still.

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Rank the 6th: Xu Zhihu, li Nian personate, the beauty v/arcs born under an unlucky star person, this is unripe having tiger of fat of Xu of Xing Yi misfortune is boreal Liang infanta, xu Feng year eldest sister, for familial interest far marry Changjiang Delta. Xu Zhihu’s reputation is bad, return Ke Fu, in Changjiang Delta vidual, style debauch, nevertheless these words that are alien incorrectly relay an erroneous information stopped. There was a person already in her heart, it is fierce when the small Taoism priest on hill Hong Xi is resembled.

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As Xu Jia’s firstborn daughter, xu Zhihu comes Changjiang Delta, also be one pace chess of Xu Xiao, but the day that Xu Zhihu is in Home Lu is uneasy. Xu Feng year with be on speaking terms of tiger of fat of eldest sister Xu, come to Changjiang Delta the first thing exports gas for eldest sister namely. Xu Zhihu already caught cold in those days, because of body great void, incurable, she is hiding the truth from Xu Feng year, after sending him, still stay the mission that uses up her in Changjiang Delta Home Lu.

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When Hong Xi elephant enters astronomical phenomena, make the world the first, he rides the Changjiang Delta below the crane, save the Xu Zhihu that issued within an inch of to be killed, red face professions to Xu Zhihu. Xu Zhihu listened to cry and laugh at the same time, from now on Hong Xi elephant is taking Xu Zhihu, ride a crane to all over scenery of all previous the world, final Hong Xi resembles proper motion arms to solve, change Xu fat Hu Feisheng.

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The Xu Zhihu of Li Nian personate, temperament of the appearance of an actor and this part compares conform to, figure and acting are pretty good, already show she serves as senior a general term for young women to bestow favor on be addicted to to that affection of the little brother, also reveal female life before long sickly think of with care. Tiger of fat of Xu of a red garment, it may be said is the beauty v/arcs born under an unlucky star, there is Hong Xi to be accompanied like such crazy person absolute sincerity in the life nevertheless, solid already belong to lucky.

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Rank the 5th: Qing Feng of thill of a small room, li Chun personate, dash forward meet with familial misfortune, should call harships rainbow Qing Feng of thill of clang rose a small room, badge hill highs thill home Xuan Yuan respects the daughter of the city. A violet garment, travel wander from place to place and earn a living by juggling. In drama the first time appear when, she still is a belt only move air of arrogance, receive the size elder sister that makes put in badge hill ‘s charge. Return to just be informed the truth unexpectedly, ancestor of Home Xuan Yuan highs thill big huge rock call-overs should as double as her long.

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Come for years the Xuan Yuan of conceal Tibet actual strength respects a city, for big huge rock of daughter and thill of a small room one battle, war comes terrestrial immortal condition, final as big as Xuan Yuan huge rock perish together. This one familial big unforeseen event, qing Feng of thill allowing a small room becomes quickly mature, see even alien, this female before to it hind, big different. Because high thill respects a city before one’s death elaborate scheme, qing Feng of thill of a small room is in Xu Feng year give aid to below, the home that made Home Xuan Yuan advocate, took over badge hill.

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Decease of parental in pairs, two uncle also are in this misfortune gone, bear of Qing Feng of thill of a small room has familial heavy responsibility, a carring pole on the shoulder was weighed, the person grows quickly also rise. Qing Feng of thill of a small room by Li Chun personate, her show misfortune hind is broken out in experience, this part becomes the elegant demeanour that grows the sort of painful thorough with change and decay quickly between one evening. After tempest passes, she sends the ground to work if really sturdily more. Remember a words of song, harships rainbow, clang rose, it is special the place that agrees with Qing Feng of thill of a small room and its elegant demeanour.

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Rank the 4th: Easy be ashamed, the personate on Zhang Yi, person of enchanting hold up she most row, face about second changes ” wind of female a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” easy be ashamed, it is Xu Xiao sends Xu Feng year bodyguard. She comes for book of secret of a gest, be willing to die for boreal Liang Wang Fu. Easy be ashamed is having 2 tasted armed strength states, be good at art of a legendary venomous insect and easy look art, person of enchanting hold up.

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Her eye wave is on the move, to Xu Feng year say: “Whats can ask me. ” this word very hold up person, provide extremely tease imply. Although nature is enchanting hold up person, but once move a fierce to come, also be none ambiguous, picture wind changes, “Bewitch by cajolery is angry ” the second changes ” wind of female a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” .

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The personate of this part person on Zhang Yi, one’s previous experience of regular professional training of central Thespian college, no matter be explicit figure temperament, still be acting actual strength, very online, match with the part degree quite tall also. In this one season, easy be ashamed follows Xu Feng year a travel, give looking glass more also, individual character and image are very distinctive, be ” in snow ” in shape a more successful part.

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Rank the 3rd: Gong Pu is shot south, zhangtian loves personate, firm soft and aid ” arctic fox face ” , wu Chi state is first-rate south Gong Pu is shot, monicker ” arctic fox face ” , come on the stage before leaning quite, she learns secret book to be a condition with reading fierce into booth audition tide, convoy is outer and itinerary Xu Feng Nianan of 3 years arrives at boreal Liang Wang Fu completely.

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Enter booth audition tide, she resembles growing was in over there, from the Wu Xueji of first floor plinth ancient codes and records begins to well-read, see from first floor 2 buildings arrive again 3 buildings, this is waited for is several years, the fierce of appropriate appropriate is crazy, it is one swears to see Wu Xuebi book take the world first advocate.

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Gong Pu shoots men’s clothing to dress up south, firm soft and aid, a Bai Yi, the head wears bamboo hat, hit frame come very elegant, a celestial being is enraged.

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Cannot sustain this arctic fox facial the appearance of an actor, appearance and temperament, as special as the part accord with, the appearance of an actor is clean and appearance is absolutely beautiful, disposition cold and cheerless, learn special persistence to fierce. Love outstanding acting plus Zhangtian, god-given ” in snow ” one matchs degree of so tall woman role with the part.

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Rank the 2nd: Qing Diao, ding Xiaoying personate, valiant of a black clothes is elegant, the heart of absolute sincerity makes a person move the bird that allow blueness is Xu the servant girl in center of Feng Nianwu tung, strength Gao Leng, tacit. Lintan spends assassinate Xu Feng when year, xu Feng year borrow machine explore Qing Diao, excel in of gest of bird of ability educated youth, it is boreal Liang Wang An what the platoon is beside him is dead person third. The eye does not have when Qing Diao comes on the stage at first, a suit female outfit dresses up show slightly overcautious, flood in numerous servant girl.

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Later, xu Feng is gone to before New Year in itinerary road of Wu Dicheng, qing Diao is followed all the way row, protect a life child safe. Biddy of green bird fade is installed, changed the appearance of an actor or actress in costume or makeup, a black clothes, one lever spear, heroic bearing valiant. Although actor’s lines is not much, but the Qing Diao after makeup look is changed, figure is prominent instead rise.

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Qing Diao is right world child faithful not 2, protect all the way advocate, the battle that swings in bulrush is battle arrives to be hurt again more, those who won a lot of audiences love, “Kill persimmon, the bird that seize blueness ” joking catchword is to emerge in endlessly more. The Qing Diao of Ding Xiaoying personate, facial features has the heart of an absolute sincerity however below delicate elegant appearance, clean-fingered character laughs, temperamental Gao Leng, arm of both hands annulus stands over, take momentum oneself. Can say this picks part, also be very successful.

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Rank the first: Xu Weixiong, wen Yongshan personate, jing just admires absolutely, bully gas is incomparable Xu Weixiong, boreal Liang infanta, xu Feng year 2 elder sister. This female Jing just admires absolutely, bully gas is incomparable, going up Yin Xuegong learns king bully classics slightly, be used to the art of manoeuvre among various political groupings, because of erudite hear more do not be defeated on Yin Xuegong’s old pedant people, still be a student when had gone up in era much door lesson.


The Xuwei of girl period is ursine, ceng Zaiwu becomes inscribe of backside of statue of Shan Zhenwu great emperor: Hair match 6000 lis. One language becomes this word augury, later Xu Feng year government office be evictioned by Xu Xiao, outer and difficult itinerary 3 years as it happens walked along 6000 lis back and forth. Ursine disposition of Xu short for Weihe River is strong bully gas, everybody of government office of boreal Liang king is awe-stricken, wang Xuxiao of the Liang that connect north is afraid of her 3 minutes, once Xu Weixiong comes home suddenly, frighten so that Xu Xiao hid Wang Fu.


Xu Feng year the world that to him this dad Xu brave dare take feather duster swing the first fine silk fabrics Ku, before bear of short for Weihe River of Xu of 2 elder sister, it is cautious however, so clever that resemble a small sheep.


Although the Xu Weixiong in origianl work is male ability bully slightly, it is a wonder, but it is appearance however flatly. Teleplay Chinese chants the Xu Weixiong of Shan edition, complemental Xu Weixiong is final together short board, just admire absolutely besides Jing, also have peerlessly beautiful appearance. The Yan Zhi with colourful Jing making a person, the swift and fierce that also does not block Xu Weixiong bully gas. Wen Yongshan is breathtaking to the part of imposing manner take hold, contributed an approximately perfect Xu Weixiong, talent and Yanzhi bring out the best in each other, make what this part surmounted origianl work party expect even.


To the impressional rank of this actor part, how does everybody feel? Who is the person selected of head of a list of names posted up in your memory?

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