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Original title: The net flies new theatrical work! Avenge the movement is big, sincere to the flesh, bright The word says, the net flies to be in this year Korea is to blossom in the round really. One ” squid game ” let a net fly the basin full earthen bowl that earn is full. It is to be taken more September the whole world the good achievement of the 5th.

20220111062432 61dd22a053966

Net flying savor benefit. This not, strike while iron is hot. Rolled out a film again this month. Before the director invited hot of entire network ” terrestrial classroom ” director Jin Zhenmin

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The main actor invited in ” husband and wife’s world ” in be called ” the most beautiful small 3 ” the Han Suxi of the person that act will take on.

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In premonitory when broadcasting, got very great attention. Also going up a few days ago line. Absolutely belle advocate + sincere the behavioral bright drama to the flesh. Everybody bacterium looks to breathe out continuously ” satisfy a craving ” ! Want to recommend everybody to look, be this — ” my name ” ? ? ? ?

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This Han element hopes from effeminate ” small 3 ” change arrives super- strong ” dozen female ” . After all how? Look rapidly! 01 # is forced to walk up avenging road # Yin Zhiyou is a female high school unripe. Be tailed everyday by civilian clothes polices however. Tail her to hope to be able to get her namely the message that that poison peddles father.

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The police wants to know the news of her father too. But Yin Zhiyou already very long did not contact with father. The police does not believe Yin Zhiyou does not have contact view. Follow her momently so, followed the school even.

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The police is tailed selfishly, make the thing in her home all exposure. Creating the most immediate result so is to let Yin Zhiyou get in the school all sorts of bully approach. All sorts of languages insult the schoolgirl of classmate. The teacher of the school also did not help her, make her active however instead transfer.

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Repeatedly bully below. The Yin Zhi Youxian that be driven beyond forbearance is cleared away the schoolgirls that bully her. Left school actively next.

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And be in in her birthday this day. For a long time contacted her however without the father that contacts with her. Yin Zhiyou’s successional grievance erupted. Of accuse father not responsible.

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Her father hears a daughter so say. Hurried back rapidly want to comfort in the home comfort her. Result, when wanting to take the home immediately. By mysterious person shoot dead.

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Face father’s death. Yin Zhiyou hopes to be able to capture a thug. But the police says to do not have clew however.

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Not only such. The police still criticizes the issue that is her. And still say his pa is a wanted criminal. The place on put together is narrated, ended pair of this case investigation.

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Confront the police of such nonfeasance. Of one mind wants to find the murderer’s Yin Zhiyou, be forced to appeal the old before father. Joined poison to peddle an organization. The road that was forced to walk up to avenge. How does 02 # exceed # of bright start show to you just can be father to revenge? Yin Zhiyou entered the training camp of her father eldest child. This training camp fosters hatchet man technically. Yin Zhi Youchu arrives, can from the most rock-bottom begin to be made. Wash clothes namely, clean sanitation.

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How ability be intent on personal advancement? It is OK to make the other handsome appearance that wins here only. And Yin Zhi Yougang comes, it is a girl. Be bullied by other hatchet man at the beginning and dally with.

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Because of the body difference with female and inherent male. Also let the share that she takes a beating only after striking back at the beginning.

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But Yin Zhiyou did not shrink back, animosity makes he insisted to come down. Of day after day undertake training.

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In the next time upgrade in the match. Yin Zhi Youli overcomes someone else. The victory was won in a battle royal.

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03 # changes the status Yin Zhiyou of new # setting out won a victory. Also meaning her is the strongest in all hatchet man, can be peddled constituent put sb in a very important position by this poison. Constituent old also tells Yin Zhiyou to kill of her father is a police. Because one stayed in the spot alarm with match a gun.

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So far, yin Zhiyou knows the murderer’s identity. Want the belief that revenges for father more sturdily. The organization changed a status to him, became Wu Hui to enter from Yin Zhiyou. Became an organization to place in a certain position a spy in the police.

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And the center that she also began to be close to plot gradually. Who is the murderer that kills her father after all? She whether can safe vengeance? Everybody bacterium does not give everybody theatrical work appeared! Go looking as oneself how? ” my name ” as Han drama most adept vengeance is allowed upcountry. Deserve to go up the editing and rearrangement with compact and exciting whole journey. Let a person look really very carefree. Female advocate Han Suxi of the person that act is good for personate this part. Weightening finish 10kg, also let her be close to the person of a long-term fistfight more in the posture in drama.

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In the meantime, this drama also is big female advocate play. And very successful let this individual establish advocate. Rely on oneself from hatchet man ground floor one fist goes to one fist most peak.

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Filming on, acceded again the behavioral blood arteries and veins of Euramerican teleplay, tussle is fierce and serous 4 shoot. At the same time the clue still holds the color of path of very close to each other that had Hong Kong concurrently, more added female advocate the alarmingly dangerous extent that masks true identity in the police.

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Anyhow, this makes excellent Han theatrical work. Always be in recent years again and again of to turn over big female make actively piece, hit stitch cardiac. In the meantime, also showed female movement piece do not need to rely on to sell the meat, also can open a season that belongs to oneself certainly! Look rapidly ~

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