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Original title: Open dumb fire of year of king blast collective? Circle of Hunan stage tall circle reappears suffer a defeat, CCTV plum age hopes to turn over Pan Miao boundless and indistinct 2022 year, each David is inspected shine in succession oneself open year of big play, among them most suffer fully fix eyes upon should belong to defend inspect stage of Hunan of one elder brother and CCTV CCTV-1 of one elder brother, however this just moved ” king blast ” not only did not lift wave, still present the trend of dumb fire in succession?

20220111062440 61dd22a847d16

” perfect companion ” temperature is not high, public praise polarization receives grade ” small quick home ” ” perfect companion ” , reappear roundly as Gao Yuan your work, not only Hunan is defended inspect gold archives to receive the addition that inspects grail, still the actual strength such as piece of Lu Yi, Wang Yaoqing sends the actor’s battle array, tell about a men and women advocate the story that how balances domestic marriage and career, hunan be regardinged as is defended inspect drive year of king bomb.

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However ” perfect companion ” it is not only head sow encounter cold, entire network heat is very gloomy, go up heat of line head day only 7340, rank actually 10 above; And go up line much day, entire network heat is as before ” unmanned make inquires ” condition, end before dispatch ” perfect companion ” entire network heat is ranked 20, broadcast a quantity to be had pity on more less, sow 7 days of accumulative total to broadcast a quantity to had been not defeated unexpectedly 100 million? !

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Comparative ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” day all of 200 million broadcast a quantity, ” perfect companion ” it is really ” burnt ” appeared, the odd that joins a someone does not arrive.

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It is entire network heat not only low fan, fabaceous valve discussion division also is exceeding ” cold and cheerless ” , a few when sowed 8 part the plot of a play to discuss to only this is had pity on discuss degree, explain the audience is too little still.

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Of course, also somebody was refuted, of tall round circle ” perfect companion ” regard a middleaged God as drama, suffer numerous crowd not to depend on a youth, heat can be compared with discharge drama photograph how. But with the Liu Tao that is the same as a type ” stars sea ” below transverse contrast, ” perfect companion ” still be over was defeated.

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” stars sea ” even if is to leave high low go, but it is behead won 28 heat championship as before, the duty field sport that early days takes bright to feel oneself again with gas of hot-blooded encourage annals, ground connection was encircled one large quantities of faithful audience, let a person be chased after above.

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Watch instead ” perfect companion ” encounter cold, still be defeated was in on gut. From fabaceous valve the public praise of polarization looks, ” perfect companion ” the biggest question or the common fault that made homebred theatrical work, namely gut in suspension, feigned, not ground connection is angry. . .

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Live the leading role that a person of extraordinary powers drives car of a person of extraordinary powers curtilage people live less the fireworks of drama is angry,

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Remain what can look to have actor and acting only probably. Tall round circle reappears position is good, 9 people are in tall round circle and Zhang Lu the absolutely tacit full marks in drama, wang Yaoqing is the strong president appearance of cheap cheap as before.

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If tall round circle wants to come by this drama perfect reappear, I look dangerous! Say Hunan station open year of your work, see CCTV again open year of your work. ” surmount ” lift the thematic look that does not have spray to compare ” perfect companion ” , land CCTV-1 gold archives ” surmount ” , it is no matter will look from subject matter or cast, slightly better, be regarded as what age of main actor plum hopes to turn over dish of your work.

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Li Geng hopes to act the leading role ” surmount ” the teleplay that regards a winter as abstruse subject matter, the project with wide report direct focal point, it is subject matter not only in season (Beijing Olympic Winter Games) , cast is very luxurious also, act the leading role to hope besides Li Geng, still have Hu Jun, Sha Yi, Tu Songyan bone of 3 old show, costar also is acting clique gathers, the CCTV of appropriate appropriate opens year of big play.

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Why is the focus of this drama put in Li Geng to hope to go up personally, basically be Li Geng hopes to be scolded fire. Li Geng hopes to act the leading role ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” because play the part of reason of acting of get along with from sow be scolded get offline, wind judges it may be said is to be in a complete mess, be about ” Qiao Ying child ” filter lens gives defeat light.

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Fortunately ” in snow ” still do not have be over, new theatrical work ” surmount ” sowed at landing CCTV-1 gold archives to leave on January 9. Compare ” in snow ” , ” surmount ” it is subject matter or battle array no matter assuming color at former, be regarded by the netizen Li Geng hopes to break up dish the main chance. Carry the Li Geng of leading role crossbeam to hope again, be in this ” surmount ” in round of slippery girl Chen Mian of personate, it is the age or appearance no matter special agree.

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But part set asks not only professional tall, and still grow model, the respects course of study and acting test to the actor but not small, comment on from fabaceous valve at present in light of. Majority had better be judged, assist plum age hopes to act at long last was opposite part, from the girl feeling of the belt and clever acting, still have a youth that one is strong, with the part be of special joint.

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Li Geng hopes present condition suits to perform this kind of youth namely up young woman student, do not have a thing what to to perform in disorder extremely beautiful female advocate, do not hang then. But so luxurious big play head sow also encounter cold, on heat of entire network of line head day discharged 20 above, fabaceous valve discussion number is very few, it is the condition that is without spray almost. Fortunately fabaceous valve public praise did not die, at present majority had better be judged.

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” surmount ” sow encounter cold, still be anticipation actually in, come subject matter suffers numerous not quite, the 2 IP discharge that will do not have origianl work, 3 it is to do not have discharge actor drainage. For this, conclude Li Geng hopes to turn over dish of failure to still be nodded early for vogue now, but want to rely on this to lift the thematic theatrical work that does not have spray to break up dish a little vague still, do you feel?

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