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Original title: ” germinant ” will sow culminating prevue and placard to release Manufacture by noonday sunshine, adapt pray from city of advance river literature gentleman is homonymic the time loop playlet of the novel ” germinant ” will be in at 20 o’clock tonight Tecent video broadcasts solely. Now this drama exposure culminating prevue and two groups of placard, among them ” against time ” edition placard gives priority to an element with time, highlight the sense of urgency that the bus comes to help; “Encounter oneself ” edition placard signs up for for the odd sea of faces of main part in drama, in placard they all by much each oneself around, the versatility of the character in sky when the message is different; Culminating and premonitory develop this one major idea further, enlarge. This shows, this drama is the soul-stirring that elaborating a case not just, it is key focusing more among them ” person ” story. The drama part that the gut of deep theme, free and easy and numerous actor’s consummate acting makes a person be sowed to be about to leave tonight expects unceasingly. 20220111062454 61dd22b68d782 ” germinant ” by pray gentleman, Qiu Yujie, calculate, yellow Kevin playwrite, sun Mo dragon, Liu Hongyuan, calculate hold guide, hou Hongliang holds the position of total producer, zhao Ziyu holds the post of producer, wheat of Bai Jingting, Zhao Jin presents as leading role to act the leading role, liu Yijun is special piece act, liu billows friendship goes act, huang Jiao, Liu Dan acts the leading role jointly. Work told about game framework division to be like crane cloud (Bai Jingting is acted the role of) with affection of undergraduate Li Shi (Zhao Jin wheat is acted the role of) after encountering the bus bursts ” rise again ” , the time that has an accident at the bus paragraph inside uninterrupted experience time circulates, from get off save oneself to break estrangement to fight side-by-side, stop the explosion, old practice that searchs the truth hard. Culminating and premonitory heavy pound commentate those who give brightness of human nature of flash of partner of life and death to be released now is culminating and premonitory with Xiao Heyun and Li Shi the dialog of affection spreads out, in 2 people you come in a few words of my go toing, pass a much information, include the difference that two people exist on the idea. In Xiao Heyun’s utterance, what show him fully is unwilling with but: “This we get off to the station, what without giving thought to ” ” I do not want to let him harm you again ” ” a lot of ourselves also is a body inside the loop ” . Have the self that stands in ego angle give no cause for more criticism already, also have the consideration that stems from protective partner, and the goodness of Li Shi affection and sensibility, however drawing, infection wears Xiao Heyun accompanies with dead photograph: “Now they to me, had been common stranger no longer ” ” I want to retry ” . This shows, the bus rescue of 2 people is not follow a rational line to do some work well, accomplish in one move, be in however in second loop failure, the torturous, ten million that has experienced the soul countless times alls over painful choice, the reach the same goal by different routes that forms finally. As the passenger that time can enter to circulate on the bus, they are the favorite in misfortune, it is to holding this kind of lucky live on a degradation that must come by good luck in the arms to exeunt, carry the responsibility that have this accident and comes bravely still? In be chosen and colliding, of 2 people heart examine deepen ceaselessly, human depict gradually plump, call Everyman in one’s heart finally the portion is then brave up force. Cooperating premonitory commentate go out ” encounter oneself ” in edition placard, this one theme also is behaved particularly apparent. It is Xiao Heyun and Li Shi affection not just, this group of placard presented each characters in drama to be in infinite time loop, will right below sealed circumstance countless each oneself, encounter the situation of such in a extremely dangerous state, they perhaps have hesitant, suspicion, inaccuracy to decide, but can make right choice finally, the brightness of flash human nature. Alarm civilian turn over hand in hand ” explode ” the bus comes to help ” against time ” and now another theme of exposure is ” against time ” on placard, show a pressing sex that this explosive case comes to help. In the picture, men and women advocate it is personally in the center of dial, the finger before the body is like in flying roll, feeling making a person is in by time elapse quickly; The bus on minute hand looks tumbledown, criterion more highlighted rescuing be of great urgency. Brows tightens the Xiao Heyun in placard and Li Shi condition lock, expression is dedicated, show the determination that gives them to prevent everybody of explosion, rescue. Explode to 45 buses actually the aid of close emergency treatment of the case, have Xiao Heyun and Li Shi feeling only not just two the individual’s force, in culminating and premonitory second half paragraph, with Zhang Cheng (Liu Yijun is acted the role of) , prevent bureau (Liu Tao is acted the role of) the professional accomplishment that the constabulary team that head revealed their mission to be amounted to surely. Be in premonitory in, constabulary team builds up quickly, for intercept bus, many patron wagon disregards danger to block advanced side. Can see from inside the picture, constabulary team and affection of the cloud that be like a crane, Li Shi collaborate from within with forces from outside, to prevent explosive joint efforts. Final, they whether prevent explosion, success to save truckload person? In the gut tonight, the bus leaves sow namely ” scamper ” , affection of Xiao Heyun, Li Shi is immersed in ” time circulates ” , how the 2 people that have never met before establish trust step by step and to how the 2 people that have never met before establish trust step by step and seek the truth hand in hand? The story on 45 buses is about to pull open heavy curtain tonight. Since now, ” germinant ” in Tecent video entire network is sowed alone, the member is weekly 2, Zhou San replaced 2 part at 20 o’clock, head more 6 collect, blame member is weekly 2 replaced 1 part at 20 o’clock to Zhou Wu, expect please. [editor: ? Kuang province?

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