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Original title: Yan Zi east, Kong Xue carry sweet bestow favor on drama ” smart beautiful woman is slight makeup ” will raid, luanyun makes the same score a surprise to appear Well-known, ancient costume is sweet bestowing favor on drama is the theme of movie and TV that a lot of people like all the time. Picture ” the Chen Qian Qian in the hearsay ” , ” one night bride ” etc sweet bestow favor on drama, although enable, is new personality actor, but close finally inspect and public praise is pretty good. Must say, this kind sweet the ancient costume clue of cruel, just be an audience most of love to see and hear. Recently, have an ancient costume again sweet bestow favor on drama to be about to raid, it is You Yan violet east, Kong Xue of the main actor ” smart beautiful woman is slight makeup ” .

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This ” smart beautiful woman is slight makeup ” , popular IP novel is adapted and come according to the network, the country is belonged to on subject matter wind is beautiful makeup, the type of feeling of ancient costume talk. Origianl work is novel of city of advance river literature ” woman of flourishing age makeup ” , person morale is extremely high, of homonymic cartoon work broadcast a quantity, was to break through more 200 million, of high temperature add hold below, let this work give a group at top speed. What this drama tells about is contemporary girl manages beautiful is a beauty that has 300 thousand vermicelli made from bean starch makeup rich advocate, but however because of a traffic accident, turned a plant into the person. Below good luck coincidence, the game that she made Jin Jiang be being developed accidentally measures a player inside the system, those who let her is subconscious in another world, recovery new student.

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Qi Guanyi, it is the set part in VR game system, because of the United States makeup rich advocate of Si Yan intervene, open a paragraph of unbeknown wonderful brigade. Move back and forth chiliad, yue oneself person look, do not be fear of in the future, live for love, the welcome enters a brand-new world. Will look from character set or reason business division, subject matter of this new theatrical work is novel, the person is set high-energy invert, however very the appetite that accords with instantly youth. Of course, this drama also makes a person surprizing likewise in the respect that pick part, you Yan is violet east, Kong Xue, the actor bend affection such as Kang Ke’s person, Zheng Fanxing joins in. Female ” Si Yan ” it is You Kongxue piece act.

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Believe the person that is familiar with her knows, she is a of team of girl of female round bee, go out formally 2016, be full of the countenance of allure, make her successful show itself. She on arena, it is glamour more 4 shoot, move the dancing that feels dye-in-the-wood, vigor 4 ejaculation shows, the instant ignited the atmosphere of whole scene.

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She the typhoon on arena is solid, also have talent extremely on the performance, ancient costume the appearance of an actor particularly Jing is colourful, beautiful facial features, exceeding accord with drama Sino-US makeup rich advocate the person is set. Male ” Qi Guanyi ” it is You Yan violet east piece act.

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Yan Zi east a nova that is the rare in Neozoic actor, the impression that left profundity stands to the audience on the performance. 2016, perform work of subject matter of case of ancient costume explore because of going out ” know you not to know man ” medium ” Gu She ” one horn, thereby by the masses hep. 2019, piece perform theatrical work of female encourage sign ” 30 just ” , in big boy of sunshine of the personate in drama ” Zhong Xiaoyang ” , fictile of this one part is very successful, let his success scrape up many people are angry.

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Will look from stage photo, yan Zi east, Kong Xue modelling or pretty Jing are colourful, the CP feeling of two people also is very raise a key point! Besides, this drama still has a window, that is Luan Yunping of actor of comic dialogue of heart cloud company, gues-starred in drama ” storytelling gentleman ” one horn.

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This also is show of Luan Yunping, at ordinary times he stagewise lips is agile, do not know to be in this drama, what accident surprise can you bring to the audience? Current, this drama has killed blueness, be about to surprise at landing love 2022 art platform broadcasts solely, expect please!

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Everybody feels this ” smart beautiful woman is slight makeup ” how, have what view to this, the welcome leaves a message!

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