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Original title: Perform hellion to let the actor that the person hates the tooth is crawlily, their acting is 10000 times better than little fresh pork We say acting of little fresh pork is no good now, no matter perform good person to still perform hellion, it is an expression. Actually, there is character of a lot of old shows in recreational group, it is ecru that the feeling of part true realization that they perform resembles piece act, acting is good to high degree of professional proficiency, outside taking sport when them even, passed a lot of years, still a lot of people mix them play lump, perform hellion especially. What degree do they act hellion? Let you be carried quiver with respect to heart Jing bravery, hate the tooth is crawlily, carry every time frighten a suit cold sweat! Can so say, their acting is 10000 times better than today’s little fresh pork. We come today those perform check in entertainment group the actor that hellion performs so that high degree of professional proficiency, true and false does not divide, and the part that they act. 1, ” conquer ” the eye that night of Liu Hua Jiang gave Liu Hua Jiang black, he saw the world that does not have light, made the judgement that only force is his only outlet. 17 years ago alarm bandit teleplay ” conquer ” , it is the summit of a summit in homebred teleplay. Allegedly, this teleplay is changed according to real event, sungong performed Hua Jiang of gangdom old Liu in Lei Zaiji. The little brother Liu Huawen of Liu Hua Jiang is hit into serious injury, below the case that cannot find real murderer, be ashamed into anger of Liu Hua Jiang, the choice uses guilty method of the extreme, revengeful adversary. Especially Liu Hua Jiang stems in restaurant Feng Biao, carry the gun on the head on Feng Biao head, force him to kneel down: “I count 3 number, you should be returned not genuflect, I one gun beats dead you ” . Think now, let a person cannot help feel timid.

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Do not spend the most wonderful wonderful part that belongs to Liu Hua Jiang to buy watermelon even. The ex-wife of Liu Hua Jiang is selling melon there bought a melon, not only not ripe, still was bullied, liu Hua Jiang goes personally watermelon booth, ask vendor’s stand for many times advocate, “Is your this melon protected ripe? ” he still exposed fry batter in a thin layer advocate be short of jin short the small intrigue of two, both sides had conflict, liu Hua Jiang takes watermelon knife disclose directly the other side, disclose is over swagger off, when be being recognized, still do not forget to answer eye to laugh.

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This teleplay passed ten years, be in afresh net get angry rise, still by Duan Zi of make it of a lot of netizens, the Liu Hua Jiang that visible Sun Gonglei performs has how thorough popular feeling. 2, ” small fish do not have with the flower be short of ” Jiang Yuyan looks in one’s childhood ” small fish do not have with the flower be short of ” , feel the Jiang Yuyan of Yang Xue personate can let a person be hated the tooth is crawlily, arrived even person mind in all the degree of anger. This teleplay is one is done originally laugh at the work that give priority to, because had Jiang Yuyan’s presence, be in charge of is leading role or costar, good person still is rascal, if displease,cross Jiang Yuyan only, the ground your home that that must get she sends swims one day entrance ticket. This drama is sowed, kept small fish finally do not have with the flower be short of two male advocate, left name of a drama only, someone else was killed by Jiang Yuyan entirely.

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Nevertheless, although Jiang Yuyan is cruel and evil, work firm absolutely, it is culminating big BOSS, but she is done not have however with let everybody feel be fed up with, very pitiful instead. Whorehouse one’s previous experience, dark love a flower to not have be short of, think only and dark the person that love stays together long. But, good luck gets a person, the flower is not had be short of do not love her, one’s own father wants to use her only, forcing she becomes the evil person with full the biggest play step by step. Be worth what carry is, later period of river jade swallow is black change, yang Xue is perfect also Hold, do not lean big thick makeup, light relies on the eyes with respect to the show my childhood shadow.

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Without the tire of heavy and complicated, without the makeup look of rich and gaudy, yang Xue gets incisively and vividly with respect to the crafty and dangerous expression Jiang Yuyan, look over letting a person is unforgettable.

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3, ” secret corner ” Zhang Dongsheng ” go climbing together? ” you had heard of most propbably certainly this stalk. This is teleplay ” secret corner ” medium classical actor’s lines, zhang Dongsheng’s mouth speaks the great villain in drama of personate of Hao of the Qin Dynasty.

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In teleplay, zhang Dongsheng is the teacher of mathematics of take over a class for an absent teacher of a Children’s Palace, he is to come husband, without what skill, wife and farther-in-law mother-in-law look down on him, he does not have any positions mediumly in the home, after the wife is off the rails, want to divorce with him, his life is complete be driven to the last ditch, to strike back, he pushs farther-in-law mother-in-law downhill cliff with one’s own hands. Even if is push farther-in-law mother-in-law downhill cliff that momently, he still is being hanged on the face smile like a benign and uncontentious person who is indifferent to matters of principle, this kind of contrast let a person look shocking. Later, as the development of gut, zhang Dongsheng’s psychology is more and more abnormal, killed person is increasing, he becomes a devil completely, especially the hairpiece that he picks himself looks at a mirror in oneself when, that eyes lets person sense shudder.

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Qin Hao performs Zhang Dongsheng lived. Especially, who calls me to climb now, I can hasten place a hand, do not go, this is Zhang Dongsheng sequela. 4, ” do not talk with stranger ” An Jia and ask a thing, how much is this teleplay 80 hind the 90 childhood shadows after?

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If you are a female, because are An Jia and home cruel,fear marriage? Can you still answer the setting when remembering An Jia and home are cruel now? Can you recall the fear that is controlled by him? The An Jia that Feng expedition performs and how to have a success?

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Go so old, the in every case in TV news has a cruel news, affirmation matching a plan is An Jia and the photograph that start work. Allegedly, he goes to market buying food, the old lady is pulling him to warn, how does he play son’s wife again, call the police let a police catch him. Spectator misunderstanding also stopped, his part development popular feeling does not believe him to the person beside, feng him expedition says, he acts ” do not talk with stranger ” hind, the person beside him is more than ask him, don’t you play wife really? He makes sure he does not play wife repeatedly, the person beside still does not believe, talk in whispers in the heart, if he does not play wife, why to mix An Jia act so by superb?

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So far, the teleplay of domestic cruel subject matter, an Jia and this part up to now nobody are surmounted, too bad, too true, looked to let a person be hated the tooth is crawlily! 5, ” black hole ” Nie Mingyu wants to be less than, chen Daoming also has performed negative character, and it is very cruel and evil villain in drama. ” black hole ” in, gentle adn cultivated of Ming Yu of Nie of Chen Daoming personate, remain indifferent to other’s opinion, aloof and proud takes aristocratic temperament oneself again absolutely definitely, he is child of a senior officer, apparently he is president of Long Teng group, deputy mayor child, famed young entrepreneur, the economic politics nova with rapid red leap up.

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Privately, he is gangdom old however, homicide smuggling, open gambling house, bribery official, commit all manners of crimes. He to following oneself old subordinate says to abandon, taking poisonous mineral water to kill to taking company confidential data to blackmail the pimp of gold, still use same method, killed a plan to taking the lover of the wife that company confidential data runs. Kill that setting of wife lover especially, really… the madam is too abnormal…

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7, ” return Zhugege ” the person that holds wet nurse to perform what villain in drama acts the most successfully, how can little the look wet nurse that Mr. Li Mingqi performs. Contain the scene of wet nurse give or have an acupuncture treatment, become a lot of people ” childhood shadow ” , see every time must want dead in the hate in the heart, hate the tooth is crawlily, look to spit groove in the heart every time every time in one’s childhood, hope she gets offline rapidly.

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Does the look wet nurse that Mr. Li Mingqi performs have much success? Teleplay fire later, she by taxi car, the taxi driver identifies her is ” look wet nurse ” hind, refus carries; Go out to buy dish to go into the street, be being pointed to nose is scolded, be thrown by passerby even smelly egg. Of most night, someone cries her to allow wet nurse downstairs in her home, just know to let groups big, look wet nurse lives in that village. The uncle aunt that still a few is bringing grandson meets by chance her, go to to grandchildren there point to say: “Look quickly, that is look wet nurse. ” grandchildren is frightened be frightened out of one’s wits. Can perform negative character the whole people to all know, the whole people enters the room for action of play, mr. Li Mingqi is painful really happy.

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So old nevertheless past, everybody just discovers, allowing wet nurse just is the oldest good person so, those person or that plunge into because of her steal an evade taxation, or is held dominate the stock market, or bearing has a problem, it is hellion, she just is artist of true De Yishuang strong and pervasive fragrance. Mr. Li Qiming worked hard really, so old was upset by unkindness!

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