Fri. Sep 30th, 2022
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Original title: Hangzhou perfect film ” the hotel that catch evil spirit ” immensity of musical instruments used in a Buddhist or Taoist mass? ” the hotel that catch evil spirit ” by culture of musical instrument of book of limited company of medium of Hangzhou perfect culture, Hangzhou transmission limited company manufactures, mirror hair of announce of limited company of beautiful culture medium, this supervise the manufacture of: Chen Zhao, producer: Black smoke, director: La Zhiwei. Playwrite: Tian Jie. Film undertook switching on the mobile phone on July 1, 2021 ceremony.

20220111070122 61dd2b42874f9

Film told about fox bewitching to want to let his become more super- strong, think purloin musical instruments used in a Buddhist or Taoist mass, change oneself to become the woman of beautiful enchanting personally then. Iron foolish foolish saw those who spend bend city is weird it seems that, this lets spend bend city feeling to make do hard a bit. At that time 1000 snow have the dream fox of very big clew discovery bewitching and shade have very big correlation 1000 times, everybody to shade the suspicion of 1000 identities also got admitting really further.

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Shade wants 1000 times to use iron foolish foolish and collect of minor full point to arrive musical instruments used in a Buddhist or Taoist mass, actually they two early knew everything, good play of a peerless was performed later.

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In hotel for arrest fox bewitching cloth leaves office, await bewitching fox to appear, just as one would expect, medium the show one’s true colours of instant of beautiful bend city after mechanism, discover identity exposure has not been hit, the instant shows prototype of black fox bewitching, at this moment everybody saw nether world 1000 true face. Hold bewitching hotel employer, 5 money catch bewitching day division, coquettish and enchanting, gas field is dye-in-the-wood, still organize everybody to hit mahjong constantly. Be good at playing the lute, lute demon sound already was amounted to 10 rank, can photograph bewitching soul. If want to understand more and wonderful gut, expect please.

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