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Original title: [entertainment heat] Yang Ying, Wang Anyu ” free shadow finds trace ” kill blueness; 1000 royal seal, Zhang Zifeng obtains easy melt anniversary of Chinese youth film spends Xin Ruinan, actress Jing Tian of drama anthology, put together art, Xu Weizhou ” the city of time ” decide archives 1.20 1 10 days month, the latter-day legend drama that Jing Tian, Xu Weizhou acts the leading role ” the city of time ” calm archives, will rise to be sowed alone in Tecent video entire network on January 20. This drama is adapted according to the homonymic novel of treasure of blown away by wind. Told about an idea careful learn bully domestic preceptress, elaborate composition is close to Chou Jia, meanwhile, look be like be designed by her, what having likewise high intelligence quotient however is male advocate strong go up line20220111070242 61dd2b92ec0c5 Yang Ying, Wang Anyu ” free shadow finds trace ” kill blueness recently, by Chen Guohui supervise the manufacture of, ma Jiaying hold guide, angelababy, Wang Anyu presents as leading role to act the leading role, the net theatrical work that saves the main actor such as Mu Ye ” free shadow finds trace ” complete theatrical work kills blueness, this drama is loving it is reported strange art entire network is sowed alone. According to drama of movie and TV of countrywide key network filmed the program is registered in September 2021 put on record an eye watch show, the latter-day legend that this drama is a 12 collect kind drama anthology, specific gut of short duration not exposure. 20220111070243 61dd2b936440b The film ” wood world ” head placard exposing to the sun manufactures by Chu Xiaoying course of study, chen Caiyun holds the position of total producer, gu Xiaogang hold the film that guide ” wood world ” exposure first concept placard, use black and white gold only trichromatic draw the outline of ” the elephant of whereaboutsing landscape, between heaven and earth of a simple move or action ” draw coils. As Gu Xiaogang ” landscape pursues ” the 2nd film of series, the director will guide an audience from ” Chun Jiang water is warm ” Fu Chunjiang bank, trend ” wood world ” hill of west lake tea. 20220111070243 61dd2b93db0f2 Zhou Bichang is displayed sing ” sheep happy a sheep and ash too the basket of the wolf gives future ” thematic song on January 11, the animation motion picture that is about to show at first day of the lunar year ” sheep happy a sheep and ash too the basket of the wolf gives future ” exposure dedicates sung thematic song by Zhou Bichang ” seeing me is a sheep only 2022 ” MV, and free of pen of government-owned announce week ” sheep of sheep of pen of ยท of villager of ovine village honor ” the identity. It is reported, this will be in at coming 16 days on January 15 dot of lead of partial city open is mirrorred. 20220111070244 61dd2b94e1d62 1000 royal seal, Zhang Zifeng obtains easy melt the standing that anniversary of Chinese youth film spends choose of honor of new fighting spirit of year of Xin Ruinan, actress is week of Chinese youth movies board piece, this unit creates 12 honorary categories in all, in order to recommend the power of new fighting spirit that in full-length film and short unit expression highlights. Choose of honor of current year new fighting spirit is rolled out in full-length film unit first ” one person one ticket ” make, by committee of youth of association of Chinese film home and work of new literary group (abbreviation ” green appoint meeting ” ) the name makes all 104 members fact one person one ticket, choose gives full-length film unit each honorary final list. Among them 1000 royal seal have the honor to win easy melt actor of year new fighting spirit, zhang Zifeng has the honor to win actress of year new fighting spirit. 2021 CCTV spring late data reports valve of nearly 10 years of beanses divides drama anthology a list of names posted up high: Sun of noonday of 9 minutes of drama is occupied nearly 4 into; Is public praise drama most 2020 2020 what industry most does be willing to part with or use spend money? | Zoology of 2020 intelligence big screen (advertisement piece) who is seeing network movie? Cruel cloud is interactive battle ” epidemic disease ” special subject reports heavy pound gives heat: Intelligent TV switchs on the mobile phone rate promote compared to the same period 2.8% , ” news 1+1 ” attention is spent go up amount to 235% , twinkling of cinema stream of people falls EYE Grow of 90% cruel cloud | Entire media sale is decision-making and open platform cruel cloud EYE Grow will be complete media data (TV, outdoors, Internet) change data get through with the enterprise, use model of industry authority algorithm, offer transparent, efficient sale for the enterprise decision-making service

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