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Original title: Xu Feng year why to save Zhao Jie, either ” do laugh take on ” cannot die, however playwrite is foresighted ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” near end gradually, the voice that says groove is not abandoned gradually not sound replace. Nevertheless besides do not abandon, the audience still has a lot of to indissoluble. Xu Feng year the sword a small case that had taken Laohuang; Plum, the battle of king also can says to one’s heart’s content; Xuan Sufei of Zhao of block the way of Deng Tai A rises a success, besides Zhao announce element and 6 gone Wu Nu, everybody had a satisfactory a home to return to it seems that.

20220111070316 61dd2bb497085

But Xu Feng year next Zhao Jie be related are saved to make a person however in hand of Zhao Xuan element everybody is to indissoluble very. Not only audience water of a mist, him Zhao Jie also is muddled very force, consider do not get risk on the spot ask a question — can say, save my this job, how do you think?

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Xu Feng year say: Your blind alley, ought not to be in this. Xu Feng year shrewdness is quite deep, absolutely unapt do ” goddess ” . He saved Zhao Jie’s act to also cause the doubt of a lot of netizen. So Xu Feng year why to save Zhao Jie, either ” do laugh take on ” cannot die, however playwrite is foresighted.

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Understood the distinction of drama edition and origianl work, you understood. In origianl work, zhao Jie because maternal status lowliness does not suffer honest of Zhao of emperor leaving this world to approbate, die of illness till strange mother he just is received in palace. Dan Zhaochun is afraid that fame is damaged, never make public Guo Zhaojie’s identity. Face the inhospitality of unripe father, zhao Jie looks seem everything unmindful, there is oneself plan in the heart actually. He wants to instigate north is cool the goal that achieves oneself to rise abruptly with the dispute that leaves this world, chase after by every means then kill Xu Feng year.

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Zhao Jie is mixed along with golden armour darling later 6 bead the person such as Bodhisattva hurries off to the Western Regions hedge, the Western Regions serves as north cool ” backyard ” , xu Feng year how could allows him. Accordingly, xu Feng year return to kill Zhao Jie to cut of the Western Regions with respect to rate army from boreal rank grass —

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Zhao Jie’s ending also is a tragedy. When beside accompany by Xu Feng year after killing light, zhao model all up commits suicide. Before on one’s deathbed crazy crazy absurd to the capital, words of the deceased has a word only: Dad. Happy person cures lifetime with childhood, sad person cures childhood with lifetime. Zhao Jie is latter undoubtedly, miserable one’s life experience lets his of one mind want to stand firm by father think much of sb, but however his actual strength also does not allow.

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Somebody evaluates Zhao Jie to petty trick does not have great wisdom however, meet again ” reincarnation hotshot ” Xu Feng year, fortune is not good more, reduce the victim that influence struggles thoroughly, lamentable and deplorable. But the villain in drama that is a such tragedy, was contributed by complete theatrical work however dye-in-the-wood laugh is nodded. He is called not only ” complete theatrical work is done laugh take on ” , more be acted according to to be: “Have demeanour negative character most ” . Of course these is not is Xu Feng year the cause that helps him, because the Zhao Jie in teleplay and origianl work are medium not identical.

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Above all his show share is a lot of more. Perhaps playwrite also feels Xu Feng year one person wander from place to place and earn a living by juggling too cross insipidity, the villain in drama that looked for an age to comparative so comes to it rich weichis. In addition, he compares origianl work much mediumer a few minutes likelihood. The figure of villain in drama deserves to go up get laugh kidney, make him gutty ” grey too wolf ” inspect already feeling. A few assassinate come down, the netizen is opposite not only he became much good impression, lian Jinjia is called ” golden armour darling ” .

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Nevertheless playwrite leaves him, should have another reasons. Xu Feng year enquire Wang Xianzhi that evening whether is Han ermine temple capital, it is thus clear that he also is being surrounded that evening to Han ermine temple kill a mother there already was suspicion ace, and the master that he is Zhao Jie, probably from surround in those days kill Wu Su to seek the hand that killing his is temple of out Han ermine to nowadays.

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Zhao model gest flatly, it is easy to should kill his how, but should chase after fish in those days the truth and backstage are really fierce, because give Han ermine temple,still can use Zhao Jie probably. This is one of act carefully dots of playwrite. Additional, the Zhao Jie in origianl work is to die at driving westerly region time on the road, natural cannot get killed hereat. Be just like Xu Feng year be said: Your blind alley, ought not to be in this. Xu Feng year be ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” medium big male advocate, he looks be like lie constantly in danger, but before father Xu dawn paves a road, there is Li Chungang to convoy again beside, still can jump out to breathe out from time to time breathe out girl and Deng Tai A such ” pay a debt of gratitude bureau ” , how looking is ” not dead body ” .

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than below, zhao Jie is honest too low-down. But if he wants diversionary Xu Feng year, be increase a point to him Buff surely, golden armour darling and nature of hill of Yuan front courtyard are insufficient, that helps with respect to playwrite.

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