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Original title: Rely on to act ” on the west travel notes ” medium goddess in the moon has his moment, remove deal of the go into business after the circle, social status already passed nowadays 100 million People says, good actor carries show, have to the play exquisite, not be good play is not patted easily. A lot of classical it is classical, because,be director, play, actor, take set wait for a respect to observe and study very, do one’s best is perfect, perfunctory without a bit, be willing ten years to grind a drama only a film. The teleplay audience nowadays looks, feel little what to nod, although funds is far more sufficient than wanting once upon a time, arena is far also more delicate than once upon a time, but, the effect that takes fares badly however, this also is mixed probably of fast rhythm film have very big concern. Drama of classical movie and TV can make an actor, the actor also can make theatrical work of classical movie and TV, once had actor of a female, performed a play to be become however only all one’s life classical, the go into business after retreating a circle is in business, the career makes the unboiled water that get wind, contributed about a hundred hope elementary school, let more children have a book readable, accept good education — Qiu Peining.

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01 are to see Qiu Peining this name, probably a lot of people do not know who she is, but, speak of 86 edition when us ” on the west travel notes ” the goddess in the moon in the center, the setting that when coming on the stage with respect to goddess in the moon of meeting lighten out in our brain, is shaken by its beauty. Of 86 edition ” on the west travel notes ” need not say more in compatriots eye, accompanying generation another acting person grows, still can call somewhat nowadays even ” drama of go with rice ” also can allude ” on the west travel notes ” . Although use the eye nowadays to go look upon this large and mythological teleplay, performance of among them specially good effect, setting is built, the respect such as picture quality can calculate on ” coarse ” , but must say again, what its shape the part that come out thorough popular feeling. As the division apprentice of leading role 4 people nature is in the heart of the audience impression is quite deep, besides division apprentice besides 4 people, the sprite in drama appeared a few times in camera lens only, can be remembered by the audience, this also is rare among teleplay. A lot of people laugh say: “Junior know to see Sun Wu play monster for nothing only, however oversight there still is so much belle elder sister inside drama ” , really, 86 edition ” on the west travel notes ” pick part, even if be a costar only,be a beauty, and the distinctive charm that having oneself, qiu Peining serves as act goddess in the moon the actor of this one part, she also is having her charm naturally.

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Does Qiu Peining’s glamour have how old? Patted only all one’s life ” on the west travel notes ” this one play, make an audience right her bear in mind constantly, hope she can take sport more, take good fun. But, qiu Peining is patted ” on the west travel notes ” act with respect to what ended oneself art career, go into business is in business, because this annals is not in Qiu admire Ning Yuan,this is recreational group, film ” on the west travel notes ” what just direct because of Yang Jie is a mind which perceives both past and future like fire, discovered this reviews from elementary school dancing, figure appearance temperament all accords with drama in ” faery of goddess in the moon ” the beauty of one horn. Be worth what carry is, qiu Peining is not an actor at the beginning, she most the work that begins to do is adjoining play staff ” red Lou Meng ” medium small log. 02 people often say: “It is gold always can give off light ” , this word is put in Qiu Peining to go up personally also absolutely, she is in ” red Lou Meng ” log is done in the play staff, there also are a few minutes to connect to acting in a play under be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears appear intelligence of animals, when Yang Jie’s director discovers her, feel to decide her to be immediately ” faery of goddess in the moon ” the act person of the part.

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To this accredit and affirmation, qiu Peining does not have too big terrified, although not be one’s previous experience of regular professional training, also had not contacted a performance, but she the endowment with oneself, still fathomming ceaselessly in, will ” faery of goddess in the moon ” one horn is explained approximately faultlessly, after this, no matter reappear of how many version ” goddess in the moon ” , the feeling that nobody can resemble Qiu Peining this edition making a person Jing admires. In one’s childhood Qiu Peining is congenial very long, features is delicate and picturesque general, was brought up to be read at the center ethical institute art is fastened, it is the student of dancing major, after graduation, became a dancer among chorus of Beijing military region. She dancing major strength is deep, in explanation ” faery of goddess in the moon ” when this one part, having distinct artistic effect naturally to present an audience, plus take at that time set group of makeup look dress that are its elaborate design, gas of whole person celestial being waves, let an audience think descend to the world of goddess in the moon of faery of the palace of the moon came really.

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Preamble has been mentioned, even if personate ” faery of goddess in the moon ” audience public praise very tall, however, to Qiu Peining however annals is absent this, she has patted 86 edition only all one’s life ” on the west travel notes ” this one teleplay, after this also had not received other theatrical work again. Be worth what carry is, after go into business is in business, it is successful that Qiu Peining’s career is done very, social status go up already 100 million, she of the successful entrepreneur that has been a be worthy of the name, not blundering, however very dependable precipitation: Enthusiastic commonweal, the amount that the on social status 100 million commonweal number that make contribute also exceeds 60 million yuan already, contributed more than 100 hope elementary school in all, help a lot of inconvenient children complete his school work, let more children can enjoy the right that accepts education.

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Epilogue goddess in the moon is among fairy tale of our country ancient time, it is the god of a symbolic significance, “Goddess in the moon approachs a month ” this story is representing archaic people namely the adore affection to stars. The audience often likes him actor to bale together with the classical part of its place personate undertake evaluating, to Qiu Peining, she acts ” faery of goddess in the moon ” one horn, world of involuntary discharge of urine and independent, celestial being of dimly discernible desire, the beauty that has east celestial being gas waves, after your person looks, cannot bear forget. Normally for, play is patted to suffer greatly for the first time among life reputably, a lot of people can choose to depend on the heat of existing part continues to encircle an activity in recreation, won’t could there be as Qiu admire absolutely that kind retreats a circle to be in business. But, qiu Peining can accomplish first time to also can pat play well however, be in business to also can make social status on 100 million, enthusiastic still commonweal contributed more than 100 hope elementary school. Must say, on her body, we can experience a powerful force.

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