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Original title: ” why sheng xiao silent ” was not fallen to wear, want every year to review, of Zhong Hanliang why treasure is too handsome Gu Man is an author that a lot of friends like, the story warmth of her the wording and purpose of what one writes is exquisite, the teleplay it may not be a bad idea that films looks. Especially ” why sheng xiao silent ” , ” laugh slightly very bend city ” these two. No matter be gut,still pick part, calculate going up is outstanding true person edition. Distance why sheng xiao silent leaves sow, unexpectedly already 7 years?

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Why sheng xiao silent acts the leading role by Tang Yan and Zhong Hanliang, broadcasted on January 10, 2015, took in those days Jiangsu defends inspected year to close inspect champion, public praise and broadcast perfectly. As it happens is to leave recently sow 7 years, the netizen goes search discovery is fallen to wear. Frightened everybody to jump, still thinking is the actor has an accident. It is copyright issue actually, love is strange now art had restored to go up frame, can go seeing play happily.

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Since musical instrument a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument rises, why sheng xiao silent. In those days this drama has much fire, reckon many people return remain fresh in one’s memory now. This drama is network of first odd-numbered days broadcast a quantity to break through the teleplay of 300 million, baidu index is highest amount to 3.2 million. Gut is adapted very esteem origianl work, acting of one numerous actor is online, male Shuai Nv is beautiful, music is very Orphean also.

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Especially of Zhong Hanliang personate why treasure, deep feeling considers elite lawyer of the home. Although the surface looks frosty, be opposite actually Zhao Mosheng be passionately devoted.

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The with marriage hind contrast bud before marriage, sweet arrived many friends. Facial features of bell Chinese fine is handsome, the figure is slender, perform a lawyer to the model has kind. Look why sheng xiao silent, still think a lot of lawyers are long why treasure is so handsome. The Zhao Mosheng of Tang Yan personate, in those days also a few people feel to act badly. The disposition that goes looking actually in origianl work at the back of Zhao Mosheng, still hold out with respect to what can discover Tang Yan holds reach the designated position.

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Father has an accident, think oneself are cold-shouldered by male friend, a person is hit in abroad go all out, early not be in those days lovely size elder sister.

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The men and women of college time advocate, be Luo Yunxi and Wu Qian personate. In those days they are very green still acerbity, now also have been recreation the circle is OK the Neozoic actor of take charge of a department alone.

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Luo Yunxi is known by a lot of people for the first time, because,the likelihood is university why treasure this part. The lawyer also has acted at the back of him, he Wuqian still cooperated ” the person that chase after light ” , ” antediluvian love song ” . Why sheng xiao silent is a very warm story, why treasure uses 7 years await, change lifetime stay together. But such story, in reality have very hard.

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When having, miss even if missed. Did not resemble why treasure such person, can await in place all the time. Although be a fiction, look why sheng xiao silent, what can experience love is good, with the courage that takes ahead, this is enough also.

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