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Original title: Center intermediary is high-key warm-up! 40 part big play comes to Ren Jialun piece, see Qing Dynasty daughter advocate: One second does not want to see her ” rustic love 14 ” Guan Xuan decides archives to let broad netizen boil again, especially the regression of Liu Nengjiang situation of Wang Xiaoli personate brought not little surprise to the audience. Everybody had expected this one season too long, among them ” thank beetle-crusher ” Yu Yuexian had left an audience forever now, can meet with vermicelli made from bean starch in drama only, let person sigh really.

20220111070511 61dd2c271b63a

Not only such 2022 still have the big play with many quite loud voice to be being prepared in, this not, CCTV personally high-key warm-up, ” dusk heart is made an appointment with ” the platoon was in the first, and be started at the beginning of the year.

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Look Ren Jialun may is in big play of this 40 part films in the process, 2021 ” Zhou Shengru reason ” and sequel ” one’s whole life ” just gave a group by right of oneself quality, show itself in drama of numerous ancient costume, ren Jialun’s acting also suffers fully approbate. Although new theatrical work lets a person expect, can comment on an area or controversy is ceaseless, basically was in centrally female advocate on the body, even somebody expresses to see Qing Dynasty daughter advocate hind, one second also does not want to see her.

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Explode money novel is adapted, two ” wardmate ” cure each other ” dusk heart is made an appointment with ” adapt explode oneself money novel ” search hard because of dusk only ” , told about psychology to seek advice from division and double business superhigh rich the love story with 2 mysterious generation. This novel belongs to talk feeling to cure department work, public praise is bipolar the trend of differentiation, fabaceous valve is as high as 7.5 minutes as before however, visible reader loves to his.

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This industry is in psychological advisory division the common occurance in teleplay, of Yang Zi ” female psychology division ” , of Gong Jun ” sleep deeply garden ” involve come here domain. Just ” dusk heart is made an appointment with ” under photograph comparing more relaxed, its style is not the nervous stimulation of explore record quality, all sorts of crises that also come out without sedulous all one’s life, however with relaxed warmth, slowly and the rhythm that come, show each the case of true human nature to write.

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Male advocate the surface is to have ” gregarious and scared disease ” Gao Leng’s president, on the network active all the more however, and it is the hacker with excellent technology, mix female advocate word of chatting expression bag, Yan Wen acts like a spoiled child Mai Meng all was risked come out, and still be a word consumptive disease. Have severe psychogenic disorder, cannot communicate communication normally with the person, can put flying ego however on the net, this also is the current situation of crowd of instantly society part, the extreme contrast of two sides sex is very true.

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And female advocate although be psychological advisory division, itself has serious affection obstacle however, as a child experience lets her cannot experience love like other people. After parents divorces, she and mother and stepfather live, but mother however because of often by the home cruel do not bear and commit suicide, then Liu Xia used his powerful brains design to kill stepfather, although the life calmed but the heart is sufferred however all the time.

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” dusk heart is made an appointment with ” the form that some are similar to unit drama, liu Xia contacts as psychological advisory division another different patient, male friend is Ms. Sun of promising child irritated heart, sad before be at the same time at the same time the money young lady that busy sunken person sets is waited a moment. Bagatelle of small excellent front yard, rough affection, arrive greatly homicide case dispute, liu Xia has tall record of formal schooling tall Yan Zhineng cures other softly quite, however cannot self-healing.

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Begin to move toward the road that saves atone for each other with respect to two such people, every thing that they encounter is inactive, but always can produce a warmth and thick love rear. “Those who had seen a whole world is callous, however as before can tender. ” after movie and TV is changed, meet probably more sweet be bored with, the hope can present an one psychology with pure and fresh and free from vulgarity ministry sweet drama.

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Acting suffers doubt fully, can you hit this time turn over battle? ” dusk heart is made an appointment with ” the biggest controversy drop is in female advocate Yang Ying went up personally, be informed Ren Jialun and Yang Ying to will cooperate when the netizen resentment is not little.

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The Yan Zhi of Angelababy everybody be obvious to all, no matter,be in in all sorts of large activities swallow of warbler of how many warbler, she always is most a that when glorious takes a person, also be flashlight collect the ground. The acting audience that is Yang Ying only also understands very much, from ” Gu fragrant do not admire oneself ” after plan of cut of the chamfer that be spat by numerous netizen, make eyes adds glare, it seems that her professional level is in everybody had destiny in the heart.

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Yang Ying is not one’s previous experience of regular professional training really, in act in a play the place that the respect has inadequacy is understandable, after all it is OK that Yan Zhi is turning to act in a play all right accept, after all instantly is numerous Idol transition also is same, in insecurity of the hard to avoid when facing old show bone. When she once cooperated with Liu Dehua, because too ultra move do not enter a mood and cry not to come out, the behind the curtain is operated suddenly with eyedrop, also calculate behaved character mood come out.

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Actually she still likes to act in a play quite, be in ” the bid farewell that search dragon ” in the first love cummer that Ding Saitian of Yang Ying personate is Hu Bayi, show share is not much because of ” Jing is day person ” the body obtained 100 flowers award is optimal female match, she also sent photograph and vermicelli made from bean starch to share her happy feeling in gregarious platform.

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A few this years nevertheless Yang Ying also is in silent training acting, in net drama ” skyscraper ” in time giving looking glass is not much also, can leave deep impression to the audience every time, her whole journey appears in memory, childhood shadow is enveloped below however as before good goodness.

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Her acting is returned at that time went up to heat up search vocabulary entry, caused a boiling, opposite for a bit some richer expression, still have no longer the double eye of goggle at of all the time, weep to make popular feeling broken really. Connect Zhang Ziyi excited to sent a small composition to come complimentary this drama, fall to Yang Ying to go up personally finally, give height to approbate, look Yang Ying’s effort has effect.

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And Yang Ying ever was accepted in mobile spot when interviewing, express oneself act art the career is not successful, if should take a vole smoothly, she is clear also it is thus clear that in act in a play the respect still has very long way to want, and still have very old ambition.

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Hope Yang Ying can be in ” dusk heart is made an appointment with ” in give an audience a surprise, dozen turn over battle, after all psychological advisory division also is a not small challenge. She and the CP sense that hold the post of Jia Lun should be little not, after all the age is equal Yan Zhi very build, won’t have what is violated and feel, besides holds the post of person energy of life of Jia Lun and acting to be approbated, acting bully total respect has experience again, can brush a different scintilla probably.

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Since CCTV can give this drama certain platoon side, open and high-key warm-up should be wrong also not, do you expect the combination of Ren Jialun and Yang Ying? [avoid duty statement] if involve work content, copyright and other issue, contact with this station inside 30 days please, we will be in delete content for a short while!

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