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Original title: Went up 2021 new 93 suspense drama, not ” roll ” give ” secret corner ” ? Author | dried meat floss ” I just know now ” secret corner ” and ” silent truth ” it is two special case. ” a fabaceous valve user comments on an area to be written so in some suspense drama, nearly 10 thousand people were nodded useful. Clever is, this word radiant is the drama that is commented on not just, can magnify more to dense fog theater, was last year even suspense drama people. Go time time pull, the crucial node that suspense drama looks up was 2017, ” white night is chased after fierce ” ” the blame that does not have card ” the possibility that person energy of life confirmed this type; 2020, a few websites hand over high component work: ” secret corner ” ” silent truth ” ” rumour ” and ” groan bridge ” . Suspense drama, especially the suspense playlet that 12-20 collective measures, make popular circuit. A year many before when looking into the drama market market 2021, it is undoubtedly most get attention and expectant kind.

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Reality is to be completely annihilated basically however: ” double explore ” ” mist of anise booth mystery ” tell an audience it seems that, film group is kind of superstition; ” deadly desire ” fabaceous valve gives a mark 4.1, the public praise that achieves dense fog theater is new low, still be immersed in controversy because of discharge actor… such situation, many audiences are joking, because violet Jin Chen does not have skill,this is certainly. Fun puts in fun ‘s charge, speaking to express dissatisfaction, at least audience is OK still transfer line of sight — Han drama ” squid game ” , stage drama ” go against bureau ” ” go up at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern ” , high component suspense has drama to be in greatly.

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And carry to making for, many real problems need to solve. For this, archives of balloonfish movie and TV (ID:hTysda) chat with the producer that has undertaken relevant project, playwrite. The trend backside that quality whole drops, where is the problem? Platform and company raise the price of the commodities continuously, how can this circuit still run? We also understand in discuss, it is under even more strict checkup, change a dimension to spend, begin is commented on that sentence likewise applicable. 2021 of 01 suspense drama: Quantitative change produces qualitative change, is collective very popular? According to beacon major edition, the total output of drama market field was 390 last year. End on November 21, actor loves Teng Mang the suspense drama of the line on 2021 amounts to 4 platform 92, crop is stable. In the meantime, its each ” hardware ” also be in upgrade, more apparent is film ordinary members of theatrical troupe shows a body often among them. ” mist of anise booth mystery ” most typical, king small Shuai Zhi guides, paragraph the person such as Yi Hong, Hao Lei, Zu Feng acts the leading role. ” double explore ” also be person of one many movies rear, besides director and actor, art, photography and modelling advocate achieved personal details also is film writing on the watch. Very apparent, the suspense drama supply last year is ample and configuration rises, also accordingly, be in early 2020, the audience is in the involute achievement that waiting to see suspense play. Everybody wants below one to those who see is ” secret corner ” and ” silent truth ” , look nowadays now, this expected to come to nothing. Integrated public praise and heat, of a few amount to is not much bright looks making is ” sweep black storm ” ” traitor ” ” drive grants small Wu to make ” ” the Luoyang since wind ” ” adversary ” , but will strictly tell, its advocate the type is battle of experience case, espionage and ancient costume respectively, in before two report that also are returned to give priority to melody drama.

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And those more suspense drama expression of the standard owes beautiful. Love is strange art in 3 of theater of dense fog of the 2nd season new theatrical work, ” mist of anise booth mystery ” ” deadly desire ” fabaceous valve grading all fails, latter is low to 4.1 minutes, ” who is a murderer ” play is relatively stable, the heat inside the station of 8700 also achieves two season theater new tall, but sow 3 days of apologies twice to let it lose partial passerby edge. See other again the work of 3 platform, some leaves high low go, be fight in the van of mango monsoon theater for instance ” hunt wolf person ” , of Tecent ” double explore ” ; Some public praise are passable but lung-power is insufficient, actor or actress for instance of cruel suspense theater ” the person that the rose goes ” ; Do not have outstanding performance in every respect for the most part, flood do not see spray in field of whole drama market: ” crammer true explore ” ” dozenth second ” ” the truth ” … so canvass rises, is their where not good-looking? Audience why dissatisfactory? Allow a side inside, can sum up roughly for at 3 o’clock. It is narrative too slow, rhythm feeling happen frequently of strong, be concerned about is the core element with suspense nice theatrical work, otherwise the audience loses patience very easily, because this is denounced serious ” mist of anise booth mystery ” in, telling the domestic secret 18 years ago all the time, the Xuan Zhu that regards case core as one of characters comes on stage till ability of the 5th market. 2 it is mode repeats, ” mist of anise booth mystery ” ” who is a murderer ” ” double explore ” those who use is same pattern: Adopt the unsettled case before the incident of instantly is derivative and old, former practice namely, different figure produces correlation from this, undertake tracking afresh. And this also is associate with the customary gimmick of drama of movie and TV of a lot of suspense, beauty of audience nature joint hearing is fatigue.

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3 hereat lane is lofty, it is a purpose in order to innovate, partial play anthology applied fast concept to perhaps say strong set, but the story is told not quite solidly thorough, the audience arises hard interest and in all affection, contain element of soft science fiction, spread out around Wisher of mobile phone software ” deadly desire ” put in this problem. Playwrite Gu Dongyan thinks, the successful existence that doubt theatrical work suspends before is bit more collective. It is sociality above all strong, ” secret ” in to human nature discuss, ” heavy true ” medium government-owned businessman collusion, associated on certain level society; Be a colour next group resemble depict, ” secret ” have bad child and family group picture, ” heavy true ” have the leading role that pursues justice jointly people, ” skyscraper ” have a woman group picture. Finally is narrative structure, for instance the 34th part follows the concern of collect of just a little, it is certainly from the back upgrade somewhat to the gut in front, perhaps invert, enclothe. Likewise important still have when undertaking now, “It is leading role people what chasing after now, lead to future from now, the audience is to expect to see what future produces certainly, is not the fact that knows the past merely ” . But under integral contrast not difficult discovery, these window did not appear almost in the suspense drama market last year. On the other hand, film person was not brought to suspense drama add truly hold, the audience has seen many aesthetic and excellent net play, video go up ” the film feels character ” can’t make up for a play be short of regret, the fall feeling aggravate that expects to be formed with reality everybody’s dissatisfaction. In the meantime, discharge actor becomes the trend that suspense drama award matchs to also be spat groove by the audience gradually. Its behave bypass not to talk, discharge is to have those who turn over bite really to creation, some practitioner tells small amusement, “The acting of young actor is no good namely, but now is flow times, we wrote play to had formed the rule, write the part of 40 years old of above, can write very much massiness, have arrangement, but young part cannot be written so thick, write beautifully, nifty, it is good to have character characteristic. ” after 02 tall light pass, why is suspense theatrical work not nice? Everybody expects suspense theatrical work, also be to expecting to love to surprise greatly art dense fog theater, the inaugurator of this fractionize category. More than it is to get numerous end, the brand effect that the high public praise of the first season forms inside course of study is very apparent also, draw director of one numerous heavy pound, actress. So, want to discuss the matter of be issued to lower levels of suspense drama quality, do not circle it. See dense fog theater alone, practitioner thinks, the success before more or less the display of the 2nd season explains is contingency taller. From whole character, it imagines without the outside medium clarity plans: ” mist of anise booth mystery ” advocate hit domestic suspense, ” deadly desire ” introduced soft science fiction, ” who is a murderer ” with a court case of long standing of unit case string, did not broadcast ” pan ” criterion with southwest close forest pan guest gives priority to horn… fall in the innovation to all sorts of compound types and exploration, the theater moves a gender to become ambiguous. After start shooting lung-power, dense fog theater is inspected surveyor’s pole of some kind of character, the work that enters a theater, can share these work advocate achieve bring a ring of light oneself, the audience is acquiescent also it has a doorsill. But as we have learned, the content on nonexistent real significance is king, its are similar to assistant president of Biergaici and world bank to marry logically female story, “Who to ask to act, into do not enter a theater, stage of square peace of actor, drama is to exploring to knock each other come down. ” as to build up the more high-ranking character after producing power does not rise to fall instead, as relative also as the cycle that make. Time problem has been mentioned when Dai Ying accepts archives of balloonfish movie and TV to interview, the first Ji Congchou equipment arrives on the line used 3 years, the 2nd season used a year only. When the 2nd season opens the media before sowing to see a meeting, ” who is a murderer ” and ” pan ” still lie later period phase.

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And widen eye shot to market of whole suspense drama, after this type makes popular circuit, there is no lack of work phenomenon, the industry chaos that 5 collect switch on the mobile phone wants to also happen from time to tome, for this more expensive to play logic requirement suspense theatrical work, have risk sex more undoubtedly. Of course, it is OK still that its quality drops by ascribe a few general difficult position. Examining limitation is a bit what cannot ignore, the anthology of drama of high public praise before is broken through somewhat on measure almost, but had only 2021 ” sweep black storm ” some progress. Undeniable, examine brought cutout to decrease put in the influence really, the clue is abrupt, weaken deep sex. As we have learned, ” double explore ” the adjustment that also has had fixed rate according to official opinion. In former set, what be kidnapped is male advocate son, but come so, can appear the police has self, figure not quite dinkum, and he serves as directly-related members of one’s family -parents to also cannot have had many participate in. In addition, errant profession is division of encoffin of and rather than of legal medical expert, meeting and male advocate associated crack a criminal case, the figure of northeast sinister gang also has richer show. Also accordingly, ability crossing careful becomes the crucial factor that decides suspense drama character. Gu Dongyan explains, this involves two levels, it is the writing skill of playwrite on one hand, “A large number of playwrite are drilling forever a thing, dodge examines measure, if do not let write, how to use another kind of artistic method to present it. ” should read the company that make and platform on the other hand, this category eye is when examine and verify, different fractionize subject matter has wanted different opening, for instance the Ministry of Public Security, politics and law appoint, the play writes the item that cannot take to be absent a few, what can pat is to make end matter each each result by skill. some of platform lags behind on the layout of suspense drama one pace, because lose in GR domain,basically be at adversary. Also some of project profit from makes the ability of the company and impact, still can take the government without whole scenario assist careful opinion, nevertheless also accordingly, appeared in the industry a few pretend to be careful piece the expert’s cheater. Gu Dongyan is mentioned very interesting is, the project that the audience thinks creation gives large measure dares to challenge authority, but their just is special child. He is written on small gain, “Write a script every time, especially of experience case, metropolis somebody tells you, measure does not allow here, measure does not allow over there, next very fast you can see drama broadcasts, what design than you is fiercer, truthless also, but the family can broadcast namely. Resemble contest of a fist, your toe the mark is being hit, abrupt the other side kicks crotch to dig a small hole. ” regrettablly is, those break through the dividing line that cross, often ” once for all ” , the audience sees again hard ” secret ” ” heavy true ” the reason also is here, the delay before this kind of place and this revises play ” a year, one fire a year ” the case is similar. It is the problem that creates source in addition. Suspense IP was used not quite, dense fog theater holds red violet Jin Chen in both hands to already was in an emergency via inventory, the IP of influential force is developing domestic other in, of Zheng Zhi ” unripe swallow ” , of Shuang Xuetao ” on Campagna Mosaic ” wait to will meet with the audience.

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In the meantime, good project is begged hard also with the person that create, ” skyscraper ” manufacture person and total producer Xia Rui tell small amusement, judgement suspense project is good, the basiccest is to see a story after taking, can look at a heat, ” skyscraper ” have this charm, but see the work that accords with same standard two this years on market rarely, can spend many time to search only a few can use, reentry is optimized all right and upgrade. And the demand rises will naturally let create cycle to become endless, he expresses, the 2nd season ” skyscraper ” had been in a play to develop level, it is the 4th batch of playwrite at present in burnish outline, the hope finds the optimal way of this IP on the foundation before, at the same time company also form of content of other of attempt of in a planned way, for instance the film, animation. Each just last layout, who can make the next ” secret corner ” ? Although the integral performance last year is not good, but suspense drama market still is military strategist in ancient China is contended for surely. While each platform raise the price of the commodities, the company that make also is in circuit of race to control. Basis small amusement before this comb, layout is most is to love to surprise art with actor cruel, it is mango, Tecent next. See love surprise first art, newest a sheet is medium, dense fog theater remnant ” pan ” , the suspense drama that appears in theatrical cavalcade before still includes ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” ” the road that confuse · ” ” the person that dark night goes ” and ” on Campagna Mosaic ” . And look at present, the appeal of the person that ministry of this theater correct is created is not decreased, the news that has new project from time to time comes out, for instance Feng Xiaogang will hold guide its are new drama ” echo ” . And besides the theater, layout of its suspense drama is centered at slanting more traditional public security big play, for instance ” the police is honorary ” ” people police ” wait. Notable is, the key of theater of dense fog of the first season advocate achieve platform of flow direction other, new theatrical work of Xin Shuang and Tecent collaboration, violet Jin Chen pulls hand actor cruel. Nevertheless Dai Ying expresses in interview, love is strange art the novel copyright reserve that still has violet Jin Chen at present, appropriate when can cooperate again. See actor cruel again, its suspense gene does not surprise at love infirmly art. From suffer numerous end to look, ” white night is chased after fierce ” do not be defeated by a successor on consequence, nevertheless the 2nd does not have later development. Later, actor cruel did not behave outstanding suspense work all the time, the suspense theater spray that theater of dense fog of prep close behind rolls out is not big. Next, compare a sheet to go up to appear often to did not go up tardy however the project of the line, for instance ” corridor wells balanced ” ” fire glacial rain ” etc, more make an audience curious should belong to what make with violet Jin Chen is brand-new suspense universe, what make an appointment with because of the autograph is future 10 work, its are not intellectual self-evident.

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Xie Ying of director of drama anthology center expresses, in be being advanced is ” female suspense trilogy ” , more resembling is to contain work of theme of suspense colorific woman. As to mango TV, monsoon theater is not suspense exclusive. ” I am quite good in an alien land ” when heat is sowed, theatrical total producer the Tang Dynasty hedge ever had made clear, monsoon wants to do at the beginning not be the type turns a theater, resemble presenting the life however 100 condition, selection of subject is so all-embracing also. From the point of sequel, suspense still is one of key direction, but pay attention to the union with different element more, for instance ancient costume, family, female, youth is mixed science fiction, relevant project has appeared in piece in sheet: ” annals of teenager of big the Song Dynasty 2 ” ” the child that disappear ” ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” ” abandon ability inherently ” and ” spark is orphan ” etc. Tecent is the platform that turns operation exclusively without the theater, compare the subject matter kind of other, suspense drama is its weak sports. And ” skyscraper ” and ” double explore ” advocate achieve emphasize, the train of thought doing theatrical work of Tecent is opener, enough to suspense subject matter take seriously, former be put into innovation circuit, when be being met too, latter is special project. Many practitioner tells small amusement, besides what already made public, tecent still laid in many suspense drama, also be with playlet collect is given priority to. The backside in these projects is the greatly small company that make. In fact, in concentration of theatrical work of type of each subject matter, suspense drama is investing return rate to go up and do not have an advantage. As we have learned, ” secret ” ” heavy true ” and ” double explore ” did not make money. 03 if say platform is entered bureau can earn cry out, for what is the company that make? The train of thought of head firm is to develop occupational circuit, attach most importance to the lemon bud of the heart with realistic theme all the time for instance, also laid in ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” ” craven ” (origianl work ” unripe swallow ” ) wait for suspense drama. To in small company, suspense drama is the good option that reflects label of oneself of the ability that make, aggrandizement, industry of all ages movie is successful case. From ” the blame that lays formerly ” ” the blame that does not have card ” arrive ” secret corner ” , all ages has become suspense surveyor’s pole, next it still will participate in relevant project with the identity of company of supervise the manufacture of, ” mist of anise booth mystery ” later, it still appears in Tecent drama of suspense of 12 collect ancient costume ” under numerous city ” on group dispatch. Extend other circuit at the same time, for instance female to ” the holiday of arise suddenly ” ” the mother-in-law’s bracelet child ” ” this year they ” , of ancient costume ” annals of different of make one’s rounds of Kyoto of · of big the Song Dynasty ” …

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Look so, the involute impetus of suspense drama is not decreased rise instead, below this kind of circumstance, what kind of work has an opportunity to show itself? Perhaps say, what is contriving the project of end develops train of thought? Some producer that has made suspense item tells small amusement, pure read content, he most the sociality that values a story achieves perfection, measure or human nature are dug more of depth, but very apparent, this also is a kind when come true the hardest and hold. In addition, real case also is very good material, he expresses, the company has project group to leaf through dossier technically, nevertheless this among them uncertainty is, the case may not that they feel to suit to adapt can be allowed to use. The practice that compares get the best for oneself at the lest expense is elemental overlay, this sheet in platform is medium had reflected somewhat, the work that each type such as suspense and ancient costume, family, youth combines is not little. And opposite for, female suspense more accord with a trend, the big environment of theme of woman of attention of domain of domestic movie and TV is on one hand, ” east city nightmare ” ” size crammer ” ” kill Yi Fu ” wait for anthology of high grade and abroad drama to also let a person see possibility. Love is strange art initiated last year ” her subject matter ” call for paper activity, to mark female to demand of suspense drama market, also can inspect a kind of signal of prospective layout. Overall look, gently phase is entered after Gao Guangshi is engraved, the rises and fall to also accord with a thing actually normal evolution law that suspense drama experiences. Below platform and the layout of the company that make, the audience faces rich choice as before, also can maintain discretion to expect. Some practitioner tells small amusement, the near future has a message to say the checkup of suspense subject matter can be tightened up further, the person that create also reacts rapid ground adjusts direction, this case inference of hard nucleus will be scarcer and scarcer, write a society to send, the work of level of psychology of depict of thorough perhaps character can become much. This also can explain probably, suspense drama future can use another kind of means and audience meet, finding the way to deal with a situation just is crucial.

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