Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: Goddess tall circle is round ” perfect companion ” leave stealthily sowed, were you chased after Lin Yufen and Liang Shengquan direct ” perfect companion ” leave sow, sow obtained real time to close that evening inspect first achievement. Visible really differ kind. Lin Yufen directs ” spend 1000 bone ” and ” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” it is the teleplay that conflagration crosses.

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Liang Shengquan directs the teleplay that also has directed a lot of conflagration, resemble ” Gu Jianji Tan ” ” blaze is cantabile ” . They ever cooperated together ” spend 1000 bone ” , this ” perfect companion ” very Jing is colourful. This drama told about the old Shan Sun Lei in contemporary urbanism, two pairs of couples are in Lin Qingkun Wu Min all sorts of balance between career and family and choice.

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Develop at full speed as the society, husband and wife needed the job to become pressing life and value demand. This problem is the subject matter that the last few years is very popular quite all the time. The main actor is tall round round goddess, the Chen Shan of her personate is outstanding the gold lawyer of sincere law place, successive 5 years outstanding achievement is the first. But arrived 40 years old, career bottleneck period, think the senior partner when law place does not have implementation all the time all the time.

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In face the law case that small candy person allows him this to realize a dream likely, she as always desperately. The contradiction on a few families was encountered during this, be in and the sweetheart advances jointly in mutual communication understanding. Must say, years not Rao Ren, once did not feed the goddess of terrestrial fireworks, perform a fireworks nowadays laic also be do a job with skill and ease. Very wonderful. Remember in those days Zhou Zhi if, the goddess at that time is not be terrestrial fireworks really. With her partner is the last few years leaves the country piece of frequent Lu Yi.

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” spadger ” fire later his acting also was to get very big affirmation, this drama also was contributed special not the performance of common. Other parts also take the place of to feel very good. Because people life rhythm becomes fast now,the likelihood is, the teleplay of conflagration of the last few years has to be nodded jointly, gut is compact, rhythm is very fast. ” perfect companion ” there also is a hotspot very much in this respect, going straight towards goddess to see one market originally, but did not keep back at a draught saw 4 market.

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Look at present everything is very good, detail also very reach the designated position. Modelling, each respects are behaved pretty good. Theater of this kind of city still has a big advantage to be able to give our female contribution namely a lot of wear build stencil. 5 stars are recommended, but altogether has 40 market, at the back of the hope euqally wonderful, do not fall into convention gift is nice.

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Inside teleplay live realistically majority is this kind of elite and Wang Zhe, but the life is medium,majority is us these ordinary people. What moment teleplay can pay close attention to the life of a few ordinary peoples more, also let us learn a few life philosophy that apply to us so. Wish everybody seeks theatrical work happy.

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