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Original title: ” bureau go-between ” reality is equal to true, the phenomenon is not equal to the truth ” bureau go-between ” be by Liu Yu hold guide reach playwrite, zhang Yishan, Pan Yueming presents as leading role to act the leading role, wang Rui child, the play of time espionage war of the main actor such as Wang Yifei, Zhao Da. This drama basically told about primary one’s duty of Shen Lin and Shen Fang’s brother to belong to different revolutionary a group of people of same interest, finally however because of common belief struggle together, in devoting into revolutionary tide. 20220111070615 61dd2c6755bff” bureau go-between “ Integral evaluation: Whole can look, those who have individual circumstances setting is very fascinating still, and piece in a large number of depict in the orgnaization setting of all, handle a case flow, in my individual before this espionage battle piece watch in, so much of all in doing not have depict makes fun of the drama of the portion, much is army all previously, and bureau go-between this drama, still use many energy picture of Kuomintang interior corruption and anti-corruption beat a fight, this thrust deep into the enemy forces of the dot also gives group of audiences people shine at the moment, even the picture of this respect is exceedingly vivid figure, jin Ling can make an audience impressive absolutely. TV36 is small make up take you to understand ~20220111070615 61dd2c67b3a9c” bureau go-between “ Of course, the feeling between the brother of be mingled with of complete theatrical work, my experience is a few more deep-felt, what in this drama one hill and old Pan act also is to reach the designated position exceedingly, this kind of feeling lets me is to have syntonic. 20220111070616 61dd2c6818dc2” bureau go-between “ Additional, I still want to say the emotional line of this drama, should be 4 female comrades concern with our Shenyang childe close together, say gentleman of green jade of first wife Yao first, it is an appearance of first wife really, argumentative heart is little, some are foolish, accord with first wife so feature of case of one individual character; One is dancing girl graceful beautiful, very cheesy, very clever also, it is a man also like so clever and sensible, the willow of female bosom friend that still having is him is like smoke, there is a gauze from beginning to end between two people, did not have this gauze uninteresting also, my individual does not like willow to be like smoke, the feeling has bit of outfit. Still having is behind the Gu Xiaomeng of understanding, this is pure adorer, type of vermicelli made from bean starch interacts. Help of these 4 women made fun of this relatively complex, the feeling that has arrangement makes fun of, and Zhang Yishan performs this kind of feeling to make fun of is special do a job with skill and ease. 20220111070616 61dd2c686fd8fTV36 is searched ” bureau go-between “ In real life a lot of ” love ” it is exchange of equal value. Paid be about to have corresponding get one’s own back, I paid you to be about to be paid for me for you corresponding, otherwise in the heart lopsided. Be about to step marital men and women, if the man bought a house, the woman is about to decorate buy home appliance, otherwise lopsided. Original perhaps the love of your Nong Wonong cannot buy a house because of difficulty of man family economy however, the woman comes without corresponding corporeal condition because of paid feeling exchange of equal value and fail. 20220111070616 61dd2c68c6cba” bureau go-between “ Encounter a sincerity to love you as a woman, it is not easy really to hide your man between the heart. Graceful beautiful with Shen Fang they never had said ” love ” , but they are the serious people between each other heart however. As the woman, do you want not to want to also resemble graceful beautiful capture the heart of a man euqally?

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