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Original title: Brave heart 2: Why more and more people begin to abandon theatrical work, backside reason is fetching and thoughtful! Guide language: Believe the 1st to everybody has seen brave heart, this drama acts the leading role by the person such as Yang Zhigang, and this drama is as long as a few collect, when be being shown at that time, get of a lot of people like. And recently about brave heart the 2nd also is to expose to the sun gave an information, you Yangzhi still is as before in this teleplay of firm main actor waiting for a person, basically be the growing process of the Tong Jiaru that tell, this is one gets originally everybody gay teleplay, but be cold-shouldered by a lot of people however.

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Main reason is what act the leading role because of Yang Zhigang is male advocate, his growing process is too slow really, such a lot of audiences think this teleplay imagines without everybody medium so good, be in especially the set of content of this teleplay go-between. Brave heart 2: Why more and more people begin to abandon theatrical work, backside reason is fetching and thoughtful! Drama is for instance medium the set of content of Tong Jiaru’s this individual, from unripe exceeding Bei is urged, give a person the sense of a kind of special sadness, all the day sullen, let others look feeling of a bit happy event to be done not have, because we are clear, the part that Yang Zhigang acts is absorbing, the Jiang Xiaoyu with igneous blue for instance medium blade, look to be done exceedingly laugh, although this drama is for later period,make bedding, but after all, to a lot of people character does not get this individual thing of everybody like.

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What we know brave heart is told about the 1st times also is with Japan aggression is concerned, and the Tong Jiaru in this drama regards hot river as the person also was to get of Japanese aggressor persecute, bring about him inherent disposition is cowardly, and look exceedingly gentle and quiet. In drama we know, tong Jiaru is the person of a room having the home, he loves his wife very much, it is to grant whatever is requested to oneself wife, but his wife in drama is killed bloodily by the Japanese army however, and till this moment, tong Jiaru just became a soldier that dare make a fight with Japanese from the honest person of an unknown to public, disposition change nature is unavoidable.

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And Tong Jiaru’s life is very deplorable, he is discriminated against in the life in drama, and also be inferior to exceedingly in the job meaning, when work, colleague and leader are met look upon of additional to him key point, and should get not only in the life of Japanese bully, still can be bullied by brethren place even, often by addition of their fist foot. Although his profession is a teacher, but did not get the respect to anybody in the society at that time, this also is the place that content of his this individual lets the person is the poorest.

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A lot of people can think Tong Jiaru is a special ironside here, and the name that we know this theatrical work makes brave heart 2, so does everybody know what just is brave? A lot of people think brave namely temporarily brains is calorific go and all inequitable things go making a fight, but be really in fact such? Actually true brave not be the sort of person that can use pretty power only, in wanting to dare to face the life however a variety of, include part for ever, dread no longer when them only life and death this moment just is true brave. The original idea that says this theatrical work so should let everybody see Tong Jiaru namely from a very cowardly teach gentleman, become a soldier that dares to make a fight with Japanese, itself the development of this gut is to like by everybody, but develop because of gut namely too too slow, bring about a lot of people to look in feeling this teleplay does not resemble imagining so welcome, just get so of everybody spit groove.

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Summary: But have a bit, the significance that we should understand to this drama is brought to us from A to Z is very important, he can let us understand what makes brave heart, so although he is inferior to the 1st good-looking in that way, but be worth us to watch as before.

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