Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: Be seen all be happiness, place is not lost all right junior, of the personate that resemble battle ” Gu Yiye ” resemble actual existence This teleplay ” ace army ” too good-looking, let me know brutal peace hard-earned of the war, this also is to be like battle first time to perform a soldier, he understands quite lucidly to play and part, those who act is really possible. This drama is different from before war piece with army brigade drama, pat very exquisitely, the psychology in basically paying attention to a soldier to grow is built, pay close attention to the real difficulty of martyr family, although also have a few drawback, but the conception of whole department theatrical work is very tall, final choice of Gu Yiye, reflective is the soldier’s real life and dedication.

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All actors are deduced very well, they are very much the person is to perform military one’s previous experience, zhong Chuxi and yellow Jing Yu act quite well also, be seen all be happiness, place is not lost all right junior, of the personate that resemble battle ” Gu Yiye ” also be pretty good really. Other can become good soldier, and Gu Yiye is however will, other is to make trump card hard, and Gu Yiye makes trump card! “Force oneself to hopeless situation, go again, impossible, become a possibility. ” Gu Yiye! Visit company commander! Very handsome! Should erupt in hopeless situation namely potential, become a possibility impossibly! “Our sacrifice, hope you are forgotten most, have true peace only, just can have forget. ” the manner that Gu Yiye fulfils commitment seriously is very engaging, if press,should be for present word a king, not only coil oneself, still coil collective.

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Hot-blooded youth, cherish keeps a faith that defends a country, gallant and tenacious, do not be afraid of sacrificial spirit, be a flock of most angel! This drama woke up people to sacrifice to that time soldier again the devoir of consecratory spirit. What " thanks Xiao Zhan is masterly deduce, presented the Gu Yiye of a vivid for us, the Gu Yiye that the battle that be like explains in all affection is broken prevented, his actor’s lines strength is very strong, the volume when conversation and expression as gut rise and fall control very well. One say one, of Xiao Zhan ” Gu Yiye ” act well really, let a person in all affection, can weep for him, sad, aching, regretful, be happy! The sign that cannot see him himself completely and previously the shadow of the part, what valiant heroic bearing goes is Gu Yiye, those who cry so that rip a heart to crack lung is Gu Yiye, the Gu Yiye of the green first love that professions fierily. The actor resembles battle, future but period, better and better!

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Xiao Zhan is in hard all the time, be in all the time grow, actual strength sends an actor, actual strength sends a top to flow, be like the forceful body appearance of battle, decorous and brilliant appearance, it is the delegate of openly part. The soldier in drama, of officer all sorts of dressing up come on the stage, valiant heroic bearing, I thought of hand of raise a flag. Marry A Xiu as to final Gu Yiye this thing, saying me first is not bar ha, just discuss gut, I feel, gu Yiye such man may hope his spouse is with oneself horizon, ambition agrees, can have common language, do not take care of him when the son, gu Yiye marries A Xiu is the great sacrifice with that helpless time.

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Everything results from the pursuit that considers one wild him sacrifice and to love yearning go taking care of comrade-in-arms widow, love her forcibly to make the other side comfortable, no matter the other side is good bad perhaps, but love should not be forcibly, love cannot refrain from, so this also lets a lot of netizens feel to true love is not between them, gu Yiye is worth better. But ah, the person of that time, let a person feel great, because responsibility takes on,be be more than everything, so he chooses A Xiu, also be the world is worth, a show and Gu Yiye are met certainly very happy very happy, they two forever cherish loves greatly, it is each other warmest support forever!

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