Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: ” long market is long ” be about to movie and TV is changed, goddess of temperament of Zhong Hanliang partner, simply absolutely 2022, it is a good head really, a lot of a lot teleplay also will be in everybody to broadcasted 2022, immediately by Li Yifeng, chen Yuqi acts the leading role ” lens twin city ” will receive grade ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” , ren Jialun, dilireba goes out act ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” also already examine and verify waits to broadcast through queueing up, before paragraph time, still see Chen Feiyu of a message, luo Yunxi acts the leading role ” bright garment goes ” in April 2022 the portion is controlled also hopeful broadcasts, true too expected. Same, the fraction with also have a lot of good breaks up pat teleplay, ” long market is long ” namely among them one of.

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” long market is long ” it is drama of love of an ancient costume, yang Yinglian wants to be become in palace quietly only originally an idler, which know the destiny makes like that, do not hope the thing that produce can happen more the more, she does not beg the love that can get a monarch, the imperceptible however consign in but be in,getting along oneself sincerity. The female is in emotional respect is commonly get hurt that, say feminine sensibility is more than reason, man reason is more than sensibility such word is false not at all. This novel has rife book to confuse, a lot of friends can film with respect to special hope when reading a novel become teleplay, now this novel be about to movie and TV is changed, satisfied everybody’s cry eventually.

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Current, men and women advocate became everybody’s very curious target, this theatrical work is allegedly current female advocate the provisional Shi Shi that it is Liu, schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater of Liu poem poem is very full, of He Songwei dragon ” I know I love you ” should prepare to pat immediately, still have ” fox bewitching small soubrette ” also preparing level, the actor is knocked after deciding, can film directly, this ” long market is long ” also be to hope Shi Shineng is joined quite very much, her figure very the figure of beauty of the cold and cheerless in according with palace, she once went out act ” step by step Jing heart ” inside drama of this clear palace, rely on temperament completely to foil the figure that gives this theatrical work, directing the eye that sees a person still is very good.

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Very may much netizen not show respect for, the figure that a few netizens feel to close Xiao Tong special accord with this drama, say to see a novel enter Guan Xiaotong’s face with respect to era directly even, the individual feels Zhong Hanliang does not build Guan Xiaotong completely, guan Xiaotong suits to go out more perform contemporary theatrical work. Allegedly besides Liu Shishi, this drama also has contacted Mao Xiaotong, song Zuer and Zhao Jin wheat, mao Xiaotong is more and more beautiful really, as expected the wife of dedicated career is the most beautiful, go out before her those who act ” discriminate is passed ” one horn lets a lot of audiences see this is in the corner really she glisten, her clear palace outfit is very beautiful also, quietly elegant is like the feeling of chrysanthemum. Song Zuer and Zhao Jin wheat is not to suit ancient costume to dress up too, their account will be a bit more interesting now.

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Make so square here be very value Liu Shishi, male advocate also be at present talking about Zhong Hanliang all the time, zhong Hanliang’s acting is to be done not have so that say, and, zhong Hanliang is the kind that attributes the sort of jumping over to look to have man taste more, but, group of Liu poem poem and group of bell Chinese fine because time the problem still is in talk things over in the center, make just feel, although Zhong Hanliang is very pretty good, but age also already not small, hope both sides can a little release what is held a bit.

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Zhong Hanliang and Liu Shi Shidou are more low-key actor, without the news of those the Eight Diagrams, actually, they it is very similar that two people are returned in a lot of respects, and, zhong Hanliang’s acting can enter Shi Shidai into the part completely, although, what two people see rarely before this is interactive, but, they two people if can partner most propbably can invite an audience very much very expect.

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