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Original title: ” demon path the founder of a school of learning ” : Adapt ” Chen Qing makes ” so interesting account ” Chen Qing makes ” 2019 of conflagration, am I working? Forgot, await in those days anyway did not pay close attention to any drama, had heard of however ” Chen Qing makes ” how good-looking, a when I often pay close attention to big V, what his all along admires is classical have intention, can the film of withstand time trial, can see present teleplay scarcely. But very magical is, that 2019 years he was recommended actually ” Chen Qing makes ” . I also am held out astonish, likelihood this theatrical work is very nice really. But do not know why, that year, I still did not see the desire of any teleplay. Until of 2021 will see this god play July, I have a kind to meet the feeling that hates evening, the reason that I also understood why to this drama is heated up greatly so.

20220111070710 61dd2c9ece227

Above all ” demon path the founder of a school of learning ” the author of this origianl work is written first-rately, ” Chen Qing makes ” looked countless times, origianl work also looked countless times. Deepness has connotation touch effect of be pregnant drama, have cry have laugh, the person loves pardonable so much. Next, the actor acts very well. Double male advocate the Wang Yibo that resemble battle, the Kingdom of Wei of personate forgets without Xian La machine, no matter be,match absolutely outside the play in play. Want to know, the actor of young generation that acting is special of that what, everybody understands. Xiao Zhan comes out in young generation suddenly so a God holds actual strength concurrently to send, let a person look at with new eyes. Still have other actress, personate is gotten first-rate, cooperate tacit understanding. Still have music ” without bridle ” , the music that immense forest teacher writes is real too clever, add the Wang Yibo that resemble battle chorally, favour, it is beautiful and pleasant absolutely. Be like the singing be obvious to all of battle, had attended to sing kind program. Wang Yibo knows he dances all the time fierce, but had listened to him to sing ” the boy ” and ” junior promising ” , wow, sing really Orpheanly! ! ! So, still circulate via regular meeting only music now ” without bridle ” . Of course, the success of this drama still has other a lot of reasons, did not say one by one. Anyhow, of a drama hot, the force of the group, it is very important. ” demon path the founder of a school of learning ” very lucky, encountered ” Chen Qing makes ” such group. Discovered a law suddenly, I these year of teleplay that likes most it is triliteral. For instance ” discriminate is passed ” ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” ” Chen Qing makes ” . The novel adapts this trilogy, and be female author. Book and drama, repeat had looked a few times. Good thing, look how many times insufficient, bad, look enough. The character of this trilogy also has a lot of to be nodded jointly. Discriminate , Mei Changsu, Weimo is admired, be equivalent to is the person that has died, final renascence returned to change a name. One is discriminate change to discriminate as button cobalt salary , one is Lin Shu changes to grow as kylin talent plum revive, one is Wei Moxian turns into to ride absolutely the exterminate hill of dirt is old ancestor. It is famous fierce figure, look very bright very satisfy a craving. It is the character of glamour of special somebody case. Because of the reason of the times, what discriminate still wants to rely on an emperor is favorite, the beautiful lubricious ability that relies on oneself achieves a goal. Mei Changsu and Wei Moxian are different however, the character charm that relies on oneself completely goes winning this world. This also is the distress of that times female, a flock of females, have Yan Youcai obviously, grab a man to contend for however, and do oneself person ghost. If be put now, they can be elite, the partner that can choose countless. Which drama is knowing to be met next can you rival this trilogy? The good actor of good theatrical work that the hope can see more is so outstanding!

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