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Original title: ” be defeated win ” the gut after the cloud is calculated, it may be said is bright dot again and again, playwright-director should add drumstick Really, ” be defeated win ” this drama, you cannot regard it as in light of professional drama or industry play, because be in sale respect, playwright-director and actor do not talk to go up professional, after all the daily life that they also had not learned sale trade truly. Nevertheless, if regard this drama as regard this drama as,drama of love of a city or encourage sign theatrical work look, it is pretty qualification. If you use a play to create the rule to come,casing decides its word, its gut setting and arrangement return pretty start off however. Be in especially the 25th, between 26 this two collect, playwright-director revealed to arrive from death to the audience of reincarnation wonderful good theatrical work.

20220111070747 61dd2cc3068c5

” be defeated win ” cover at that time, it is too good that I highly praise this gut to install, it is the pen that the god comes to simply, at that time, because Cui Long steals mark book of Hui Kang, and complete Rangjieke was appeared to death. I expect at that time and curiosity is worn, I want to see playwrite how can let Zhou Rui and nimble family finally namely bring the dying back to life, and I am hopeless at that time they can be duped to revive namely in invite public bidding. I think, their bring the dying back to life can be certainly after two collect, no matter how say, the director is in right now also should well cruel mixes the part audience ah, be? But do not have, the director is very kind-hearted, he is afraid that the audience is anxious, let Zhou Rui at that time the cloud from Laocao borrows cadaver to return this world over there computation.

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Male advocate Zhou Rui is gross 40 part the plot of a play, the 25th, 6 collect when, if will tell according to 3 act drama, should be right now so transfer to the 3rd act from the 2nd act when? That is to say, direct what encounter leading role place to give to dark hour shortened, zhou Rui has many in the time that invite public bidding suffers outside the meeting at that time short, so his have many to dark hour short. When I write down so that Zhou Rui speaks with Chen Mingjie later, had described right now oneself: To dead and unripe. Using an ancient poetry to describe is: Hill heavy water gets doubt not to have a road, promising another village. So next, zhou Rui and his group people the 3rd act that entered gut.

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O&T invite public bidding is met the spot is turned round this by what die to be born right now, it is a switch, after this switch is pressed to fall, gut entered the 3rd act, next bright dot catchs, it is a part no matter, still be an audience, experienced a kind ferocious delighted. Our one by one comes check, have what bright place. Had read the person of network novel, know what is bright dot, so, ” be defeated win ” the bright point that also carries so much to us right now. The first bright is nodded, become great master namely (especially Hui Kang) still have Wei Yan jest of Zhou Rui of wait and see when, the cloud computation that Zhou Rui passes ordinary Laocao struck back see joke treat a customer.

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Female advocate Luo Ga especially O&T Zhao Lan lets Zhou Rui and Luo Ga fill in when mark book value, zhou Rui filled in a gratuitious price 0.01 yuan. At that time, see the countenance with so much spot, especially the form that life of gal of a white horse with a black mane leaves, estimated a kind to flush again in the heart of a lot of audiences ferocious carefree. Additional, their cloud calculates this Zhou Rui of business roll out, it is the face that called those companies that run hypostatic server undoubtedly. In the meantime, also give those in former days for a time by Hui Kang or nimble division the small small company that such big company place scorns the opportunity of a feel proud and elated.

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Fasite Laocao and most of bright is, follow even Chen Mingjie week acute fall out with sb finally, such week acute also do not have even if later, the cloud is calculated he takes this route decided. When market of big only business does not have means of subsistence, zhou Rui is in Laocao of a word inspire under, produced the strategy that surrounds a city with the country, from proceed with of remote user of small small company. They killed Inner Mongolia, serve for the herdsman over there. Actually, this clue that does poineering work again is the warmest, most of encourage annals. I guess this should be the story of a play or opera that a lot of audiences like to see. From 0 begin, stage a comeback, this is most the bridge of encourage annals paragraph.

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Chen Mingjie of nimble division CEO again later, I feel bigger bright is nodded, it is the United States is broken supply chip, the day that runs hypostatic server is uneasy. Not be the problem of price gentle and simple, the key is you have money to cannot buy goods again. From the iron on this market general current situation, what we experience eye of week acute commerce is long-term with original. Right now, wang Yinan, Luo Ga is gotten urgently as the ants on a hot pan. Instead right now the most relaxed and satisfied is Zhou Rui and Laocao them, cloud calculative wedding day came, outfit X said even if cloud calculative times came, their bright blast times came to Zhou Rui.

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