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Original title: Marry two men to divorce 3 times, granddaughter of son traffic accident does not meet, piao Yuanshu power and prestige is only in TV A teleplay that showing recently cries ” my brownstone ” , translate again for ” Mine ” . This teleplay by Jin Ruiheng and Li Baoying partner of two female star acts the leading role. The picture is quite luxuriant.

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” attic ” later, the setting that the teleplay of brownstone plutocrat home does not have descriptive Korea not to let his as far as possible costly rise. Heroine people the grace that always loves to wear silks to show his, always wearing suit to acted brownstone madams to change pattern entirely before. The picture is very nice, content is not certain so ” attic ” .

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The tutor not very of the look on in despair in this drama is worth to be carried. But have an old friend, the appearance of an actor of Mr. Piao Yuanshu lets us find everything new and fresh.

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What she acts for the first time still is coxcombical old lady. The inchoate Han drama that everybody contacts ” Xing Mengji predestined relationship ” in also have certainly see acting of hyperbole of Mr. Piao Yuanshu. Cloud-kissing hair, and the look that wears high-heeled shoes to fill up a foot to walk. Also be in because of Piao Yuanshu just about ” Xing Mengji predestined relationship ” in by every means the Li Lianyi of solid personate of Cui Zhen of create difficulties for sb, ability lets the Jiang Min of An Zaixu personate appear so tender, so courageous and resolute, so protect heroine.

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Be in ” Xing Mengji predestined relationship ” the performance in, what Mr. Piao Yuanshu acts is an old evil person. Await her in those days dress up also take coxcombical wind, just this is more coxcombical, on wings of feeling letting a person just.

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This she is the most important is hair modelling, modelling division has idea very much. ” my genteel life ” if have 5 bits, a star notchs makeup girl people with modelling division people.

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The likelihood is the reason because of individual figure, piao Yuanshu is in Han drama, not quite act virtuous kind and gentle mother-in-law, madam and mom. The also is not a goodness brownstone madam that this she performs. Chairman husband fell in love with other women to be delivered of the second, lie into the hospital however. Although what she acts the madam is very happy, embracing some is the house with general and frozen an illusion only however. All servant should know those who be born to the second is not her, everybody knows chairman does not love her.

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That one act that Piao Yuanshu and tutor encounter, the director is patted very meaningly. All-purpose tutor appears whats know. Person of an old fellow like me speaks secret that one second in tutor, from foot Gao Qiang becomes the look that takes turtle immediately. A bit lovely, let a person feel the old lady is rampant under also be a child.

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This also is Mr. Piao Yuanshu every time the impression that the part brings to everybody, it is evil person, but also be a poor person. ” fall in love with female advocate sow ” this make classically in, piao Yuanshu performed a good person. Her personate a mom that loves him son very greatly. Her alone child because the evil goddess annals of Jin Suyan personate is absentminded,the ground is bumped into dead by the car finally. The most pitiful inside the mother that can say this part of Piao Yuanshu personate is her personate.

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The real life of more pitiful Piao Yuanshu is like unexpectedly and ” fall in love with female advocate sow ” the mom in very picture. Piao Yuanshu has been married twice have marriage 3 times. Writtened guarantee with the 1st husband leave again left be together afresh again, had been pregnant when the university parturient. Although visible Mr. Piao Yuanshu is to look a very sturdy woman, than who the heart is actually easy by flicker.

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She had the 2nd man again later, this businessman that Brazil comes to is in debt to what Piao Yuanshu brought a huge sum. This also is very the gut of Han drama. When 54 years old, the son that she likes most dies because of traffic accident. Daughter-in-law is taking exclusive granddaughter remarry, bilateral also not quite contact. These pasts are him Piao Yuanshu is on program of put together art be said.

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Herself bought a land in the place that is far from an Er, live half emeritus life. Most of be favored with of busy busy be favored with is unripe, so much person was known inside recreational group, performed the mom of so much person, oneself still got the look of orphaned and helpless finally, letting a lot of people is to sympathize with very to Piao Yuanshu. The person is last a person goes, but her alone time seems to grow a bit.

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Very expect she is in ” my genteel life ” in receive more show shares, the life also go well a few. Statement: The article is 7 character 6 pat achieve formerly, decline without the license reprint. The article is based on media source and book information to be composed objectively, do not have any biasedding ill will to involved person, if party becomes aware misgivings is contacted at any time please. Article picture originates network, if have,tort will be deleted instantly.

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