Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: Yang Ying be about to bully screen, the hand grasps the six ministries in feudal China to wait for sow drama, male advocate in besides Ren Jialun, after still having 0 Yang Ying is recreation the circle is famous degree of very tall female actor, her colour cost is very high, have very great help to her career. At the same time she still is Huang Xiaoming’s wife, also let more person know her. She is queen of put together art, in ” run brother ” inside, encircle pink by right of bright and clear individual character countless. She also is an actor at the same time, 2022 be about to bully screen, grasp in her hand the six ministries in feudal China is waited for sow drama, this amount lets person envy, male advocate also have distinguishing feature each. Among them besides before the Jia Lun of male director of new theatrical work that just switchs on the mobile phone before long, drama of some movie and TV male advocate it is unexpectedly 0 hind.

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What should say above all is ” dusk heart is made an appointment with ” , the road into the play staff appears male director Jia Lun to had gone up overheat search, he is in drama personate high intelligence quotient male advocate, of Yang Ying personate female advocate it is high intelligence quotient as much. Ren Jialun is in in last few years work quality is good, also obtained very good result, his acting is very good, contemporary outfit the appearance of an actor gives ancient costume colour, this He Yangying cooperates, can say to hold out an accident.

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Two theatrical work that should say next are respectively ” free shadow finds trace ” and ” love should some appearance ” , of these two drama male advocate one is nodded jointly, that is young. These two male advocate one is Wang Anyu, he was born 1998, it is recreational group very popular person energy of life is little unripe, there are many works in the hand, also had oneself masterpiece.

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What still have is male advocate it is Lai Guanlin, he was born 2001, namely 0 hind, with Yang Ying age differs 12 years old, yang Ying’s Yan Zhi is quite fortunately tall, from the point of the stage photo that announce, quite suit still.

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Want those who say is Yang Ying to wait for finally sow drama ” dirt predestined relationship ” , ” the Gansu since wind on the west ” , ” longing lives ” wait for 3 times this sow drama. Of collaboration male advocate it is to resemble the circle such as Ma Tianyu, Chen Kun, Wu Xiubo in famous degree of very tall old brand actor, yang Ying’s resource is too good really.

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You most which to expect?

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