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Original title: Zhang Zijian double drama bully screen bully heat of contrast of part of total a fierce and powerful person is discussed ceaseless

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According to Fu Yao homonymic novel is adapted, piece Li Zhi guides, chen Kun, Xin Zhilei presents as leading role to act the leading role, specially invite of Zhang Zijian, Wang Xueqi gives the great theatrical work of duty field affection that perform ” be defeated win ” heat was sowed a few days ago. Zhang Zijian gives those who performed Hui Kang company to get tribal chief Lin Zhenwei in drama. And another You Yangzhi is firm with the new theatrical work of the main actor such as one of Zhang Zijian, king, Yang Kun, Qian Yi, Gu Hongwei ” brave heart 2 ” also broadcast in the corresponding period, zhang Zijian is in drama personate Ouyang Zhengde of Shanghai beach a fierce and powerful person. “Contemporary bully always ” with ” age a fierce and powerful person ” exceed strong contrast, the acting that makes Zhang Zijian masterly and exquisite got the put to good use of incisively and vividly in two drama.

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Acting accomplishs changeful part Zhang Zijian to reap new form ” be defeated win ” it is one is battlefield with duty field, consider the sale trade theatrical work of military successes with outstanding achievement, between different a group of people of same interest of two big companies wonderful to play chess, the affection of the solid duty field depict in drama and match each other in strength appears bring audience in succession in all affection. Zhang Zijian drama in deep know well ” thick black learn ” academic bully what total Lin Zhenwei acts is lifelike keen, advance as gut, his classical actor’s lines if ” thing of in every case no matter true and false, only should play can be done go ” ” I can take you go out, also can take you to go out bureau ” wait for witticism to give a group successfully, cause a netizen to discuss, and the person individual character that he does not give a shop sign by card manage is a pink more countless. Lin Zhenwei can say is Zhang Zijian the part with very large in recent years contrast, although be the duty field theatrical work that takes gravity slightly, but Lin Zhenwei’s figure however a bit is not shown inflexible, what there is the person that steer a boat not only in on-the-job field is old hot spell able by hook and crook, also have the thinking pattern that embraces life of new era youth, make living broadcast, on special interview, sending a plan must be to had been repaired meticulously, deduce the part administrative levels is richly, while the netizen seeks theatrical work, also breathe out continuously ” Yuan Fang ” have so much side unexpectedly.

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Two drama heat is sowed exhibit masterly acting part span is obtained greatly reputably and the time legend drama that sows in heat ” brave heart 2 ” in, zhang Zijian overturns again again oneself before figure, piece acted to be mixed for the future ” money ” road, and betray one’s country begs flourish ” Japanophile ” represent Ouyang Zhengde, because different way chooses, he and son Ouyang Gongjin run in the opposite direction, by the family member trend arms meets. In whole process, zhang Zijian presents the conflict that gave sense of the mood inside the character faultlessly, model a distinction at before lineal figure, let an audience feel very surprise. No matter be hero or a fierce and powerful person, accumulate the understanding with diagonally color by right of old acting, zhang Zijian is taken hold a part can do a job with skill and ease. And what the near future heats up difference of sowed two work part is big, also drew more and more audiences and netizen attention, express to expect he will show the character role with masses different more henceforth in succession, more and different style is portrayed in more work. It is reported, zhang Zijian still has ” cunning thing records Tang Chao ” ” lunar song goes ” ” commerce investigates division ” wait for much ministry to wait for sow drama, expect please!

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