Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: Xiao Zhan ” ace ” ” wild show ” CP becomes discharge password, CP exceeds a word candy of knock of nearly 3000 people, mao Linlin ever guided personally As a teleplay with the very at present high temperature on the network, ” ace army ” hero Xiao Zhan is in this teleplay personate Gu Yiye this part. Because have ” big love ” touched a lot of people, and what be by right of him inside is wonderful deduce, let this part have different charm. Between teleplay, gu Yiye had love not only, and the legitimate child that return a form, let a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch envy unceasingly. After teleplay broadcasts, a lot of people liked what this two people comprise Gu Yiye and A Xiu to go up ” wild show ” CP, become discharge password.

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On platform of some nearsightedness frequency, ” ace army ” below official Zhang date, “Wild show ” the video of CP broadcasts a quantity to be amounted to every hundred thousands of, the thematic video with photograph other comparing really tower above is not little. Want to release relevant video only, can cause a lot of people to watch, and leave a message be the envy of pair of two people love.

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At the same time somebody still built the small gain of two people to exceed a word, there are nearly 3000 people to be in more inside candy of CP of knock wild show, and appear it seems that exceedingly active. Just such circumstance to Xiao Zhan vermicelli made from bean starch people for be like ever was acquainted, in let Xiao Zhan explode red teleplay ” Chen Qing makes ” in, because also CP pink is in knock candy, had very negative effect secondhand when 227 incident erupt. Had experienced this to remove a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch of incident, appear to the thing of CP of this kind of knock one’s heart still fluttering with fear.

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Additional, mao Linlin also is in the actor of personate A show it seems that CP of public opinion knock guides to be spat in direct seeding groove. She spoke of the feeling in drama in direct seeding, and the actor interacts under the counter. Additional, mao Linlin returns the attach in the rich article recently the 9 palace case that wears red skirt, with popular topic ” wear red skirt for Gu Yiye ” photograph echo. Most apparent is she also sets small gain backdrop into ” the mole below the lip ” photograph, doesn’t the figure resembling battle of such mark sexes let a person very hard associate?

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Actually, to a teleplay, there is netizen knock CP during drama is sowed, should be understandable, this also is the factor that helps strength for teleplay. But if end guiding has him actor,nod exceed what is proper, be the Xiao Zhan that has experienced knock CP to give a business what is more,the rather that more. Reader friends, when are you seeing play knock CP? Whether do you feel Gu Yiye and A Xiu have CP to feel? Xiao Zhan ” ace army ” wild beautiful CP becomes discharge password, candy of knock of nearly 3000 people, mao Linlin ever guided the chamfer that be spat personally.

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