Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Zou Fuming loves wife Yan Zhi change is too big! Makeup look is delicate and clad bold, make a living nowadays the daughter spells 4 embryoes Recently, long did not appear before the love of Zou Fuming of Chinese fist king wife what Ran Ying glume shared him on gregarious media again is close according to, it is she and neat go into work of marital Zou Fuming and 3 sons this, for some vogue the magazine films photo.

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The everybody in the comment that basks in the picture that give and netizen from her nevertheless is in the woman in oppugning this photograph still is that Ran Ying glume that everybody knows after all, because mix,the photograph photograph before her is compared is appearance or figure produced too big change no matter, must let a person oppugn her to became face-lifting operation. The Ran Ying nowadays is filled with already 38 years old, also be the mother of 3 sons, when Zou Fuming cannot visit the home at boxing career with all one’s strength, it is this woman the husband that is supporting oneself silently rear in him and propping up this home, and Zou Fuming also did not make her disappointed, carried off not only Olympic Games gold, still chatelaine of boxing king gold come back. These honor also were brought to them rich and generous redound.

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As Zou Fuming retire, two people of husband and wife often are invited enter program of put together art, but audience to Ran Ying clever clad dress up look not to understand indeed, the winter that for instance the day freezes coldly must wear only to reveal his good figure thin thin skirt, too plump the upper part of the body deserves to go up such dress lets a lot of people express very without language. Still have her that piece of hyperbole lets a person cannot help spitting groove likewise to the face of acme, very coxcombical eyelash and the white powdery base that can drop broken bits and fearsome intense blaze red lip let a person feel Ran Yingying dresses up every time be like too violent, the netizen still gathers up the photograph before giving her one’s early years, one contrast changes simply too big.

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The Zou Fuming nowadays had had 3 sons, and the tremendous money that his brilliant profession career also brings for him, to child spouse two people state this is not a problem, still have the desire that considers unripe daughter. But the two people of husband and wife nowadays age is not small also, the difficulty that spells for the daughter again also is difficulty really too big, what who to cross this to have to you can say again is accurate?

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