Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: “Peaceful heart lariat ” star Jiesensudaijisi wins victory on golden ball award Jason Sudeikis gained the championship again 2021, by right of in Apple TV+ heat sows drama ” Ted Lasso ” medium performance, be judged to be melodrama on golden ball award or comedic kind of optimal TV actor. 2021, sudeikis won the award of first gold ball of Apple TV+ . Like 2021, this is the award that the apple wins victory exclusively in multinomial nomination.

20220111071009 61dd2d5185a7c

“Ted Lasso ” by HBO Max ” Hacks ” beat obtain optimal music / comedic series award. De Sitan of comedic dagger of · of lay mines spy is in because of Wu Yingzhu on Netflix ” squid game ” won TV kind award of optimal male costar and missed award of optimal male costar. Billy Crudup and Mark Duplass also because be in of Apple ” early a show ” the nomination that work and wins this category mediumly. Fuannisidu is in star Zhan Ni of FX ” pose ” in the optimal TV actress that was defeated by Michaela Jae Rodriguez – Thespian category. Chinese Mu of graceful · fertile Ding Han (Hannah Waddingham) depend on HBO ” successive ” (Succession) by Sara · Sinuke (Sarah Snook) beat obtain TV kind optimal female costar. ” end ” in optimal gut piece second place is won in the category, by the writer / direct Jane Kanpien ” the force of the dog ” beat. Golden ball award is issued by 87 members of association of reporter of Hollywood foreign country. However, from 2021 since the ceremony, this organization got after member of the black that be done not have by exposure height is criticized. Although this organization is affirmatory already,undertake reform in order to solve this one problem and other problem, but the activity that company of a few media announces to will stop to be organized with this. Include NBC among them, this company expresses to won’t be opposite the prize-giving celebration 2022 undertakes television relay, but can reconsider the case 2023. Accordingly, the golden ball award this year is compared before low-key much. Of all sorts of descriptions, famous before ceremonially says, “It is original and OK that golden ball award is put on an incident in an email. “It is original and OK that golden ball award is put on an incident in an email..

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