Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: In ” bizarre doctor 2 ” in more part is joined, but do not have Becky for certain Will show in December ” spider a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct: The hero is not had return ” it may be said is to let other free power vermicelli made from bean starch people too sufficient addiction. Believe to be in this MCU motion picture that shows next ” bizarre doctor: Mad multivariate the universe ” , can continue to maintain let others hey leather rhythm. Before paragraph time says according to Suo Ni producer, ” bizarre 2 ” will continue to fill pat a few content.

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After all can what part still does not know, but affirm. . . Becky. Becky Barnes’ Saibasidian Sitan is accepting personate recently when Collider is interviewed, be asked about whether to appear in ” bizarre 2 ” in. A place of strategic importance includes level bear oneself are not in this film: “I want to look very much can use him (Becky) what is the next interesting story that relate. But I am absent ” bizarre doctor 2 ” in, I assure. I assure..

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As it is said, ” bizarre 2 ” will include to gues-star a part in great quantities, but these parts are probable either before coming from MCU. Have what before coming from, blessing overcomes universe of Siman power film possibly however. ” bizarre doctor: Mad multivariate the universe ” North America decides archives to will be shown on May 6 this year.

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