Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022
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Original title: Consider oneself most fortunate meets you direct seeding is online watch, joyous laughingstock loves Wang Likun Huang Jingyu Recently ” consider oneself most fortunate meets you ” once broadcast,heat rises continuously topic discussion in a steady stream is constant, leaving before sowing, did not harvest how old expect, once broadcast,became year end however however big ” a dark horse ” , cause netizen heat to discuss. The men and women in drama advocate feeling also is the mood that affecting myriad netizen. Young associate people can install TV home through intelligent TV, mobile phone free synchronism watchs living broadcast.

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” consider oneself most fortunate meets you ” those who tell about is to come loose the female bodyguard that makes athlete one’s previous experience five 11 with Gao Fushuai marquis arrives from inchoate from an exchange of blows friendship grows mutual understanding, arrive again be deeply attached to each other the story of sweet very close to each other. Figure relationship is simple, let a person can understand among them concern. Many netizens also express ” Huang Jingyu and Wang Likun are having weird Cp to feel unexpectedly, still hold out bud ” .

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The odd-numbered days viewing rate of this drama is lousy 2, with viewing rate of period of time the most exalted reach the whole nation for many times the first, during broadcasting, heat is not retreated continuously, want to watch ” consider oneself most fortunate meets you ” can home of Baidu search TV, enter official label website to be able to download installation bag, it is with family before the television living broadcast of TV of sit back and wait.

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