Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Noonday sunshine makes homebred drama another times receive an official greatly, ” small quick home ” gut innovates, complete member acting does not drop chain! By the work that makes sun of noonday of homebred innovation great master manufacture greatly ” small quick home ” , on January 5, received big final result eventually, this drama from sow an end to be in heat to discuss all the time in the center, involved relation of family leaving other, middleaged parents, marriage, friend relation, major disease to wait true social phenomenon a moment among them, cause discuss extensively.

20220111075152 61dd3718edd83

Small organize the scriptwriter style that likes this very much, launch a lot of serious issues with quiet means come, a few major event in original life are the happening of quiet silence, of the end of quiet silence, crack dyingly without so much day actually, this talent is realer, also let an audience more era is entered feeling.

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The family inside this group resembling show is I like most, very sensitive from the children in different family and parents get along, the delicate chemistry between friend of mother and daughter reacts, the joy that fall in love at first sight, the photograph immerse company with foam, the decision of cannot help doing, very reluctantly before the pace of travel, the incisively and vividly that reflect is centered in this drama, it is one is worth to be watched repeatedly, savoured good theatrical work, acknowledgment Qin Hailu, Huang Lei, Zhou Xun of these old actors pay, their wonderful performance is the soul of this drama really.

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Most the Li Ping that two parts that allow me to feel distressed are Qin Hailu personate and Zhou Yi like that the Jin Jiajun of personate, the age that Li Ping is in many years old 40, successional experience abortion, go bankrupt, divorce, maintaining as before however active up mental scene, it is one is taken case put the woman that must play, admire making a person feels distressed again.

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And Jin Jiajun is to hold out heart letting a person to ache really, he takes care of before looking a few collect his father, but barrage is ceaseless to his quarrelling sound however. A 1 high school is unripe, 4 years old did not have a mother, although father is sneaking, but also be the person that accompanies him to be brought up together, blood is thick at water, be familiar with sneaking father, unfamiliar and sensitive mother, you let his dot how be faced, examine one’s conscience, if oneself are in on his place, also do not have something made to order weller than him.

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Recommend everybody to look, this theatrical work is good really ~

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