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Original title: Wang Yaoqing: Face of inherent and strong president, yearning however do curtilage male? A suit is custom-built business suit is very straight, walk fast in advanced office building, · of · of · of · of · of · of gravity of the expression on the face that wearing frame glasses more than 10 years act art in the career, wang Yaoqing always is with such ” strong president ” figure faces an audience, be in ” below one station is happy ” in with contrast bully total, ” national uncle ” figure ” give a group ” . “The actor that has performed strong president is not little, but leave deep impressional to the audience truly, also so a few. King boast is celebrated even if among them. ” the netizen is evaluated so. A few days ago, wang Yaoqing accepted Hunan to defend inspected special report, showed with drama in ” bully always ” disparate one side. 20220111075222 61dd373639265 Sowing in heat ” perfect companion ” in, the wind of elite of Lin Qingkun a suit of Wang Yaoqing personate model, as send strong person of field of a manager, duty, he surprises because of work efficiency tall, outstanding achievement is outstanding, the person sends byname ” super rocket ” . Barrage speaks in succession: “The uncle performs the person with complete the most wealthy theatrical work again. ” ” actually I very curtilage, at the beginning the part that I miss to act is Sun Lei. ” the audience evaluation that faces a reporter to mention, king boast celebrates helpless say. Act ” bully always ” be not original idea, actually I very turn over with photograph of the part in drama curtilage, humour has the Wang Yaoqing in real life again stalk. Face ” whether does future want perform a poor or nobody ” problem, king boast him Qing Lianhu did not perform so called strong president painstakingly: “Can personate is different the part of the style, want to see drama just offer what kind of play. ” be in ” perfect companion ” in, having two bisect to be versed in the different, husband and wife that faces marital crisis likewise however. The law of tall round round personate politics Chen Shan of female strong person and Zhang Lu of one personate ” family advocate husband ” Sun Lei comprised female advocate outside male advocate the family inside, lin Qingkun and Wang Zhen the Wu Min of personate acted a pair male strong female young partner. Be in at the beginning, what Wang Yaoqing wants to strive for is with the Sun Lei that deduces a part to differ greatly before, but just was rejected by drama. He laughs: “Not be I refuse (Sun Lei) , it is drama just rejected me. It is drama just rejected me.. 20220111075222 61dd373682560 20220111075222 61dd3736cb04c About wanting to perform Sun Lei’s reason, wang Yaoqing calm ” actually me very curtilage ” , showed and ” bully always ” the face is disparate ” contrast bud ” , “I like to do chore in the home, washing a bowl to wash dish is the easiest, the way that wins achievement move the most easily. ” character of Wang Yaoqing place is not empty, he is making series cate video, hope everybody times ration has a meal, raise a stomach well. Face ” want what to carry to suggest to Lin Qingkun ” problem, wang Yaoqing also was exposed ” curtilage male ” thinking, the proposal is very concrete, “Drink bit of wine less, liquor is drunk much get gastritis easily. ” reject to stick label, everybody has right ” perfect companion ” definition as ” perfect companion ” broadcast, the netizen was affixed to Lin Qingkun ” invalid husband ” , ” performance artist ” wait for a lot of label, wang Yaoqing does not wish to evaluate Lin Qingkun with this kind of means however. To the part, he is having his understanding, refuse simple and crude stick label, “Sticking label is a kind lazy ” . Confront authority ” performed this not to organize laugh convention bully always ” evaluation, wang Yaoqing continued ” do not stick label ” manner, look in him, him deductive part is coessential by no means the image that change, he also does not wish to deduce a part from onefold angle, “What I won’t think I act is a strong president ” . Filming ” perfect companion ” when, he seeks advice to friend connection, set out from real life, understand Lin Qingkun, model to build Lin Qingkun. 20220111075223 61dd3737276be The Lin Qingkun in drama regards the job as strong person, face family and career choice career preferential, the care that ignored pair of families and take care of, face the dual crisis of marriage and duty field finally. Look in Wang Yaoqing, the phenomenon of a few general character of current society was reflected on Lin Qingkun’s body, “Lin Qingkun is the person that job of one one or two puts in the first, like there is a lot of people and him on this land, for domestic bread, sacrificed domesticity. ” ” what is what a lot of people are not clear that he want. If pass through this play,they can ponder over themselves the definition to perfect companion, what him recognize wants what to want, I feel very marvellous. ” Wang Yaoqing say.

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