Fri. Sep 30th, 2022
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Original title: ” why sheng xiao silent ” after next wearing, go up afresh frame, read complete works freely when shellfish movie and TV On January 10, the city affection drama that is Zhong Hanliang, Tang Yan’s main actor ” why sheng xiao silent ” broadcast 7 years, a lot of netizens want the discovery when reviewing, this drama falls actually wore. Message one, pay close attention to and discuss what cause broad netizen, after all to the audience after a lot of 90/00, ” why sheng xiao silent ” it is them the love in memory is made classically.

20220111075254 61dd3756cc9d8

Teleplay ” why sheng xiao silent ” adapt from ” after talk feeling day ” homonymic novel of Gu Man, tell about why treasure and Zhao Mosheng a paragraph junior when be in love with the situation that involves a lifetime predestined relationship, the story that a persistence loves each other at waiting to mix. Those who serve as Gu Man into master and masterpiece, ” why sheng xiao silent ” after adapting play, inspect at was being defended in Jiangsu, east on January 10, 2015 head sow, cause the upsurge seeking theatrical work of the audience.

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Achieve year to close not only inspect network of champion, odd-numbered days to broadcast a quantity to break through the good achievement of 300 million, still make Zhong Hanliang new break up red, hold in both hands even red the act person of teenager period, wu Qian, Luo Yunxi young actor of two new personality. “Gu Man trilogy ” in, ” why sheng xiao silent ” it is movie and TV changes a the most successful undoubtedly, ” fir fir came ” ” laugh slightly very bend city ” did not reach such height.

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Next suddenly nowadays wearing, many netizens express to be accepted hard, it is false alarm only fortunately one, netizen of know the inside story discloses, it is copyright expired only, had gone up afresh now frame. Intelligent TV user downloads to be inspected when Bei Ying, can watch teleplay freely ” why sheng xiao silent ” ” why essence of sheng xiao silent is made up edition ” complete works, popular movie and TV looks ceaseless, big screen seeks theatrical work more wonderful.

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BesTV is inspected when Bei Ying, one carries made video software for big screen only, gather together resource of mainstream video media, domestic and international film, TV, put together art, huge natural resources exceeding Qing Dynasty looks along with the heart, still can get love freely to surprise art gold member. Intelligent TV carries user installation to use the market when shellfish, initial of the input after entering ” Dbys ” search, click install a bag when shellfish movie and TV, can download software.

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