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Original title: The net passes Chen Xiao to perform S course great theatrical work, road Yao composing is adapted, tall Yan Zhizhen allows can to say ” colour pink spring “ As new arrival of a year, each auspicious drama try to be the first comes over, on in astral drama most suffer expectant Zhao Liying wanting number to act the leading role ” go to 10 thousand happily ” , this drama holds a knife by Zheng Xiaolong, quality standard has safeguard. And it is to one also is poored by Chen Xiao and Liu in net drama, two big Yan Zhi carries handle to act the leading role ” dream Hua Lu ” , although this drama gave off prevue only, but had made feast one’s eyes on of National People’s Congress, finished product suffers fully fix eyes upon.

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Mention Chen Xiao nevertheless, everybody also can’ts help can thinking of the main actor between its one’s early years ” land chastity legend ” , ” the woman of king ” , ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” wait for work.

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But old dawn is to miss transition apparently in these a few years, go out then performed great theatrical work of practical subject matter ” break out of an encirclement ” , the modelling in drama obtains a breakthrough, it is to depending on outstanding acting to obtain more a lot of approbate. At present net passes Chen Xiao to go out again perform S course great theatrical work ” life ” , this drama is adapted from Lu Yao homonymic novel, the big IP of appropriate appropriate is gigantic make, the net is passed female advocate also be tall Yan Zhi, is this drama to want to explode greatly?

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Ace ordinary members of theatrical troupe makes big IP gigantic make ” life ” with North Shaanxi of period of 80 time reforming and opening downy urban and rural life is setting, told about lead group person to walk out of loess plateau, come to big city not Wei struggles difficultly dozen of encourage annals story that go all out. This drama belongs to more typical practical subject matter, the word in light of combinative origianl work more resembling is the lifetime that elaborates Gaojialin, with small see old technique is shown a few true conditions of time are mixed at that time the people’s livelihood 100 condition.

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The work that period setting and road Yao are turned another times by movie and TV ” ordinary world ” similar, and origianl work also was to be included ” reforming and opening novel of 40 years of the most influential force ” , highest on fabaceous valve grading is as high as 8.9, enough sees its level discretion.

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Do not pass work of such deep administrative levels, not be simple ground films the story absolutely end can, the tragic move that wants the character the character and period however is shown and go out, because this adapts difficulty bigger also, what comparative to the requirement of ordinary members of theatrical troupe is tall.

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The net is passed ” life ” will by Yan Jiangang hold guide, its represent work ” Zhao orphan case ” it may be said is Chinese movie and TV classical, it is the beautiful performance that enjoys 8.1 minutes on fabaceous valve more, yan Jiangang also is had been seleted Bai Yulan by this optimal director award. Besides, yan Jiangang still has ” exploit ” , ” end ” , ” at breathed place ” wait for many high grade work to draw near personally, see Yan Jiangang has his original place to the making respect of work not hard.

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And ” life ” the playwrite that the net passes is Yang Xiaoyan, the work that as writer one’s previous experience Yang Xiaoyan weaves is not much, but having two among them is with midday sunshine cooperates. She shares a staff ” hill sea affection ” and ” Qiao Jia’s children ” the good success that enjoys 9.2 minutes to mix 7.7 minutes on fabaceous valve respectively, so outstanding playwrite is added hold, powerful powerful combination the quality of this drama is ensured somewhat.

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Acting of Chen Xiaoyan value is online, female advocate experience quite abundant ” life ” as drama is choosing horny side also is quite careful, the net is passed male advocate can be Chen Xiao, go out this performing new theatrical work is one big challenge to him. And this Chen Xiao is met in lieutenant general of new theatrical work the new role Gao Jialin that the challenge differs right-down, this character one’s previous experience the country at poverty, but the thought pursuit that has deep love for the life to having high administrative levels, have kind of mind that struggles actively more, then resolutely walked out of countryside to arrive after the city scored trifling success.

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Can say Gaojialin is the negligible nobody below old age, but also provide extremely representative, in the heart relatively complex, show such person has certain difficulty.

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Although,do not cross Chen Xiao before it is with flour small unripe figure shows a person, but his acting level also is to be in ” break out of an encirclement ” in show somewhat incisively and vividly. Be in ” break out of an encirclement ” in Qin Xiaochong of Chen Xiao personate one horn, look outwards from car window after be released after serving a sentence, the eyes is opened feebly, there also is some of slack between expression, with very exquisite eyes play is shown went out a kind of lose and perplexed.

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Chen Xiao’s acting obtained apparent progress after passing thoroughly tempered, most propbably should master good position this only, it is OK Gaojialin this one part is explained complete. And what at present net passes is female advocate it is Li Qin, if be Li Qin goes out really,acting also is very appropriate, light is to see Yan Zhi comparative namely raise a key point, the battle array true can that this two people set says is ” Yan Fenchun day ” .

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And Li Qin’s acting also is the count as one of the best in a lot of floret, after all Li Qin is in ” white Lu Yuan ” in hunger reached schoolbook level really to a paragraph of show that has potherb.

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Because the Tian Xiaoe of personate of the Li Qin in drama is hungry excessive, look at children light is put in the potherb eye in the hand, subsequently stagger rises to had grabbed its, disregarded the potherb on the ground to touch clay, without any consideration a place of strategic importance enters the mouth in, the hungry sense the character is perfect deduce, its level sees one spot.

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Nevertheless comment area also has a netizen to offer to say to hope Zhao Liying can go out act, the screen partner that has Cp feeling most with Chen Xiao after all is Zhao Liying, two people cooperate ” land chastity legend ” heretofore still is many drama the Bai Yueguang in confusing a heart.

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Nevertheless Zhao Liying has gone out performed a Zheng Xiaolong hold the big now play that guide ” go to 10 thousand happily ” , and big still female advocate, give the drama anthology odds that performs subject matter likeness once more not quite.

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Altogether, ” life ” arrive from origianl work withstand thinks ordinary members of theatrical troupe, having so strong supporter is to gave an audience to eat a sth capable of comforting sb undoubtedly. And the actor Chen Xiao that the net passes and Li Qin, also be Yanzhi and acting all online, if the message is belonged to solid, absolutely meeting stages the visual sumptuous dinner of a having sth new, expect this drama can knock calm Guan Xuan as soon as possible finally, meet with everybody at an early date.

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