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Original title: 7 refuse ” girl feeling is encircled quite ” female star, do not install tender not Malisu, made the face of how many person Streak just has been experienced before, liu Tao of 43 years old is in ” stars sea ” in the girl that performs twenties, lens of single person filter grinds a skin to leave to see not clear facial feature. Yang Mi of 35 years old also is in ” madam of bead of a dry measure used in former times ” in perform big girl, the skin below filter lens must fair-skinned in vain very much slender. More never mention it ” on Yang Fu ” the Zhang Ziyi of the girl that reach Ji in, ” have Fei ” the Zhao Liying in, list one by one come down to be able to write one page paper insufficient.

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The audience had been been used to by ” big girl ” controlled, appear suddenly those completely escaping ” girl feeling is encircled quite ” ” alien ” , it is to let a person really the surprise plaints again. 1. The new theatrical work of tall round round tall round circle just was sowed, ” perfect companion ” , drama of affection of a city, the identity is 40 years old of careers have, the lawyer with perfect family. See here small 8 return arris, the role that the 40 tall round circles that come forward perform 40 years old, calculate in the homebred theatrical work that is put nowadays ” alien ” .

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And this drama also the trace that years of not very avoid brings, the decretal grain on fast round round face as before clear and visible, but still do not hamper tall round circle is the United States, show a glamour that belongs to middleaged female alone.

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The double trade performance in drama also is middleaged person this some appearance, can have ambition to duty field, also meet occasionally how to balance family and career painfully, processing problem does not depend on husband to also do not leave hang, true original story leans on duty field, also won’t resemble a few fall the gut that Li Su of a few Ma relies on like theatrical work of wisdom duty field is hit upgrade quite.

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Just discover at that time, the Gao Yuan with old vase be treatinged as is round, acting appears all the time by oversight, but actually tall round circle does not have the drama oneself to act had been bungled.

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Gao Yuan is round these year work is very few, but almost each phase performs him age paragraph this theatrical work that perform. 2015 city drama ” we marry ” , the marriage that tells woman of 30 years old of youths loves affliction, and tall round him circle, also be in this phase, act rise to raise a key point naturally again.

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Going to time push, 20+ fragrant China the period of as it happens, tall round circle also shows him from not stint, perform a princess, perform girl appropriate.

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Be not stranded by age place, natural all along not kink at ” the girl feels ” this one word, and she also proved, who says the girl just is the most beautiful, the person arrives middleaged, raise one’s hand is cast sufficient the amorous feelings between and lasting appeal, also cannot compare even the girl actually.

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2.Fast of week fast week also ever by ” girl ” box up of these two words passes, say the angst that is age arrival feels well and truly, ” if exemplary,pass ” in most begin to appear, girl green cherry also has harvested group of a big ridicule.

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Free and easy be like week of childe, look very quickly, when asking about Zhou Xun this question again, she can say only: “Go your “

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Break away from the Zhou Xun of chains, still be the Zhou Xun of that clever gas, do not play the part of tender, also nobody is met oversight she. Life theatrical work ” small quick home ” the Fang Xiaomin in, there is amiable old mother on, there is the son that is wanting the university entrance exam below, and of the divorce oneself also should handle the too much and trivial issue in the life, the Zhou Xun that begins ground connection energy of life performs a Mom to come so differ kind.

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” exploit ” in perform a great medicine to learn the home, have old communal child, return the career of the struggling lifetime of promising. Never mention it play the part of tender, light looks dress up, looking to come out only even is common the middleaged woman to the utmost.

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Abandoned girl move obviously, however Zhou Xun’s facilities seemed to return the times that belongs to week of childe afresh. 3. Lan sunlight is become ” discriminate is passed ” the Lan sunlight in runs to perform Mom, small 8 also be to be astonished for a short while had not answered a god to come. And be the true role that performs mom people of a certain kind, because leading role girl is Ju Jing Dai , ” fine south pass ” in, lan sunlight personate brings up the mother-in-law of Jing Dai .

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Everybody is right of the impressional brandish of eyebrow elder sister do not go, sunlight of little imagine Lan has jumped out ” the girl feels ” go after and choose to go out perform mom people of a certain kind, station of He Jujing Dai is a sister obviously together, the result is wife and mother instead in drama. The daughter-in-law is in Malisu, the mother-in-law is in however a Malisu became a normal person in drama.

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Age of 38 years old, the 20 faces that come forward, become Mom to female star of 27 years old, such boldness must let a person admire.

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4.Jiang Xin Jiangxin is in in drama of movie and TV ” girl period ” it seems that very short, everybody remembers her be in ” overjoyed 7 fairy ” the A in is green, also remember her be in ” day dragon 8 ” in the Mu Wanqing that act, beautiful celestial being.

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But Jiang Xin to performing a girl this thing appears persistent not at all, spent well instead like Yang Mi, Tang Yan, it is tired tardy in big girl cannot the predicament of transition.

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From ” discriminate is passed ” China the wife of a prince, to ” small jubilate ” Fan Sheng is beautiful, arrive again ” little be willing to part with or use ” the Tian Yulan in, jiang Xin performs imperial concubine, act big and lone mom of female, blood performing chicken, all is taken hold reach the designated position, the market that follows oneself seeks in life city drama, instead hold the position of heroine.

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5.What the Song Dynasty is having Song Jia to not be defeated by Zhou Xun, Jiang Xin likewise on beautiful body is sober, never had been reluctant to leave ” girl leading role ” the advantageous sense that brings to female star and halo feeling, walked out of oneself road instead.

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Song Jia is in ” little be willing to part with or use ” in perform Mom together with Jiang Xin, pouch, black rim of the eye is in in camera lens withheld 10 into 10, also had not wanted to want to want to use lens of the filter that wear a skin to save. And the sense of reality of shape of middleaged life appear vividly, came out instead.

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Song Jia never has been entered by accident ” the girl feels ” odd group, also not a ring of light that indulge discharge brings, instead this goes firmly all the way.

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6.Ni rainbow clean ” pass outside Wu Lin ” wish incomparable the memory that is generation person, somebody likes this part, somebody does not like. But old in the past ” incomparable ” , as before beautiful and incomparable.

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But Ni rainbow clean performs girl role again rarely however, as tall round circle, what kind of instead age performs what kind of role, perform middleaged person, perform a wife, still had performed Han Qing child mom.

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Ni rainbow clean has experienced a paragraph of career to underestimate period, the progress nowadays is better and better however, do not rely on Malisu, more do not rely on to play the part of tender. New film ” love is mythological ” it is to win quite high public praise more.

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7.The spirit that Yuan Quan of 44 years old is having Yuan Quan to not be defeated by Zhou Xun is angry, also having the resource that does not lose Zhou Xun, the position inside the circle is solid, if she thinks those who receive a similar Liu Tao ” stars sea ” same theatrical work, easy as my eyes, when Ke Yuanquan never performs color of an alternate angle it seems that.

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She is all and middleaged female star is the most dazzling set an example with a the most successful. ” my before half a lifetime ” , everybody remembered a sober, spell able, sagacious, serious situation is serious justice Tang Jing, also be teleplay female bully a total open way correctly set an example; ” Chinese pilot ” in she performed to grow ad cool-headed and calmly by Wu; ” Chinese doctor ” in she performs director of serious illness division.

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Award is taken one by one, believe not to rely on to wear leather filter looking glass, yuan Quan also can act all one’s life.

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These year because of age be involved in ” girl feeling chaos is resembled ” increasing, arrive from the Zhang Ziyi of 42 ” girl evergreen tree ” Yang Mi, it is difficult that the part of the show compares accept, these people are made fun of to say to already was joined ” girl teachs ” .

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But true evergreen not be to want support to perform a girl, however each phase looks for the ray point that gains his, the girl has the girl’s beauty, middleaged have middleaged lasting appeal, step ” little lamia is encircled ” , can get temporarily benefit probably, but bonds of ego of defect of very light also finally body is bad flounce off.

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