Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: Xiao Zhan ” ace army ” Gu Yiye holds a gun titbits, impending waist force exceeds the upper part of the body good start is handsome, chongqing word chaos is entered bring misunderstanding ” ace army ” this teleplay had gone up line 17 days, and everyday force pressing heats up knight-errant teleplay greatly ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” publish sheet of a list of names posted up of heat of very entire network, achievement is exceedingly ideal. Have so good result, the actor of this part is like personate Gu Yiye certain result cannot do not have battle. Depend on touching gut and wonderful deduction, let him encircle pink again countless.

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Everybody should know, xiao Zhan films this teleplay in play staff with great concentration when 227 disturbance, after thinking of to broadcasting, see him and was not affected by the outside, condition is first-rate still. Can deduce as him what be not one’s previous experience of regular professional training so reach the designated position, mix of course be being paid under the counter become direct ratio. Updated the gut of maneuver a few days ago, gu Yiye is inside body appearance is forceful, do not look already completely to give the look that is a young God. The foundation is current the Xiao Zhan of exposure holds a gun in light of titbits, because be God actor one’s previous experience, piece performing theatrical work of this kind of army brigade have certain difficulty for certain, so Xiao Zhan is army appearance or walk with the ball without giving thought to, he has practiced ahead of schedule, appear serious all the more.

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The behavioral show that Xiao Zhan walks to hold a gun one paragraph had practiced a lot of times back and forth, nevertheless Chongqing word chaos is entered caused misunderstanding. Originally he wants expression to want to go to lumbar stoop a bit, who knows to say ” tick off go down ” . After waiting for staff member reaction to come over, correct a waist to want to collapse immediately go down a few, just let a person understand among them implication. Although leave Chongqing to go out,enter swing old, but Xiao Zhan did not leave the square respect area of Chongqing all the time actually, is knowing to be communicated with parents under the counter to also use Chongqing word?

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Additional, filming when the picture of maneuver, xiao Zhan is to show more gave his striking waist power. When because shoot side to lay down,coming, the requirement is the upper part of the body impending rise, plus should shoot steadily at the same time, difficulty is very great. During be like battle to film fortunately impending and special firm, and the pose is handsome, just finish smoothly film. Of course, he still does not forget to see camera lens answer finally put, look to have the place that need improves again, really special respect property.

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Reader friends, you are looking ” ace army ” when, is the gut that cares most love or battle scene? Xiao Zhan ” ace army ” Gu Yiye holds a gun titbits, chongqing word chaos is entered bring misunderstanding, lumbar force has exceeded behavioral commander in chief.

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