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Original title: Sweet bestow favor on playlet ” requested not to bestow favor on me ” , I sit in ancient time limbo Recommend a small playlet to everybody today, by Tecent video 1.7 days of broadcasted ancient costume pass through sweet bestow favor on drama ” requested not to bestow favor on me ” (renown: I enter limbo by skill) it is one suits young associate very much people the small playlet of fast goof, this drama basically told about an accident to wear what become imperial concubine into archaic palace is female advocate, for smooth and steady the success after spending 100 days is returned contemporary, the existence that she packs up an ability to reduce her as far as possible feels and made a series of conduct that explore in critical margin insanity, also be like wished limbo be infiltratinged, this wanting that spend 100 days peacefully in limbo, ever can go up in certain thing however outsmart oneself drew more, the story that more is between tears and smiles also produced between He Aojiao’s emperor, performed sweet the sweetness of He Aojiao of bud imperial concubine’s emperor is in love with.

20220111075541 61dd37fdcc244

Regard a small cost as small playlet, ” requested not to bestow favor on me ” calculate going up is one the ministry no matter from the work that make or succeeds quite on actor choosing horn, female advocate sweet bud is lovely, male advocate be proud charming is handsome follow part itself very agree. In show of fine of the personate in drama exquisite of chilly, soft bud holds a Gu Ling concurrently essence of life is quite temperamental pass through female advocate Yan Yi the Neozoic actress Zhang Miao of one happy, join from 2018 perform the film ” red Lou Meng ” since going out, also go out had performed many teleplay, ” requested not to bestow favor on me ” it is she is held the position of first times female advocate work, appearance is melting but person and heroine very joint, acting nature, with male advocate it is CP feels dye-in-the-wood more.

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Ever went out perform the theatrical work of suspense punishment detect that by the Qin Dynasty person of outstanding talent, Deng Jiajia acts the leading role ” tower of exceeding lofty or great ” Neozoic actor Jin Xianzheng, the little elder brother that was born 1994, in ” requested not to bestow favor on me ” in personate is proud charming Gao Leng and the abdomen is black handsome emperor, what be passed through to come over is female advocate intended rile, all sorts of covering under the road truly ineffable jump to this and the imperial concubine that does not give a shop sign by constant manage became much a few minutes, two people photograph loving each other is killed become ~ of family dependant associate eventually

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